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Mutant X Website Archives

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The Faux Mutant X Websites

From 2001-02, Tribune Entertainment created six Mutant X 'faux websites' as part of the Mutant X official site, in order to supplement the information from the television series. These sites featured a great wealth of background information about the Mutant X characters and plot, but they vanished in early 2005. The Internet Archive has archives of the faux websites as they appeared in their prime. I'm saving this material here for informational purposes, but please note that none of the following are of my own creation.

The Breedlove Foundation: The official website for Genomex's parent company 1 2: The official Genomex website

The Midnight Press 1 2: A local MXverse newspaper, the printed version of Proxy Blue

Mutant X Lives 1 2 3: The covert website of the new mutant underground

My Friend's Bookstore: A website for the new mutant safehouse behind Ruby Bishop's bookstore

There's a Genetic Conspiracy (TAGC): A reactionary newsletter about Genomex's secrets

More Archived MX Websites

Adam's Sanctuary for New Mutants | Addicted 2 Writing | All Things Mutant X | Ancient and Modern | Breathe Again: Jesse fanlisting | Broceliande Forest | Cairdean Slash | Charmed & Mutant X | Charming Feral | Christy's Mutant X RPG | CN TV | Code Name Synergy | Communite des Mutants | Connorage Galerie | Crispy Soup Chef | Cyber Sanctuary | Cyndra Rae's Fanfiction | Chya's Fanfiction Page | The Data Dive | The Double Helix | Enchanting Emma | Fabulae | Feral Club | Feral Shock 1 2 | Fool for Love | Forbesilicious | Forbes March: All About the Hottie | Forbes | Forever Destined | Fused | Genome Cities | The Golden Strand Awards | Gothic Phantom's Lair | Gryphon's Lair | Huntress Fantasy | Iggy, Twiggy, and Ziggy | Incadescent Dream | Intimate Warriors | Jesse & Emma | Lauren Lee Smith's Official Site | Lauren Lee | Lauren Lee | Lauren Lee Universe | Leaves of Grass | Mahalia's Homepage | Mason Eckhart Online | Matters Masonesque and More | Misfits United | Mutantites | Mutants Eternal | Mutant Wasteland | Mutant X Bookcase | Mutant X Brasil | Mutant X Centre | Mutant X Chat and Fic | Mutant X Directory 1 2 3 4 5 GJ Sky Updates | Mutant X Double Helix | Mutant X Fansource | Mutant X Forever | Mutant X Lives | Mutant X Lives Underground | Mutant X Lives Yahoo Group | Mutant X Network | Mutant X Official Site | Mutant X Top Ten | Mutant X UK | Mutant X Warehouse #1 2 | Mutant X: What Do They Now? | My Little Mutant X Site | New Mutant UK | No Other Way | Official Site's Boards | Pink Hearts: V.W.M.X. | Proxy | Proxy Blue Fansite | Pure Jesse | Pure Jesse Boards | Pure MX | Russian Mutant X Fanclub | Sacred Band | Safesearching: Karen Cliche Forum | Sanctuary Database: Mutant X fanlist | Sanctuary Garden | Sanctuary's Lost Database | Sanctuary X | Sanctuary X | Secrets We Keep | Shalash | Shalimar & Brennan | Shalimar et Brennan | Smoke and Mirrors | Sparks: Brennan fanlisting | Stormking Mountain | Telempath's Wave | Totally Feral and Simply Charming | Triple L: Lovely Lauren Lee | Ultimately Forbes fanlisting | The Original Unofficial Forbes website | The Underground | Unspoken Words | Victoria Pratt Mutant X | Victoria Pratt Web | Xiphan's Mutant X Fansite | The X in Team | Xposed

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