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Wolf, Dr. Sarah

Dr. Sarah Wolf -- Played by Colette Stevenson

Dr. Sarah Wolf.

First Appearance: "Sign from Above."

Quote: Shalimar: "Give me one minute outside of this rig with or without your super-juice, I’ll make you wish you’d never even heard of mutants."
Dr. Wolf: "Wishing for the impossible is not one of humanity’s more ingratiating characteristics."

Details: Led by Dr. Sarah Wolf, the insect-like aliens Kyle Strong, Marco and Brak travelled to Earth seeking the power to take over their homeworld. They found that imbibing new mutant spinal fluid made them nearly invincible, so Dr. Wolf made a deal with J.K. Bergman, Adam Kane's government contant, to obtain Adam's mutant database. When capturing Shalimar Fox failed to yield the database's contents, Kyle tricked Mutant X into bringing him to Sanctuary by posing as a feral new mutant victim. Kyle's alien brain resisted Emma deLauro's telempathic probe at first, temporarily lulling her into trusting him with some of Sanctuary’s secrets before she realized that he wasn’t human. Using a sample of the aliens’ DNA, Adam created a weapon to counteract the effects of mutant spinal fluid, thus allowing Emma’s psionic blast to prevent Kyle from downloading the database. Emma and Adam then joined their teammates, defeated Dr. Wolf, and blew up her warehouse. The aliens were taken to a secret government containment facility for observation.

From Adam's diary on Tribune Entertainment's former Mutant X Lives website: THE ALIENS - They walked among us with powers and agendas that could both harm and help. A few were corrupt but most were beings of normal character. Yet, no one could trust them and it is a relief that they are gone. This sounds all too familiar. I need to re-evaluate the New Mutants relationship with the rest of mankind.

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