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Mutant X Cast: Victoria Pratt (Shalimar Fox)

The Mutant X Cast and Crew

Victoria Pratt played the feline feral Shalimar Fox. Click here to see what she's been up to since Mutant X.

Bio from the Mutant X official website, Victoria Pratt Online and interviews: The brown-eyed blonde Victoria Ainsle Pratt was born December 18th, 1970 in Chesley, Ontario, Canada. Though her family didn't subscribe to cable until she was in high school, little Vicky played Charlie's Angels with her sister Laura and dreamed of a future in athletics, emulating strong women like Lindsay Wagner's Bionic Woman and Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. She played many sports, including jogging in grade school and soccer with the town league. When she was 15, she earned the nickname "Flash" at her first paying job as camp counselor. The Chesley District High School student also joined an organized track and field team as a long sprinter, running 400 and 800-meter hurdles and 600-meter hurdles indoors for the next 10 years. Vicky entered Toronto's York University a year early, maintaining a Dean's list status even while medaling at the 1990 Canadian Track and Field Championships and competing in track at the Commonwealth Games. In 1994, she graduated summa cum laude with a kinesiology degree, turning down a physiotherapy master's program scholarship in order to test professional Toronto Maple Leafs/Winnipeg Jets/San Jose Sharks athletes in York University's Human Performance Lab and physiotherapy clinic. While co-authoring Tudor O. Bompa's Serious Strength Training about fitness and bodybuilding, she met with Oxygen and MuscleMag publisher Robert Kennedy, who convinced her first to grace numerous magazine covers as a fitness model, then to pursue an acting career. She contributed to Body Fitness for Women and wrote a monthly "Victoria's Secrets" column in Oxygen. Two years of acting lessons at Toronto's Actor's Network paid off when Victoria's first auditions resulted in her first role in John Woo's Once A Thief, as well as various co-hosting Canadian gigs like the Personal Edge fitness show, Off the Record sports-related talk show, Galleger sports-related talk show, and The Discovery Channel series Go For It, about caving, rafting and other non-traditional sports. Her L.A. agents suggested that she change her name from fitness persona 'Vicky' to the industry-friendly 'Victoria.' Victoria has joked that the exotic wardrobe of director Timothy James Scott led her to believe he was gay when they first met on the set of Legacy, but wedding bells sounded for T. J. and Victoria on December 28, 2000 while the two were working on Cleopatra 2525. The couple has collaborated on many projects, including Blacktop, Xena: Warrior Princess, Mutant X, Mayday and Journey to the Center of Earth. SFX created an Official Friend of Magazine Award in Victoria's honor in 2002, and Femme Fatales included her in its 2003 50 Sexiest Women of the Year. Shortly after being nominated for a 2004 best supporting actress Saturn Award for Mutant X's Shalimar Fox, Victoria was named one of Maxim's Hot 100 most successful women in the entertainment industry. Having learned poker from the actor Lou Diamond Phillips while filming Murder at the Presidio, Victoria won the 2005 Marcus Allen Celebrity Tournament, placed 72nd in the 2006 World Series of Poker Ladies Event, and played in various charity tournaments. Victoria stands 5'6", is left-handed, and has a blue belt in Shotokan Karate, a background in Kiokoshinkai Karate, and practices kickboxing and martial arts skills four times a week, despite a herniated disk. She ran her own Revel Cardio Dance studio from 2008 to 2010, writes a regular "Oh Boy!" column for Glam Couture, and published her first novel, Double Down in 2015. Since she moved around too much to care for a dog, Victoria once had two guinea pigs named Smooth’em and Luella Loo. Though Victoria enjoys comic book movies, she isn't a comic book reader. Victoria watches her diet closely, though she loves Twizzlers and has a weakness for margaritas and tequila. She hopes to someday open an oyster bar in L.A. similar to the one in which she worked while studying at York University.

* Occasionally confused with ex-Guiding Light/All My Children actress Victoria G. Platt.
* Victoria's allergy to metal caused her Cleopatra 2525 costumes to burn marks on her skin. [source]
* Victoria discovered her inner gamer while working on Cleopatra 2525: "Tetris, that's all it was. It was just that one game and I got so completely pie-eyed obsessed with this game that I actually gave myself migranes and it was changing my vision....There was a point on the show where I was looking at myself and I had these bags under my eyes and I was just exhausted, and it's because of that damned game." [source]

Contact Information: You can send fanmail to Vicky Pratt, 1930 Yonge Street, Suite 1155 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4S 1Z4

Links: Victoria's Twitter and I'm Victoria Pratt | Absolut Victoria | Amazon Bon's Xena Realm | Cleopatra 2525 | Cleopatra 2525 Complete Series | Cleopatra 2525 Unofficial Italian Site | Cleopatra 2525 Virtual Season | Cleopatra 2525 Webring | Cyane | Facebook | Fanpop | Fansite Online | Fork's Cleopatra 2525 Page | Gallery of Celebrities | Hollywood Poker | IMDb | Jaded Icons | Logomancy's Xena Gallery | Max Steele | Northern Stars | Pratt Pack/Facebook | RainaRose's Lair | SargeFan's Fanfiction | Sarge's Cleopatra 2525 Site | So Feminine | Superior Pics | TBlue Fanfiction | T.J. Scott Pictures | Victoria Pratt Community | Victoria Pratt Fans | Victoria Pratt 01 | Victoria Pratt Forum Facebook | Victoria | Victoria Pratt Reels | WireImages | YouTube

Acting Credits
Heartland (2014 - 2019) .... Casey McMurtry
Caught 2 TV Episodes (2018) .... Doloris Patterson
- "Bone Dog"; "The Break"
Cops and Robbers (2017) .... Cheryl
Lazer Team 2 (2017) .... Kilborn
Precious Things TV Movie (2017) .... Lisa Mitchell
Campus Caller TV Movie (2017) .... Detective Victoria Duncan
Turbulence (2016) .... Michelle Taylor
The Last Heist (2016) .... Pascal
La Migra (2015) .... Special Agent Dunthorpe
Hawaii Five-0 TV Episode "Ka 'alapahi nui" (2015) .... Jane Harper
A Date to Die For (2015) .... Laura Armstrong
June (2015)
Deadly Pursuit (2015) .... Mia
Vespucci (2015)
Patient Killer (2015) .... Victoria Wrightmar
A Daughter's Nightmare TV Movie (2014) .... Dana
Death Valley (2014) .... Jamie Dillen
The Virginian (2013) .... Molly West
Castle TV Episode "Significant Others" (2013) ... Jane Garrison/Leann Piper
Dracano (2012) .... Carla Simms
A Nanny's Revenge (2012) .... Brynn Marshall
Christmas Twister (2012) .... Addison
Gabe the Cupid Dog (2012) .... Marsha
Away (2011)
Your Love Never Fails (2011) .... Anne Marie
Lie To Me TV Episode "Rebound" (2011) .... Lily
Soda Springs (2011) .... Shelley
NCIS TV Episode "Jet Lag" (2010).... Tiffany
Mongolian Death Worms (2010) .... Alicia
Geraldine (2009) .... Det. Jen Russo
Cold Case TV Episode "Mind Games" (2009) .... Vanessa Quarterman
Fear Itself TV Episode "The Circle" (2009) .... Robie Collins
CSI TV Episode "The Grave Shift" (2009) .... Carla Banks
Life TV Episode "Badge Bunny" (2008) .... Diane Graham
Test the Nation (2008) .... Guest star
Moonlight TV Episode "Fated to Pretend" (2008) .... Dee Dee Dwight
Journey to the Center of the Earth TV Movie (2008) .... Martha Dennison
Ghost Whisperer TV Episode "Double Exposure" (2007) .... Professor Claudia Pollili
Hush Little Baby (2007) .... Jamie
Brotherhood of Blood (2007) .... Carrie Rieger
What Love Is (2007) .... Sara
Day Break 13 TV Episodes (2006-07) .... Andrea Battle
Her Fatal Flaw TV Movie (2006) .... Laney Hennessy
Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep TV Movie (2006) .... Nicole
Comedy Hell (2006) .... Kelli
House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim TV Movie (2005) .... Lt. Alison Henson
Mayday TV Movie (2005) .... Simms
Murder at the Presidio TV Movie (2005) .... Cpl. Tara Jeffries
Hush TV Movie (2005) .... Callie
Mutant X 44 TV Episodes (2001-04) .... Shalimar Fox
Pyramid TV Episode (4/19/04) .... Herself
Double Dare (2004) .... Herself (uncredited)
Ham & Cheese (2004) .... Herself
2nd Annual Spacey Awards (2004) .... Herself
The Mallory Effect (2002) .... Jennifer (as Vicky Pratt)
The Test, FX Channel, 2001.
Cleopatra 2525 28 TV Episodes (2000-01) .... Rose "Sarge"
Blacktop (2000) .... Charlie
First Wave TV Episode "Tomorrow" (2000) .... Claire Wilson/Gia
Forbidden Island TV Series (1999) .... Wilkes (as Vicky Pratt))
Legacy (1998/I) .... Ding (as Vicky Pratt)
Xena: Warrior Princess 2 TV Episodes "Adventures in the Sin Trade: Part 1 and 2" (1998) .... Cyane
Once a Thief 10 TV Episodes (1998) .... Jackie Janczyk (as Vicky Pratt)
Whatever It Takes (1998) .... Fitness Instructor (uncredited)
Ab Coach infomercial .... Herself
Go for It! TV Series (1996) .... Co-Host
*date unknown*
Karatics: The Ultimate Workout (with Rob Fletcher) .... Herself
Personal Edge .... Co-Host
"Off the Record" (Canada) .... Herself
"Galleger" (Canada) .... Herself

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