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Mutant X Cast: Forbes March (Jesse Kilmartin)

The Mutant X Cast and Crew

Forbes March played the molecular Jesse Kilmartin. Click here to see what he's been up to since Mutant X.

Bio from Mutant X official site, Forbes/SOD and interviews: The blue-eyed brown-haired actor Forbes William March was born May 12, 1973 in Bristol, England and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His Scottish father is Daily News columnist-Saint Mary's University philosopher Dr. Peter Forbes March, his mother Janette (nee Wallace) is an English and music teacher who founded Beech Street Preschool, and his younger brother is musician Andy March, drummer of the band Museum Pieces. His family didn't own a TV set until he was 14, so young Forbes (nicknamed "Chops") spent his time at Queen Elizabeth High School with comic books, football, wrestling, martial arts, rugby, and track & field until he graduated in 1991. Following in his parents' academic footsteps, Forbes enrolled in the pre-med program at Montreal's McGill University, but left after a year to explore his artistic interests in Vancouver. He held many jobs to pay the bills, including construction work and door-to-door watch sales. Instead of showing Forbes the door when he entered with his watch case, the Charles Stuart Modeling Agency praised his flamboyant style and signed him in their acting division. The acting bug bit him during a job-required acting course, and Forbes landed the first roles he auditioned for, a national campaign for Kenner Toys glue guns, followed by the recurring role of Brenden in the popular Canadian series, Northwood. When the show was canceled after the next season, March traveled to Milan for three-and-a-half years, gracing European runways, billboards and magazine ads for Tommy Hilfiger, Giorgio Armani, Nautica, Calugi & Gianelli, Missoni, Esprit, Xes, Parfums Caron and Malboro Classic. It was while modeling in Milan that Forbes met his future wife Vanessa Sergio on a blind date after breaking up with a married model. Forbes returned to New York, where he was granted a full scholarship at the prestigious Lee Strasburg Institute in 1998, and in May, started his own indie film production company, March Hare Productions. In 1999, with his new wife expecting his daughter Marina Jeanette, Forbes signed with the Innovative Artists agency, landing the well-loved role of Scott Chandler on the long-running ABC daytime drama All My Children. He also appeared in the teen horror film Campfire Stories with The Sopranos' Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Pasadena 2001 Method Fest Film Festival for his portrayal of Jay in the award-winning film Way off Broadway. Shortly after being named one of Soaps' 50 Most Beautiful People in 2000, Forbes left AMC for Toronto to play Jesse Kilmartin in the sci-fi drama Mutant X, earning some back injuries and the moniker "The God of Spin" for his enthusiastic stunt work. When the show ended in 2003, Forbes turned down a role on Battlestar Galactica to live in L.A. for two years before returning to New York in 2005 to portray Nash Brennan on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live. His son, Peter Forbes William, was born the next year while the family was living in Hoboken, New Jersey. Forbes transferred to the soap opera As The World Turns in 2009, playing the controversial gay character Professor Mason Jarvis. In 2011, Forbes realized his dream of stage acting in Randall Colburn's play Verse Chorus Verse, and has since started his own kiln-dried firewood company based in upstate New York, New York/New Jersey Firewood. One of Forbes's greatest regrets is not having finished college. A true world traveler, he has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, South America, Canada and the United States. An avid reader, he is also proficient in Italian and French, piano, violin, French horn, guitar, and voice. He loves all outdoor activities including gardening, canoeing, hiking and snow skiing. Though his greatest fear was once of sharks, Forbes overcame this phobia while surfing. Actors Forbes admires include Robin Williams, Kevin Spacey, Harrison Ford, Susan Sarandon, Shirley MacLaine, Harvey Keitel, James Spader, Kevin Bacon, and Johnny Depp. Forbes listens to classical, classic rock, jazz, and older country music -- his favorite song is Led Zeppelin's Your Time Is Gonna Come. His favorite movie is Apocalypse Now, his favorite books are J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings series, and his favorite tv shows are Friends, House and Boston Legal. Forbes's drink is vodka, favorite food is carbonara, favorite comfort food is meat loaf and mashed potatoes, forbidden food is Doritos, favorite cookies are his grandmother's peek freans. His favorite color is cobalt blue. One source of inspiration for Forbes is Rudyard Kipling's poem, IF.

* Forbes first met Lauren Lee Smith (Emma DeLauro) when she was 12 years old, in a Vancouver acting class.
* Though Forbes and Vanessa were wed in 1997 to placate immigration authorities, the couple hid their marriage from his mother and her parents for 8 years until his public admission on Soap Talk in 2005.
* Embarrassing moments: "I was doing this love scene on [All My Children] and we're supposed to be rolling around a lot in bed, and by accident I flipped [Rebecca Budding] off the bed and into a wall. It was a sound stage wall and it fell over!" recalls March. "We're in our underwear, in this bed with no more sheets and the crew was just dying."
* From Scott Chandler's "choppy and kiddie" look on All My Children to Nash Brennan's "unmanageable" long locks on One Life To Live, it's all about Forbes' hair. After being told he couldn't cut his hair as Nash, "I wrote up this petition [that I should get a haircut] and had the entire cast and crew sign it.... I handed it in to [Frank Valentini, executive producer], and he got really pissy at first, and then he felt bad because he got pissy, so he said I could!"
* Forbes was considered for a spot on Dancing with the Stars' 2009 season, but was turned down due to ongoing ties to One Life to Live. [Source]

Contact: You can send fanmail to Forbes March Fan Mail, P.O. Box 600105, Jacksonville, FL 32260-0105. Management/Agent: Innovative Artists Agency, Six Degrees

Links: Forbes March's Official Board, Facebook and New York/New Jersey Firewood | Bring Back Forbes | Dashing Nash | Deeper Feelings | Facebook Fanpage | The Fire Escape/Backup/Twitter | Forbes March BlogSpot | Forbes March Fans Myspace | Forbes March LJ | iBaller | IMDb | Klub Forbes March | Manhattanites petition | Most Beautiful Man | Nash & Clint | Nash Loves Tess | OLTL Photo Gallery | Soap Central | Soap Hunks | Superhero Fan | Tess and Nash Together | Tess and Nash: Together Forever | Un-Official Forbes March Website | Wireimages | YouTube

Acting Credits
The Renovation Short (2016) .... Ed Hensen
Verse Chorus Verse Cherry Lane Studio Theatre (2011) .... Gerald Arthur Friend
Degrassi Takes Manhattan (2010) .... George
The Bellflower Sessions Samba Café (2009) .... Jack Calvin
As The World Turns 19 TV Episodes (2009) .... Professor Mason Jarvis
Wired City TV Movie (2008) .... Jeremy
One Life to Live 203 TV Episodes (2005-08) .... Nash Brennan
Manhattanites (2007) .... Matt Malone
Undone (2006)
The Tony Danza Show TV Episode #2.109 (2006) .... Himself
The 33rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (2006) .... Presenter
Soap Talk TV Episode (11/21/05) .... Himself
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation TV Episode "Unbearable" (2005) .... Brad Himmel
Dirty Love (2005) .... Mr. Hot Bacon
Doc TV Episode - "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" (2004) .... Dylan Sinclair
Mutant X 44 TV Episodes (2001-04) .... Jesse Kilmartin
Campfire Stories (2001) .... Kyle
Way Off Broadway (2001) .... Jay
The 27th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (2000) .... Himself
All My Children 21 TV Episodes (1999-2000) .... Scott Parker Chandler #4
Dangerous Indiscretion (1994) .... Guy in Commercial
Northwood TV Series (1991) .... Brendan

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