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First Mutant's Mutant X Warehouse

Mutant X Warehouse is a storage facility for Mutant X facts, episode guides/transcripts, screencaps, actor/character bios & backstage cast/crew interviews. Happy Exploring!

The Mutant X Fact Center
A glossary of Mutant X terms, and answers to the popular questions: Who wrote the music? What are those cool gadgets? When was Mutant X cancelled? Where's Sanctuary? Why did Lauren Lee Smith (Emma) leave? How did the Fox X-Men lawsuits happen? And more...

*8/4/2020 Mutant X can be viewed on Tubi, Amazon Prime or Vudu, and airs Sundays on H&I network. Thanks for the news, MasonKane!

The Mutant X Episodes
Mutant X plot overview, official episode synopses, my episode transcripts, favorite quotes, The Nitpicker's Guide about the fiction behind the science, and Adam Kane's Technobabble Transcripts about the science behind the fiction.

The Mutant X Characters
Sanctuary's New Mutant Database, Genomex's Non-Mutant Database, Shalimar's 'Shipper's Guide, and bios of Emma deLauro, Jesse Kilmartin, Shalimar Fox, Brennan Mulwray, Adam Kane, Lexa Pierce, Mason Eckhart and Gabriel Ashlocke.

The Mutant X Cast & Crew
Updates and bios for Lauren Lee Smith, Forbes March, Victoria Pratt, Victor Webster, John Shea, Karen Cliche, Tom McCamus, Michael Easton, Andrew Gillies, George Buza, the guest stars and production crew.

The Mutant X Galleries
Pictures of the cast and crew, screencaps of the characters and a virtual tour of the Mutant Xverse.

The Mutant X Newsroom
Proxy Blue's collection of articles about the show and interviews with the cast and crew about Mutant X and their other projects.

The Mutant X Websites
Mutant X fanfiction and fanart links, as well as archived material from the former Mutant X official website and its offspring: Breedlove Foundation, Genomex, Mutant X Lives, TAGC and Midnight Press.

My Mutant X websites
Mutant X Lives Mutant X YouTube video playlists
The Mutant X Fansite Directory > 1,000 MX links
Mutant Xpressions A Mutant X fanart community
All Things Lauren A Lauren Lee Smith fan forum
Forbes March Fans Forbes March fan community
Light of Beauty Community for Karen Cliche fans

Mutant X and related links
Adam Kane's Crew | Archive of Our Own | Beyond Reach | Brennan/Shalimar Fanforum | La Communauté | Facebook | Fanart TV | Fandom Forever | | Feral Sisterhood | Fernsehserien | Forbes March's Twitter & Instagram | Hell Yes: Tom McCamus | Hypnoweb | Hybrid Shadows | Imcdb's Cars used in Mutant X | IMDb | International Hero | John Shea Fansite | Karen Cliche's Twitter & Instagram | Karen Cliche Fans | Lauren Lee Smith's Twitter & Instagram | Keeping Mutant X Alive | Michael Easton's Official Site | Mutant X Fan Corner | MX French Fan Team | MX Lives | MX Rebirth | MX Sanctuary | MX Surfboards | MX World | Мутанты Х | Operation Genomex with Facebook | Peter Mohan's Twitter | Proxy Blue | Proxy Green | Sins and Lies | Tom McCamus: Ground Control | Tumblr | | TV Tropes | Victoria Pratt's Twitter & Instagram | Victor Webster's Twitter & Instagram | Wiki | Wikipedia | Young Blades and Beyond

Disclaimers: I do not own Mutant X, and I make no profits from this unofficial fansite, which is not affiliated with Tribune, Fireworks, Marvel, or any actors. All images/direct quotes from the show are © Tribune Entertainment, and all websites listed herein belong solely to their respective owners; see the credits. Please contact me with questions, comments or suggestions.

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