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Mutant X Transcripts: Ep 119 "Nothing to Fear"

Mutant X Episode Transcripts

Mutant X Episode #119 Transcript: "Nothing to Fear"

[Opening scene: New mutant Henry Voight flees down a waterfront pier at night, pursued by an army of GS agents. He's stopped in his tracks by Shalimar, who leaps down from the rooftops to land right in front of him.]
Shalimar: Henry?
Henry (panting): Yeah.
Shalimar (feral eyes flashing): We've gotta go. [She uses his shoulder as a pivot to knock the two leading agents to the ground, then she and Henry take off as fast as they can. Shalimar calls out to Brennan, who's waiting on the opposite end of the dock.] Brennan! [Brennan races forward to meet them, but as soon as Shalimar and Henry reach him, the pursuing horde of GS agents stops short.]
Brennan (waving Henry down the pier): Keep going! [He and Shalimar wait for the agents to attack, but instead, they turn tail and back away.]
Shalimar: What are they doing?
Brennan: I don't know.
Shalimar: Why're they turning back?
Brennan: I'll find out. Catch up with you later. Go. [He chases the GS agents while Shalimar joins Henry.]
Shalimar: So how long has the GSA been onto you?
Henry: Four, maybe five weeks.
Shalimar: Why’d you wait so long to contact us?
Henry: I thought I could handle them, but they’re very persistent.
Shalimar (chuckling): Yeah, well, usually. But they fell back pretty fast today.
Henry: Maybe they’re afraid of ferals. Where’re we headed?
Shalimar: Well, first to a safehouse, then an escort's gonna take you into the underground.
Henry: Is that where Brennan’s meeting us?
Shalimar (frowning): I don’t remember Brennan telling you his name. [Henry removes his glove to reveal a glowing orange mark on his palm which he presses against her temple. Hearing Shalimar's moans of pain, Brennan returns to shatter the glowing connection with an electrical charge.]
Brennan: Are you okay?
Shalimar (wincing): Yeah.
Brennan: What happened?
Shalimar (looking around for Henry): Where'd he go?
Brennan: I don't know, but we'll find him. Come on.

Opening Credits. "Nothing to Fear"

[Back in Sanctuary's lab, Emma watches Adam scan Shalimar for injuries.]
Shalimar: I made a mistake. Should've figured Henry was with the GSA the way they fell back like that. [She starts to get up, but Adam holds her down.]
Adam: Wait, lie still. I haven't finished the diagnostics.
Shalimar: And I should've gotten out of there faster.
Emma: You said Henry pressed his hand against your head?
Shalimar: Yeah, he’s a psionic. He was reading me... [She grins at Emma.] ...the way you used to.
Emma: So what did it feel like?
Shalimar: Like a violation. So weird. I could feel the heat from his hand and it was like he was with me inside my head.
Adam: Hm. You remember thinking or feeling anything specific when he was trying to read you?
Shalimar: No. At least now I'm not. I don't remember anything. How'd I scan?
Adam: Well, there's no obvious physiological damage.
Shalimar: Told ya so.
Adam: Yeah, but I want you to take it easy.
Shailmar: Well, I'm a little tired; I'm gonna take a nap. [She leaves.]
Emma: So, what do you think?
Adam: I think we need a full profile on this Henry. And Emma, keep a close eye on her.

[In an abandoned trainyard later that night, Henry relaxes to classical violin music as he sits on the floor of a train car filled with photographs dangling by strings from the ceiling. Mason Eckhart enters the car as Henry's playing with one of the pictures.]
Henry: Feral's in my control. Now we'll be able to reel them all in. One by one.
Mason: I’m concerned, Henry, that you’re more interested in torturing them and less interested in giving me the information I need.
Henry: You’ll get what you want.
Mason (looking around the dingy car): Have you ever considered renting an apartment?
Henry: I like it here.
Mason: Well, I suppose you’ve made it your to speak. [He turns when Henry gets to his feet.] Instruct Miss Fox to give us the location of Sanctuary and any pertinent information about the new mutant underground. [Mason clears his throat, holding up a cell phone.] And keep in touch. [He drops the phone on the table and leaves Henry to concentrate on his victim...who is currently asleep on a cot on Sanctuary's second floor. Brennan kisses the sleeping Shalimar's forehead before joining Jesse at the main computer.]
Jesse: Hey. How's Shalimar?
Brennan: Sound asleep. What've you got?
Jesse: File's incomplete. We know he's a psionic, no current address.
Brennan: Any relatives?
Jesse: Parents both dead. His dad worked for FedRail, they lived in the city their whole lives, blah, blah... [He pauses.] ...blah.... He's married. Brianna Doolan Voight.
Brennan: She works for the GSA.
Jesse: Yeah. She was on the payroll for a year and a half. She died in action nine months ago.
Brennan: So she dies and Henry just takes over for her?
Jesse: Well, stranger things have happened. But Adam's got a DNA sample of Henry off of Shalimar, so one way or another, we'll get him.

[Meditating in his darkened train car, Henry enters Shalimar's sleeping mind. He creates a dreamscape in which Shalimar is deactivating the security systems on Sanctuary's main computer when she's interrupted by Emma.]
Emma: What are you doing, Shal?
Shalimar: Go back to bed, Emma.
Emma: You're neutralizing the alarms.
Shalimar: Just running a test.
Emma: On an open channel that anybody could pick up?!
Shalimar: This is none of your business, Emma.
Emma (pulling back her hair): What's that on your head? [She's shocked to see Henry's glowing mark on Shalimar's temple. Shalimar slaps her away, but Emma grabs her shoulders.]
Emma: Shalimar, stop it!
Shalimar [grinning]: You’re kidding, right? [She headbutts Emma, who drops to the floor, unconscious. Shalimar opens the doors, allowing a horde of GS agents to enter Sanctuary. They carry out Emma's body, then run upstairs to implant Jesse and Brennan with subdermal governors before dragging them out of their rooms.]
Brennan: How the hell did you get in here? Shal, you did this? Did Henry make you do this, huh?
Jesse: What, is Henry controlling you? I thought you were stronger than-- [He's cut off by a prod from a taser. Adam leaps into the room, punching the agent at the main computer before attempting to override the disable codes.]
Mason (entering): Stop him. [Adam is overcome by agents while Shalimar watches, powerless to move. Adam sneers at her as he's dragged away.]
Adam: Lucky for you they didn't get more!
Mason (facing Shalimar): They’ll never forgive you. Nothing will change what you’ve done.
Shalimar: That’s not true. [She grabs Mason into a headlock.] I’ll kill him if you don’t let them all go!
Mason: You’re not the one controlling the situation. Henry is. [Shalimar gasps in pain as Henry makes the mark on her temple burn brighter, forcing her to release Mason.]
Shalimar: Nobody controls me.
Mason: What do you think we’ve been doing? You don't have a chance. [The agents advance on Shalimar, who leaps into the air, knocking them all to the ground.] Get her. [Shalimar takes them out one by one until they cage her in with neck snares from three directions.] Stop struggling. It's over now. For all of you.

***Commercial Break***

Dreamscape!Mason: They won't loosen the snares until you stop struggling, Miss Fox. [In the real Sanctuary, Brennan hurries to the sleeping Shalimar's side as she writhes in her sleep.]
Brennan: Shal? Shal, are you okay? Adam, come here! [He pulls back her hair to reveal the glowing mark her temple.] See that mark right there? That's where Henry connected.
Adam: Let's get her into the lab. [They carry her into the lab, where Adam checks her pupils.]
Emma: What happened?
Adam: She's in a coma. Henry's doing this to her.
Brennan: But how?
Adam: He must've gotten control of her through her subconscious when she fell asleep.
Brennan: So what's happening in her mind is actually affecting her body?
Adam: Well, he made her believe that he was choking her.
Emma: Let me see if I can connect to her.
Adam: No, no, no, 'cause we don't know what he's capable of. He might be able to get control of you this way. No. Right now, she's on her own.

[Inside the dreamscape, Shalimar's strapped into the interrogation chair at Genomex.]
Dreamscape!Mason: You’re very resourceful, Miss Fox. But there’s nothing you can do now that will change the facts. One, you led us to Sanctuary. Henry, of course, was the one guiding your hand, but it was still your hand. Two, I have all of your Mutant X teammates in my custody. Now, here’s the deal I’m willing to offer.
Shalimar: I’m not interested in any deals.
Mason: Have you completely lost touch with your feral need to protect the pack?
Shalimar: You don’t know anything about me.
Mason: Your psionic teammate doesn’t seem to have much left in her.
Shalimar: What are you talking about? [Mason turns her chair towards the next room, where Emma is being tortured with tasers and crying out Shalimar's name.]
Mason: She lacks your inner strength.
Shalimar: Make them stop!
Mason!Henry: Tell me about the new mutant underground and I’ll make sure that they stop. My people have a wager on how long Miss DeLauro will last. Care to place your bet? [He walks away, leaving Shalimar to the sounds of Emma's screams.]

[The real Mason returns to Henry's train car, bending over him to get his attention.]
Mason: How's it going in your little dreamscape?
Henry (pulling himself back to reality): Would you like to see for yourself? [Before Mason can react, Henry presses his hand to Mason's temple to give him a firsthand recap of the dreamscape before releasing him.]
Mason: Don't ever do that to me again!
Henry: You asked to see it.
Mason: You do a very good impression of me. The look, the behavior, the choice of language.
Henry (getting up to turn on his music: You’re just more obvious and predictable that you’d like to think.
Mason: I want the location of Sanctuary and the data from the new mutant database.
Henry: And that’s what you’ll get.
Mason: You seem to be more interested in watching her suffer.
Henry: I am doing whatever I need to do to get anything out of her.
Mason: Well, don’t kill her in the process. I have a stasis pod with her name on it. [He looks around at the multitude of Henry's photographs, which all portray one woman.] Who is this?
Henry: You should know who she is. She used to work at the GSA.
Mason (looking again): I...don’t remember her at all. Tell me when Miss Fox breaks. And let me know when you're ready for the others.

[Henry returns to Shalimar's mind, where Dreamscape!Mason is torturing her with a blowtorch.]
Dreamscape!Mason: All ferals have a primal fear of fire. Isn't that right, Miss Fox?
Shalimar: Why are you doing this to me?
Mason: Because of what you did to me.
Shalimar: What? What did I do?
Mason: Tell me what I need to know, Miss Fox. Save your friends. [Shalimar stays silent, so he turns up the blowtorch.] Well, have it your way.

[The real Adam and Emma watch in horror as the skin on Shalimar's forearm begins to blister.]
Adam: It's a burn.
Emma: When he connected to her, he must have read her worst fear.
Adam (cooling the area with water): He's torturing her, probably for information about us.
Emma: We can’t just let him do this to her; we’ve got to do something, Adam!
Adam: No. We’ve got to rely on her tough it out. [When Adam turns away for a moment, Emma takes Shalimar's face in her hands and connects to her psionically, entering the dreamscape.]
Dreamscape!Mason: You're just prolonging the agony.
Shalimar (sensing Emma beside her): Emma?
Emma: It’s just a nightmare, Shalimar. It’s not real unless you believe it is. You’ve got to fight it. Don’t let him win. [Thus fortified, Shalimar faces her torturer with new courage. Henry!Mason stops, searching for the intruder, but Emma's already gone, pulled away by Real Adam.]
Real!Adam: Emma! Emma, don’t!
Emma: He’s got her trapped somewhere. It looks like Genomex, but it’s not. It’s a kind of dreamscape. She’s so terrified, Adam. But I think she heard me.
Adam: Well, she must have. Her pulse is dropping. But Emma, that was very dangerous, alright? You’re both psionics, he could have pulled you in though her mind.
Emma: But he didn’t. And now maybe she can fight back. [Inside Shalimar's mind, Henry tries to re-establish the upper hand.]
Dreamscape!Mason: Even if you get help from the other side, I'll never let you out of this dreamscape.

***Commercial Break***

[Jesse and Brennan research Henry's background on Sanctuary's main computer.]
Jesse: There's the results from Henry's DNA sample. There's a couple of non-human organic chemical substances there.
Brennan: Oil.
Jesse: Diesel fuel.
Brennan: That S.O.S. that Henry sent us. Where did it come from?
Jesse: A pay phone on Dubay Street. Why?
Brennan: Where the hell is that?
Jesse: The middle of no-man's land. Nothing there but a couple of scrap metal shops and a trainyard. Why?
Brennan: Waait, trains run on diesel fuel.
Jesse: Yeah, so does every truck in the city.
Brennan: Yeah, but didn't you say that Henry's father worked for FedRail? So the trainyard in Dubay, is that one of theirs?
Jesse (checking: FedRail.

[The boys arrive at the trainyard, drawn onward by the violin music echoing through the lot.]
Brennan: Come on, let's check it out. [The screech of the train car door opening jolts Henry out of his meditation, allowing Dreamscape!Shalimar to break free from her restraints.]
Brennan: No wonder we couldn't get an address on this guy. He lives here. [Brennan finds the classical record collection.] Huh. Never would have figured him for a guy that likes Vivaldi.
Jesse (looking at the photographs): Looks like our friend Henry had a real life wife.
Brennan: Yeah. Actually looks like he used to be happy.
Jesse: She looks pretty.
Brennan (pulling down a photograph): You know, I'm gonna take this stuff back to Adam and see if he can get anything off of it.
Jesse: His wife was killed in action, right?
Brennan: Yeah, apparently.
Jesse: I wonder who she was fighting.
Brennan: Well, it wasn't us. I'd remember.
Jesse (realizing): He thinks it was us. What if he's blaming us for what happened to her?
Brennan: Then he's looking for revenge. [As Jesse peers out through the open car door, Henry appears next to him, slamming his palm against his temple. Brennan runs over and pulls Jesse away from Henry, who grabs Brennan's wrist and then takes off.]
Brennan: You okay?
Jesse: Yeah. [Brennan starts to chase after Henry, but stops when Jesse calls him back to look at his temple.] Can you see the mark?
Brennan: Yeah. Yeah, but it's already starting to fade. You'd better stay awake.
Jesse: Yeah, I know. [They head back towards Sanctuary.] So Henry can read your fears, huh?
Brennan: Yeah, that’s what Emma said.
Jesse: Well, he’s gonna have plenty to choose from.

[Back at Sanctuary, Emma teases Jesse as he paces around the lab to keep himself awake. In the background, Brennan inspects his wrist, which also bears Henry's glowing mark.]
Emma: Come on, Jesse, you aren’t afraid of anything.
Jesse: Ha! Not afraid of anything? Being buried alive tops the list. Look, I can’t be buried alive, ok?
Adam (leaning over Brennan): You okay? [Brennan nods.] Here, this will make you feel better. [He injects him with a drug.] You alright?
Brennan: Yeah. That's better.
Emma (pushing Jesse around the room): The minute you stop moving, you're going to want to sleep.
Jesse (collapsing onto a biobed next to Shalimar's): I can't stay awake anymore. Adam!
Adam (hurrying over): Jesse.
Jesse: Is there anything else you can give me?
Adam: Jesse, not without damaging your system. Now listen to me. Whatever Henry tries to make you believe, it's not real. It's a dreamscape. It's happening in your mind.
Jesse: It's not real unless I believe it.
Adam: Yeah, that's right. It's only in your mind.
Jesse: Okay.
Adam: It's only in your mind. [Jesse falls asleep and immediately enters a dreamscape in which he's trapped inside a pod at Genomex, watched over by Dreamscape!Mason.]
Jesse (trying not to panic): I know this is not real! This isn't...this is not real!
Mason: Nice try, Mr. Kilmartin. I'm sorry but what is happening to you now is very real.
Jesse (panicking as Mason stands up to leave): No-no-no, hey! No, no, no!
Mason!Henry: Are you asking to negotiate your freedom for certain information, Mr. Kilmartin?
Jesse: Wha--what sort of information?
Mason!Henry: The location of Sanctuary, the database of the new mutant underground. [Mason waits, but Jesse keeps quiet.] I didn’t think so. Your feral friend wasn’t much help either. Not that that matters anymore.
Jesse: Where is she? Where is she? Tell me where she is! Tell me! Tell me! [Smiling quietly, Mason leaves the screaming Jesse trapped in the darkness alone. In the real Sanctuary, the sleeping Jesse starts to wheeze and gasp in his sleep.]
Emma: He's not getting enough air!
Adam: Alright, give him some oxygen.
Emma (holding an oxygen mask over his face): Come on, Jesse, breathe.
Adam (leaning over Jesse): I want you to resist it, okay? It's happening in your mind.
Emma: Breathe.
Adam: It's a dreamscape.
Emma: Jesse, breathe.
Adam: It's not real. It's not real.
Emma: Come on, breathe.
Adam (turning to Brennan): And now you, I'm gonna give you 10 more cc's of phenylproxin.
Brennan: No. It didn't help Jesse.
Adam: Alright, then you have to tell me your fears.
Brennan: I don't let myself think like that.
Emma: C’mon, Brennan, they’re buried in there somewhere. Henry’s gonna find them.
Brennan: I was afraid of my own powers when I was a kid.
Adam: What, you mean using your powers?
Brennan: Afraid of them being used against me. [He falls asleep, and finds himself in a dreamscape Genomex room chained to the ceiling.]
Dreamscape!Mason: So how does it feel to be a victim?
Brennan: I know this is a dreamscape, and you're controlling it, Henry. [Dreamscape!Mason sheds his disguise, turning into Henry.]
Henry: How'd you guess? [Grinning, he zaps Brennan with an electrical charge from his hands.]
Brennan: You're blaming us for something that we didn't do!
Henry: If it wasn't for you, my wife would still be alive! [He releases electrical shock after shock as Brennan writhes in pain.]
Brennan: What'd they tell you, huh?
Henry: You're all part of it.
Brennan: The GSA falsified the reports! This isn't real. This isn't real. This isn't real.
Henry: Oh, then why'd you move when the electricity came towards you?
Brennan: I know about your wife.
Henry: I'm not interested in what you have to say. It's not gonna bring her back. It's not gonna change anything.
Brennan: Not real. This isn't real. This isn't real!
Henry: How long are you gonna hold onto the belief that what's happening to you right now isn't real? Any idea?

***Commercial Break***

[Emma and Adam hover over the sleeping Brennan, Shalimar, and Jesse in Sanctuary's lab.]
Emma: Is he fighting it?
Adam (checking Brennan's pupils): Yeah. He's fibrillating from the shocks. [Emma's eyes widen when she picks up the photograph of Henry's wife, Brianna.]
Emma: I just got a hit off her photo.
Adam: Well, she's dead. How's that possible?
Emma: I don't know.
Adam: Well, maybe Henry's trying to trick you.
Emma (going to the computer): No, it wasn't from him. [She pulls up an internet article on Brianna.] It's from her. Henry's wife Brianna was studying to be a concert violinist. She performed two amateur concerts and played the same Vivaldi piece in both.
Adam (joining her): Right, so what are you getting at?
Emma: Henry loved his wife so much that when she died, he kind of broke. Maybe she's the key to reaching him.
Adam: Now, look. Their life signs are very erratic. We need to find a way to get in there and distract Henry.
Emma: You've got to let me see if I can connect to them.
Adam (holding her arm): No, no, no, 'cause you and Henry are both psionics. He can manipulate you. But what if I went in?
Emma: You think you can get into the place where they are?
Adam: Yeah, well, I can use the EDD to match my baseline to theirs.
Emma: Yeah, but then what? How are you gonna prove to Henry that we had nothing to do with the death of his wife?
Adam: I don't know. But first, I have an idea about how to stabilize their vital signs.

[An impatient Mason returns to Henry's train car.]
Mason: You promised me something; you haven't delivered.
Henry: Their minds will become exhausted and they'll no longer have the energy to fight me. You must be... [He closes his eyes, re-entering the dreamscape.] You must be patient. Patient...
Mason: And what? Henry? Henry? [Henry doesn't respond. Inside the dreamscape, a Vivaldi violin concerto echoes through the fake Genomex as Henry frantically searches for the source. In the real Sanctuary's lab, Emma's listening to the concerto as she connects to Henry's mind, piping the music into the dreamscape to distract him. Adam comes up behind Emma, pulling off the headphones and kissing her hair.]
Adam: That's enough. Good. Alright, you stabilized them. I just think it's too risky to be in connection with this guy any longer. Alright, so I'm gonna get the stats for the EDD. You let me know if there's any change.
Emma (getting up): Okay. [Sadly, Emma looks over her fallen teammates, leaning over Brennan to check on him. She gasps when Brennan suddenly reaches up to grab her head.]
Brennan!Henry: You think Vivaldi makes me nicer? You’re wrong. It just reminds me of how much I want to make you suffer for what you did to Brianna.
Emma: Henry?
Brennan!Henry: You’re a psionic. I can pull you in here with me. How about it? You want to come play with your friends?
Emma: Adam!
Brennan!Henry: He can’t help you. You're already mine. [Brennan clasps his palm to her temple, creating Henry's glowing mark. Adam rushes in, pulling Emma away. Brennan falls back into unresponsive sleep.]
Emma: Adam, you've got to keep searching Henry's bio. Brianna's death, it doesn't make any sense.
Adam: Are you all right? Emma? [He catches her as she begins to slump to the floor, placing on the last biobed.] Oh, God. Lie down, lie down. Emma! Oh, God. Alright, remember what we told them. It's a dreamscape. Resist! It's a dream. Emma! [Emma falls into the dreamscape, terrified when she realizes that her eyes have disappeared, and she's completely blind. The real Henry calls Mason, who has returned to his Genomex office.]
Henry: They’re all in there now. And they’ll pay for what they did.
Mason: Mr. Voight, as I feared, you seem to have lost sight of your immediate goal.
Henry: My wife died in the crossfire in a battle between your GS agents and Mutant X.
Mason: Yes, of course. A tragedy beyond recognition.
Henry: I blame Mutant X.
Mason: As you should, but--
Henry: And I blame you. You should have protected her. She wasn’t trained or prepared for those kinds of operations.
Mason (sighing, rubbing his eyes): If she was out... in the field...
Henry: What’s the matter? You feeling tired?
Mason (alarmed): What do you mean?
Henry: I wondered how long it would take my toxins to seep through your plastic skin. Remember I showed you the dreamscape?
Mason: Oh my God.
Henry: Are you ready for your nightmare? [Powerless to call for help, Mason collapses to the floor, and is drawn into Henry's dreamscape where he is imprisoned on the floor of a filthy rat infested cage.]
Mason (shuddering as rats crawl over him): Get me out of here! This is not happening.

[Meanwhile, the real Adam makes a discovery as he follows Emma's advice to search for information on Brianna's death.]
Adam: She's a section nine! [He returns to the lab and uses the EDD to force his way into the dreamscape. Dreamscape!Henry, sitting on the pod where Jesse's imprisoned, smiles at Adam's entrance.]
Henry: You looking for me? [He taps on Jesse's pod.] Or him, perhaps?
Jesse: Adam? Adam?
Henry: They're all here. Somewhere.
Adam: Well, I know he’s not in the pod, Henry, because you’re not in control here. I am. [The scene blurs, and Henry has taken Jesse's place in the pod. Henry chuckles.]
Henry: Only for the moment.
Adam: Where are they?
Henry: They’re around. Very strong, sturdy group. They were able to confront their worst fears. You were lucky to have known them. I hope you know you can't leave here unless I release you.
Adam: I know that.
Henry: I'm not planning on letting any of you go.
Adam: Henry, what would you do if I could give you back the thing you want the most?
Henry: Nothing I want.
Adam: Brianna's alive.
Henry: Don't lie to me.
Adam: She's in Section 9. It's a high security storage area of the GSA.
Henry: My wife is dead. You killed her.
Adam: Well, that's what the GSA report said, but of course, it's not true. What if I could give you her back? What would you do? [Henry doesn't answer him.] Fine. If you don't believe me, let's go find Eckhart.

***Commercial Break***

[Henry transports himself and Adam to stand over Mason's cage in the dreamscape.]
Mason: Adam? Are you real or just some other horrible figment of my imagination?
Adam: Tell Henry what you know about his wife.
Mason: I told him before I don’t remember a thing about her. My skin. The bacteria from all this filth has already infiltrated.
Adam: Mason, look at me. Look at me! Tell him what a Section 9 is.
Mason: Get me out of here. Then I’ll tell him.
Adam: You tell him now.
Mason (squirming to avoid the rats in his face): I’m slightly distracted in here! When one of our GS agents is deemed unreliable, we put him in Section 9.
Henry: She--she dead or not?
Mason: If she’s in Section 9, she’s alive. She’s in stasis.
Henry: Then why didn’t you tell me?
Mason: I didn’t know! She must have been so far down the bureaucratic chain that it wasn’t even a thought.
Henry: She hated working for you. She hated everything about what you did.
Mason: That must have been why her reliability was questioned.
Adam: Let the others go. You can keep me here until you get Brianna back. [In the real Sanctuary lab, Shalimar, Jesse, Brennan, and Emma awaken from their comas in the order in which they went in. They gather around Adam.]
Shalimar: Wonder why he's not waking up?
Emma: Maybe Henry doesn't want to let him go.

[In the real Genomex lab, Mason also awakens, hastily calling to the nearest lab technician.]
Mason: Brianna Voight is in a pod in Section 9. If she’s not gone, let her out. Make sure Henry finds her. Make sure they both leave the premises. And someone find me my clothes!

[In a short while, the real Mutant X team is relieved when the real Adam also awakens from his coma.]
Shalimar: Adam?
Adam (touching her face): Shalimar? Hey.
Emma: Hey.
Adam: Oh, hey. Is everyone okay?
Brennan: Yeah.
Jesse: Henry found his wife?
Adam: Yeah, I think so. Otherwise, he wouldn't have let me go.
Brennan: Wonder if he and Brianna are gonna move back into the trainyard together. [They all laugh.]
Emma: I don't know if I could deal with seeing Henry again.
Adam: No, well, I don't think you'll have to. I think they're both long gone.
Jesse: Well, I hope they live happily ever after.
Adam: Yeah, so do I.
Shalimar: Oh, yeah.

Closing Credits.
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