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Mutant X Transcripts: Ep 120 "Deadly Desire"

Mutant X Episode Transcripts

Mutant X Episode #120 Transcript: "Deadly Desire"

[Opening Scene: An attractive brunette, Lorna Templeton, races through an empty office building, two GS agents in hot pursuit. She reaches the ground floor, only to find two more agents blocking her path. The lead agent, Carl Ames, approaches her with his lieutenant at his side, completely surrounding her.]
Carl: Didn’t my friends explain that we only want to talk to you?
Lorna: Guess I didn’t wait around long enough to give them the chance.
Carl: We just want to find out a few things about you, that’s all. [Just then, Shalimar leaps down from the balcony, knocking over the two agents behind Lorna. Lorna flees through the opening. Carl and his lieutenant chase her into a dead end in the parking garage.]
Lorna (smiling): This is how I like things. A little more even.
Carl: What, two against one with your back against the wall?
Lorna (dropping her purse): I bet you’d love to find out. [The taser-wielding lieutenant runs towards her, but she twists him into a chokehold and stabs him in the throat with a three-pronged stinger from her wrist. As he dies, Lorna approaches Carl.]
Carl: You stay away from me with that thing!
Lorna: Look whose back’s up against the wall now? [Holding his head, she releases a pink cloud of gas from her neck.]
Carl (dreamily): You are the most perfect creature I have ever seen in my life. If I can’t have you–-
Lorna: You do have me. But more importantly, I have you. [They run off together, holding hands. Meanwhile, Shalimar's fighting the remaining GS agents when Jesse phases in through the stairwell wall.]
Shalimar (dodging a punch): What took you so long?
Jesse: I took a wrong turn, ended up on the other side of the building. C'mon! I phase and mass; I don't have X-ray vision. [He ducks as two agents attack him, then phases so that the second falls through him down the stairs, directly into Shalimar's kick.]
Shalimar: They went off this way! [She leads Jesse to the parking garage, where Shalimar bends to examine the body of the fallen GS agent.] No signs of trauma.
Jesse (looking around): Or the new mutant.
Shalimar (feeling for a pulse): Or life.

Opening Credits. “Deadly Desire.”

[Back in Sanctuary, Adam and Emma discuss the lastest events on their way to the main room.]
Adam: Never even found out her name. Now she’s just more grist for Eckhart’s genetic mill.
Emma: Well, if it wasn’t for your decryption program, we wouldn’t have even known the capture was going down.
Adam (reaching the main computer): Yeah, still. I wish we had gotten to her before they did. Display! [The holographic screen fills with gibberish.] These are GSA communiques from the last twelve hours. Decrypt! [The gibberish becomes words.] It doesn’t look like any new mutant’s been brought in.
Emma: What's anomite?
Adam (frowning): Where are you reading?
Emma: Something about the GSA arranging to acquire a stolen supply of anomite. [Sighing, Adam puts his head in his hands.] Uh-oh, that's your serious look.
Adam: Yeah, try very serious. Imagine Eckhart with the ability to render the most sophisticated cyber security system completely ineffective.
Emma: Even ours?
Adam: Yeah, well, anomite's a virus, and it can be introduced into any connected computer. If he gets his hands on it, he'd have the ability to compromise any safeguard I could come up with.
Emma: We’d be out of business.
Adam: And anybody else who stands in his way.

[Inside a crowded bar, Shalimar’s beating Brennan soundly at pool.]
Brennan: Yeah. Mm-hmm. Make you feel better?
Shalimar: Kicking your butt usually does. But letting that new mutant get away, that kinda puts a damper on things.
Brennan: You know what? This is how I figure it: as long as we rescue more than we lose, we’re doing all right.
Shalimar: Do you want to break?
Brennan: Do you want to lose?
Shalimar (laughing): I don't think so. [She leans over the table, showing her cleavage.]
Brennan: Okay, would you stop? You’re distracting me. [He breaks badly.]
Shalimar: Tough break.
Brennan (zapping one of the balls into the pocket): It must have still been rolling.
Shalimar: I don’t think so! No.
Brennan: I didn’t lay a finger on it, come on! [Looking over at the bar, he recognizes a former gang member, Tony LaPorta, at the bar talking to two men.] You know what? Why don’t you take the first shot? I’ll be right back.
Tony (recognizing Brennan): Hey guys, give me five? [His companions leave.] Brennan.
Brennan: What’s up, Tony?
Tony: Long time, man.
Brennan: Yeah. Last time I saw you, you were turning me into Proxy Blue.
Tony: Yeah. Look, I’m sorry about that, man. If I’d known where to find you, I would’ve apologized months ago.
Brennan: Is that so?
Tony: Honestly. I’m a changed man.
Brennan: Oh, what? A religious conversion?
Tony: Better. I’m in love!
Brennan (chuckling): Well, that’s funny. For as long as I’ve known you, you couldn’t even get a woman to look at you. Now all of a sudden you’re in love?
Tony: Believe me, Brennan, she’s a total knockout, man. Absolutely phenomenal.
Brennan: Well, I can’t believe my ears. Tony Reese, giving up the life for a woman.
Tony: Wait a sec, I never said I was giving up the life, man. I’m working for her.
Brennan: Well, whatever floats your boat, man.
Tony (showing him his watch): Since we hooked up, we’ve been raking it in, man. Check the fringes!
Brennan: Wow, flashy.
Tony: Yeah. In fact, she just brought in a guy who claims he can deliver a five million dollar payday. If you want, I could talk to her about bringing you in for a deal or two.
Brennan: No. Thanks for the offer, though. I’m retired.
Tony (finishing his drink): You don’t know what you’re missing. [He pats Brennan’s shoulder and leaves.]

[At Genomex, Mason walks along the catwalk with GS agent Vance Halloran.]
Mason: Any word on our missing agent?
Vance: Well, the one GS agent who might have told us what happened to Ames died during the mission. Initial analysis indicates cardiac arrest.
Mason: Sounds like a review of agency fitness standards is in order, Mr. Halloran.
Vance: I’ll get that going, sir.
Mason (stopping): And the other four agents on the mission, what, they witnessed nothing?
Vance: They were distracted, sir. By Mutant X, sir.
Mason: Well, once we acquire the anomite, these Mutant X distractions can finally be put to rest.
Vance: I’ve got good news on that front, Mr. Eckhart. The deal is set for this afternoon.
Mason: You’ve made contact with this disgruntled government scientist?
Vance: Dr. Tork is anxious to do business.
Mason : Yes, I’ll just bet he is. [He stalks into his office and slams the door.]

[In Sanctuary, Emma’s reading the latest GSA communication on the computer.]
Emma: Oh my God. Adam!
Adam (hurrying over): What have you got?
Emma: I’ve just decrypted the final email from the GSA to Dr. Tork. They’re meeting at the Peterson building five minutes from now.
Adam (over his comlink): Shalimar, Brennan! The deal goes down in five minutes.
Shalimar (in the Helix with Brennan): We’ll be there.

[In the Peterson Building, Vance and his two GS agents approach Dr. Tork, who is anxiously gripping a small silver case.]
Vance: Dr. Tork?
Dr. Tork: Halloran?
Vance: That’s the anomite, I presume?
Dr. Tork: The money? [Vance glances at the black suitcase he's brought.]
Vance: Let’s see what we’re dealing with. [Dr. Tork opens the case, revealing a blue glowing bar.] Doesn’t look like much.
Dr. Tork: Looks can be deceiving. With the anomite in this case, you could easily infiltrate hundreds of computer systems. I’ve given ten years of my life to this project.
Vance: Congratulations. It’s about to pay off. [As Dr. Tork hands him the anomite, Lorna, Tony, and Carl Ames peer out from behind a wall across the room.]
Lorna: Now. [Tony starts towards the scene, but Lorna quickly stops him when she spots Brennan and Shalimar entering.]
Tony: Mulwray?!
Lorna: You know him?
Tony (taking out his gun): Oh, yeah. [Brennan shoots an electrical arc at the metal anomite case in Vance’s hand, electrocuting him. Lorna waits until Brennan and Shalimar are battling the GS agents, then sends in her crew.]
Lorna: Go. [Tony and Carl charge into the room, guns blazing, and both Dr. Tork and Shalimar are shot.]
Brennan: Shal! [He recognizes Tony as he retrieves the anomite.] Tony! [An agent attacks Brennan, allowing Tony to escape with the anomite and Vance with the black suitcase of money. Lorna watches, intrigued, as Brennan dispatches the last GS agent, then she leaves with her crew. Brennan kneels at Shalimar’s side.] Shal!
Shalimar (holding her shoulder): We’ve gotta get them!
Brennan: No, I’ll take care of them. You’re going back to Sanctuary.
Shalimar: We can’t just let them get away with that!
Brennan: Shh! [She sees Dr. Tork lying on the ground, and Brennan goes to check on him.]
Shalimar: Does he need an ambulance?
Brennan: Yeah. Tell them not to run any red lights.

*****Commercial Break*****

[In Sanctuary's lab, Shalimar lies on the biobed as Emma cauterizes her gunshot wound with a laser.]
Shalimar (jumping): Ow! Thought you said this wasn't going to hurt.
Emma: And you believed me? It's called bedside manner. Now, be a good girl, and you'll get a lollypop when we're done.
Shalimar: Yeah, well, you throw in a balloon and I'm all yours.
Emma: So when did Eckhart’s boys start playing shoot to kill?
Shalimar: That’s the weird thing. I mean, yesterday, I’m chasing down this guy who’s hunting a new mutant for the GSA, and today, he’s ripping them off and taking shots at me.
Emma: Hmm.
Shalimar: Ow! Oh, you're a beast!
Emma (grinning): You're a baby. [Watching them through the observation window upstairs, Brennan paces in front of Jesse on the bench.]
Brennan: It was one of those situations, man. You know, the minute we got into the Peterson building, it just felt funny. I was just totally thrown off my game. You know, Shalimar takes a bullet out of nowhere, and then...and then Tony shows up?
Jesse: So Tony and this GS agent took off with the anomite, huh?
Brennan: Yeah. Must have been the five million dollar payday that he was crowing about.
Adam (coming up the stairs): Brennan, nice job getting Shalimar back here for treatment. I mean, it couldn't have been easy.
Brennan: Yeah, I could've been pickin' her arm up off the ground, and she still would've been out there tracking 'em down.
Jesse: What’s the word on the late Dr. Tork?
Adam: Turns out Dr. Tork was director of the anomite project. Apparently, he wasn’t getting the recognition he felt he deserved.
Jesse: So he went and traded it to the highest bidder.
Adam: Right. What concerns me the most is that all of his research is lost now that he’s dead.
Brennan: So it can’t be recreated?
Adam: Not without the stolen prototype. Which makes that priceless.
Brennan: No, no, it’s definitely got a price. A steep one. [He heads towards the stairs.]
Jesse: Hey, where are you going?
Brennan: I’m gonna go get some answers from Tony. Before anyone else gets hurt.

[Vance stands in Mason’s Genomex office as Mason takes him to task for the day’s events.]
Mason: Not only was the transaction completely botched, but the only person who can recreate the formula is lying on a slab in the morgue!
Vance: It was Mutant X again, sir.
Mason: Mutant X don’t carry guns! Who killed Dr. Tork?
Vance (reluctantly): GS agent Carl Ames, sir.
Mason (walking up to him): Well, then. Bring me Ames and the anomite.
Vance: That’s a tall order, sir.
Mason: And if you can’t fill it, you’ll find yourself on a slab next to Dr. Tork. [Halloran quckly leaves.]

[Across town, Tony drives his new red sports car into the parking garage of Lorna's condo and gets out. He jumps when Brennan sneaks up from behind and electrifies the car door lock.]
Brennan: Ha-ha. You remember that trick?
Tony (warily): You’re not gonna throw one of those at me, are you?
Brennan: Not unless you make me.
Tony: You know, I always knew there was something weird going on with you back then.
Brennan: Well, since you know one of my little secrets, why don’t you tell me one of yours?
Tony: Look, man, I’ve gotta go.
Brennan (shoving him against the wall): Who’s the woman you’re working for?
Tony: I can’t!
Brennan: That case that you jacked could put a lot of innocent lives in jeopardy.
Tony: I don’t know anything about that!
Brennan: Well, I’m telling you about that! Somebody I care about's been shot over it already.
Tony: Look, Brennan, we’re just the middle men, all right? All I care about is the payoff.
Brennan: So what, to hell with anybody who gets hurt, is that it?
Tony: I can’t think about that.
Brennan (grabbing his collar): Yeah, well, I’m telling you to think about it. If that case falls into the wrong hands, I’m gonna hold you and whoever you’re working for personally responsible. [He lets go, leaving a small GPS transmitter on Tony’s jacket. Tony backs away as he forms a tesla coil. After he's gone, Brennan turns off the electricity.]
Brennan: Yeah, run home to your little girlfriend, there, Ton. God knows how she's getting along without you. [He tracks Tony’s transmitter signal into Lorna’s condo; Tony startles when he sees him.]
Tony: What are you doing here?
Brennan: You didn’t think I’d give up that easy, did you? I told you, I want the case. [He forms another a tesla coil, then turns at the sound of Lorna's voice behind him.]
Lorna (leaning in the doorway): Well, you’re just too good to be true, aren’t you? [She looks at Tony.] And you. You didn’t tell me we had company. [She holds out her hand to Brennan, who smiles and extinguishes the tesla coil.] Lorna Templeton.
Brennan (giving her an electrical handshake): Brennan Mulwray.
Lorna (rubbing her hand, smiling): That’s never happened before.
Tony: He’s bad news, Lorna.
Brennan: I want the case that your boys took.
Lorna (pouting): Hm... is that all you want?
Tony: You’ve seen what he can do.
Lorna: Not everything.
Brennan: Just give me the case, and I’ll walk away. No questions asked.
Lorna: But then I might never see you again.
Brennan: Where is it?
Lorna (walking to the bedroom): In here. [Brennan and Lorna enter the bedroom, shutting the door in Tony’s face.] You know, the first time I saw you, I knew that we had something extraordinary in common.
Brennan: The case.
Lorna: Of course. [She places the case on the bed.]
Brennan: Open it, please.
Lorna: You know, you and I would make an incredible team.
Brennan: I'm already on a team. [He checks the anomite and locks the case.]
Lorna: Guess what? You're about to be traded. [She releases pink gas in his face. Turning to her, he takes her face in his hands and kisses her.]

********Commercial Break********

[The next morning, Lorna emerges from the bedroom to find Tony still waiting on the couch.]
Lorna: Good morning. You’re up early.
Tony: I couldn’t sleep.
Lorna: Yeah. I didn’t get much sleep either.
Tony: I figured.
Lorna (sitting next to him): I never claimed to be a one-man woman, did I?
Tony: No. But you’ve never invited me in there before. [He notices that she’s wearing Brennan’s comlink ring.] Where’d you get that ring? I’ve never seen you wearing that.
Lorna: Brennan gave it to me.
Tony: How could you do this?
Lorna: Brennan’s more like me then you’ll ever know.
Tony: That's it, Lorna. I didn't want it to come to this, but I'll be damned if I'll let anyone else have you! [He points his gun at her. She stands up slowly]
Lorna: Tony, stop. Tony, you don't want to do this. [She gently pushes his arm away.] C'mon, stop it. Think about what it would be like to live in a world without me. [Running her arm around his chest, she releases her stinger into his neck, killing him. Stripped down to his jeans, Brennan comes out of the bedroom to find Tony lying on the floor.]
Brennan: What happened to Tony?
Lorna (putting her arms around his neck): Nothing, nothing. He’s fine.
Brennan (frowning): No, no, he looks like he’s....
Lorna (placing a finger on his lips): Shhh. [She releases more gas, and Brennan kisses her again.]
Brennan: He looks just fine.

[On Sanctuary's second floor, Adam and Shalimar (with her arm in a sling) join Jesse at his computer as he searches for Brennan's signal.]
Adam: Any luck?
Jesse: No, his comlink’s still deactivated.
Shalimar: Brennan took a GPS transmitter with him. He figured if Tony wouldn’t talk, he’d plant a bug and follow him.
Jesse: Well, let me try to get a frequency lock off the GSP satellite, huh?
Adam (heading downstairs): Let me when you’ve got something.
Jesse: Okay. [Adam finds Emma sitting by the reflecting pool.]
Emma: Still no word from Brennan, huh?
Adam: No. Have you tried to connect telempathically?
Emma: You think I should?
Adam: Yeah. It's just not like him to be out of touch like this. [Emma reaches out with her mind. Her eyes widen, and she quickly pulls back, embarrassed.]
Emma: Oh.
Adam: What?
Emma (avoiding his eyes): Well....uh...
Adam (kneeling in front of her): Come on, what is it? Look at you, you're blushing!
Emma: Well, I think there's a... perfectly good reason why we haven't heard from him.

[In Lorna’s bedroom, Brennan and Lorna have just finished making love.]
Brennan: You are absolutely spoiling me.
Lorna: And you're ruining me. I can't imagine being with anyone else after you.
Brennan: That’s because I'll never let you.
Lorna: That's fine with me.
Brennan: I don't know, I gotta tell you though, there's...I don’t know. There’s something inside of me that's screaming how wrong this is on so many levels. But I would slit my throat before I would ever leave you.
Lorna (smiling): How sweet. You know, all my life, I always wondered what it would be like if there was someone else in the world like me.
Brennan: Well, there’s one lying right next to you.
Lorna: But I’ve never known what that was like. To not have to be alone.
Brennan: Never again.

[Vance walks down the Genomex catwalk, on his cell phone negotiating with Carl, who's at Lorna's apartment.]
Vance: Five million in cash? I don’t know, Ames.
Carl: Well then, forget it. We’ll take the anomite elsewhere.
Vance (quickly): No, no. I think I can get approval from Eckhart.
Carl: I’m sure you can. And don’t worry about Mutant X. Brennan Mulwray has joined our crew.
Vance: Mulwray’s with you?
Carl: Lorna can be very persuasive.
Vance: Like she persuaded you to desert the GSA?
Carl: Lorna or Eckhart. Which would you choose?
Vance: I’ll make the arrangements through the usual channels. [He hangs up and turns around to find Mason standing behind him.]
Mason: Five million dollars, Mr. Halloran?
Vance: With Ames in on the deal, sir, it’s--
Mason: A kind of ransom. You’d better deliver them both. No more complications.

[Jesse calls down to Adam with the results of his computer search.]
Jesse: Adam, I’ve traced the GPS transmitter to an apartment owned by a Lorna Templeton. Now we both know that Brennan's not the one night stand kind of guy, but I did a little digging anyway, and--
Adam (with Emma at the main computer downstairs): Yeah, she's a new mutant. We've got the file down here.
Emma: Before she was born, she underwent genetic splicing with arachnid DNA. Specifically from the species Androctonus australis.
Adam: A scorpion. It was an experimental procedure designed to boost her compromised immune system. I'm sure they had no idea back then that she'd mutate into something so dangerous.
Shalimar (joining them): So Brennan's with her?
Adam: Yeah, well, according to the transmitter location and what Emma picked up.
Shalimar (looking at Emma): And what did you pick up, Emma?
Emma (smiling): Well, I didn't really get a clear hit from her, so I couldn't make out that many features, but he was definitely with a woman.
Shalimar: Brennan would not fall into bed with someone like that.
Adam: Well, he might not have had any choice. Off. [The computer shuts down.] If she’s exhibiting scorpion characteristics? Oh-ho-ho. The female scorpion, when it attracts a mate, it emits a powerful chemical, right? A pheromone. I mean, she might literally be the one woman on earth who no man can resist.
Emma (grinning): Yeah, well, from what I was picking up, he wasn't doing much... [She sobers at Shalimar's glare.] ...resisting.
Shalimar: So what are we waiting for? Let's go get him!
Adam: No, no, no, we can't just go get him. I mean, if he's under her pheromonal control, he's gonna fight us to the death to protect her.
Emma: Well, then maybe we should just wait until it wears off.
Adam: Well, there's a risk in that because once scorpions mate, if the male is around long enough, the female eventually kills him.
Jesse (coming downstairs): I just decrypted the last communique from the GSA. They’re gonna make another attempt at acquiring the anomite.
Adam: You and Emma go intercept.
Jesse (nodding): Great.

[Having completed their trade in an abandoned warehouse, Lorna and Vance are checking the contents of their respective suitcases as Brennan, Carl, and two GS agents look on.]
Vance (relocking the anomite case): Everything seems to be in order.
Lorna (thumbing through the money): Yes. Looks good to me. Nothing like cold hard cash. Well...almost nothing. [Brennan smiles.]
Vance: One more thing. Eckhart wants Ames as part of the deal.
Carl: Forget it.
Vance: No Ames, no deal. That simple.
Carl: Listen, Halloran. You can take your five million dollars back to Eckhart and tell him where he can shove it.
Lorna: You know something? I don’t have a problem with that request. You, Brennan?
Brennan (taking her hand): Not at all.
Carl: Lorna?
Lorna: Sorry, Carl. I have all the man and money I need. [As the two GS agents grab Carl, Jesse and Emma enter the building.]
Jesse: Brennan!
Brennan: You guys get the hell out of here. This has nothing to do with you.
Emma: It has everything to do with us.
Jesse: She’s messing with you, man. Can’t you see she’s using her new mutant powers to control you?
Lorna: Okay, let’s go, baby. [Seeing that she's distracted, Halloran reaches for the suitcase with the money. Lorna spins around and kicks him in the stomach, forcing him to drop the anomite. Lorna and Emma struggle over the anomite case while Brennan and Jesse fight off the GS agents.]
Lorna: Brennan! [Brennan zaps Emma, sending her flying across the room. Lorna and Brennan leave together, breezing past Carl.]
Carl: Lorna?
Lorna: Take care of him. [Brennan punches Carl unconscious, then follows Lorna out the door. Jesse masses to knock out the last GS agent, then rushes to help Emma up.]
Jesse: Emma! Emma, are you okay?
Emma: Yeah.
Jesse: Here, take it easy.
Emma: Oh, I can't believe he did that.
Jesse: Yeah, well the minute I'm sure he's okay, I'm gonna kill him.
Emma: Get in line.
Jesse (pointing at Carl’s body): Looks like he was under her pheromone spell as well.
Emma: We’d better take him with us.
Jesse: Yeah.

********Commercial Break*********

[Jesse and Emma call Adam from the Double Helix on their way back to Sanctuary.]
Jesse: What was Brennan trying to pull?
Emma: It’s bad enough that he’s sleeping with the enemy, but he actually tried to kill me.
Adam: Yeah, but see, if Brennan really wanted to kill you, I think you’d be dead. See, this hold that Lorna has on him is powerful, but I don’t think it’s impenetrable.
Jesse: Well, we’re bringing in the GS agent that flipped over to her side.
Adam: He’s cooperating?
Emma (glancing back at Carl’s unconscious body): So far.
Adam: All right, good. He might be the key in getting Brennan back. I’m heading over to the safehouse.

[Brennan sits on the couch in Lorna's apartment as Lorna paces angrily.]
Lorna: How could this have happened? The money was practically in my hands!
Brennan: Come on, don’t worry about it. I can arrange another deal with Eckhart.
Lorna: With you involved, he’ll suspect another setup.
Brennan: No he won’t. Not if it’s one-on-one on his own turf.
Lorna (pouting): It’s too dangerous. There’s no telling what he might do to you.
Brennan (crossing to her): Come on, baby. Think about it. If Eckhart doesn’t have his hands on the anomite, then he’s not gonna lay a finger on me. Right?
Lorna (putting her arms around him): That’s a good point. And then we can run miles and miles away where no one could ever find us. [They kiss.]

[In a new mutant safehouse, Shalimar watches over Carl while Adam mixes an antidote to Lorna’s pheromones. Carl groans.]
Shalimar: I think our little cupcake here is starting to wake up.
Adam: Looks like Brennan really knocked you for a loop there.
Carl: I’ll kill that son-of-a.... [He trails off, looking around.] Where the hell am I?
Shalimar: Well, seeing as Lorna threw you to the wolves, you can consider this someplace safe.
Carl: Lorna loves me, and I love her! It’s just a misunderstanding, that’s all.
Shalimar: I think the only one misunderstanding here is you.
Adam: Well, hopefully, this will help bring you to your senses.
Carl: What is that?
Adam: It's an antivirus I created with a trace contaminant I found in your blood. This should counteract Lorna's pheromonal control over you.
Carl: You’re wasting your time.
Adam (painting some serum on his arm): Yeah? Well, then, this Lorna Templeton? Why don’t you tell us how you feel about her.
Carl: Lorna? She’s the most incredible.... Oh, my God, what was I thinking? Oh, I can’t believe I put my life on the line for that tramp!

[At Genomex, Brennan stands in front of Mason’s desk, escorted by Vance and two guards.]
Mason: And to what do I owe the honor?
Brennan: Well, if you, uh, call off your goons, then we can talk.
Mason: Do not mistake my admiration for your fortitude as stupidity.
Brennan: Call 'em off, or you can kiss your precious anomite goodbye. [Mason nods to the two guards, and they leave to room. Brennan turns to Vance.] What, you're not a goon? [Mason nods at him too.]
Vance: I'll be close. [He leaves.]
Mason: Well then, Mr. Mulwray. It seems you have my undivided attention.
Brennan: Yeah. Well, we both know that I got what you want. So the only thing for us to discuss is the most painless way for us to complete this transaction.
Mason: I take it you're not looking for suggestions.
Brennan: No. I'm just looking for a way for both of us to walk away happy. Emphasis on walk away.
Mason: How do I know this is not simply another Mutant X ploy?
Brennan: Well, Mutant X is out of the picture. It's just you and me.
Mason: And to what can I attribute this rather sudden change of heart? Revenge? Greed?
Brennan: Love.
Mason: Of course. The most powerful motivator of all.
Brennan: Anyway, we gonna do this deal or what?
Mason: Do I have a choice? [Brennan holds out his hand over the desk.]

[Driving into Lorna's parking garage in Tony’s car, Brennan finds Shalimar waiting for him.]
Shalimar: Brennan. Can I talk to you?
Brennan: Yeah, look, I don’t wanna hear it, Shal. Okay? Look, just tell Adam--
Shalimar: Oh, would you just stop it? I know what you’re going through. I’ve been there myself.
Brennan: Well, then, you know that it’s not that I don’t care about you guys, it’s just...
Shalimar: I know.
Brennan: How’s Emma?
Shalimar: Well, she’s gonna be all right. It’s a good thing you kept your voltage dialed down, though.
Brennan: Well, tell her I’m sorry. Shal, I can’t be a part of Mutant X anymore.
Shalimar: Well, I’m sure you’ll understand if I don’t jump up and down about that.
Brennan (chuckling): Yeah.
Shalimar: I’m gonna miss you. [She kisses his cheek, thus planting some of Adam’s serum on his skin.]
Brennan: I’m gonna miss you too.
Shalimar: Good luck.
Brennan: Good luck to you too. [He returns to Lorna’s apartment, touching his cheek. Lorna comes into the hallway to meet him.]
Lorna: What did Eckhart say?
Brennan: He’s willing to deal.
Lorna: Whoo! That is great! [He kisses her. She kneels in front of the anomite case on the couch.] So, what do you think? Are we asking enough money for this thing?
Brennan: I don’t know, you know? Eckhart’s already skittish enough about dealing with me. The last thing I want to do is ask for more money.
Lorna: Yes. Yes. Keep our options open. Maybe we can sell this thing to the highest bidder.
Brennan: You know, are you ever going to stop? How much money is enough?
Lorna (surprised): You’re right. I don’t know what came over me. I guess I’m just excited. [She kisses him.]
Brennan: You know, I’m sorry. I’m not....not in the mood.
Lorna: We can fix that. [She releases more pink gas, but he pulls away from her.] Kiss me, Brennan.
Brennan: I’m not in the mood. As a matter of fact, I’m not comfortable with this whole operation.
Lorna: What are you talking about?
Brennan: Do you have any idea the amount of destruction that Eckhart would cause if he got his hands on that case?
Lorna: You know that’s not our concern.
Brennan (picking up the anomite and his jacket): No. It’s time somebody did the right thing.
Lorna (going after him): Brennan. I’m sorry. But I’m not walking away from this. And neither are you. [She punctures his neck with stingers from both of her wrists, and he slumps to the floor.]

*******Commercial Break*********

[Lorna’s lying on the floor next to Brennan’s body, caressing his chin.]
Lorna: Why did it have to come to this? We could have been so happy together. [She kisses him, then grabs her coat and the anomite. She’s backing towards the door when Adam walks in behind her.]
Adam: Did you think you were just gonna fly your little love nest? [He runs to Brennan’s side.] What'd you do to him?
Lorna: I guess I was just too much woman for him.
Shalimar (coming in): This is gonna be worth the pain. [She takes off her arm sling and punches Lorna. Then she grabs the anomite and goes to help Adam.]
Adam: All right. His heart rate’s dropping. We’ve gotta get him out of here.

[Mason’s waiting in his office at Genomex.]
Mason: Mulwray’s an hour late. I should have insisted you go along with him for insurance.
Vance: I took the initiative of having a GS agent follow him, sir. We know exactly where he went.
Mason: Well, then. It should be a simple matter for you to find him and bring him here with the anomite.

[Back in Sanctuary’s lab, Adam and Shalimar rest Brennan in the biochair as Jesse and Emma look on.]
Adam: The only thing keeping him alive is is new mutant antibodies.
Emma: He's burning up, Adam.
Jesse (at the computer): Adam, he's at 107, I thought you gave him the anti-venom.
Adam: I did. It hasn't kicked in yet. We've gotta find a way to bring his body temperature down, or he's going to suffer brain damage.
Shalimar: What if we cover his body in ice?
Adam: Yeah, good idea. Anything.
Emma: Well, this will be quicker. [She projects an image of a snowy mountain into Brennan’s mind.]
Jesse: He’s down two degrees.
Adam: Good, Emma, keep it up.
Jesse: He’s at 102.
Adam: Emma, great! He’s out of the woods. Good thing we got to him when we did.

[Vance locks Lorna into the metal chair inside Genomex's interrogation room.]
Vance: We did a thorough search of your apartment, there was no sign of the anomite.
Lorna: Hm. Sorry you wasted your time.
Vance: Where is it?
Lorna: I wish I knew.
Vance: If you’re lying to me, I swear, I’ll get it out of you. As soon I make sure you’re safe for questioning.
Lorna: You know, you and I would make an incredible team.
Vance (about to insert a subdermal governor): That may have worked with Ames... [He stops Lorna releases pink as into his face.]
Lorna: But not with you?
Mason (coming in): I ask for Mulwray, Ames, and the anomite, and I get this woman as a consolation prize. Is she safe?
Vance: Perfectly.
Mason: Well then, Miss Templeton--
Vance (pointing his gun at Mason) Eckhart. We're getting out of here.
Mason: I assume you're not talking about you and me.
Vance (releasing Lorna): Have a seat.
Lorna (locking Mason into the chair): You know, darling. I would hate to leave here empty-handed.
Vance: Right, money.
Mason: Mr. Halloran!
Vance: I know exactly where it's stored.
Mason: You both are making the biggest mistake of your lives.
Lorna (smiling): Ta-ta. [She walks out, pulling Vance along by the hand. Mason closes his eyes, sighing.]

[The next day, Brennan’s still asleep when Shalimar and Emma pounce onto his bed, laughing.]
Brennan: D’oh, what are you guys doing?! How long have I been out?
Emma: Oh, just about 14 hours.
Brennan: Hm. Oh, man, it feels like 14 days.
Shalimar: Do you remember anything that happened?
Brennan: Mm-hmm. Yeah, unfortunately, I remember everything that happened.
Emma (hitting his arm): That was a pretty low blow there, Brennan.
Brennan: Oh, yeah. I'm sorry. [He pats her head.] Are you okay?
Emma (pouting): I'm fine. Besides, it was my feelings that were hurt more than anything.
Shalimar: You're just lucky she was still around to save your butt.
Brennan: You did?
Emma: We’re just glad to have you back.
Brennan: Yeah, It’s good to be back.
Adam (coming in with Jesse): Hey, Lover Boy! How're you feeling?
Brennan: an ass.
Jesse: Oh, good. That's how you acted.
Brennan: Um. What ever happened with the anomite?
Adam: It’s locked away where nobody can get their hands on it.
Shalimar: Well, I vote using it against Eckhart. Find out all of his dirty little secrets.
Adam: No, no, no way. It’d be like opening Pandora’s box, sooner or later the wrong person would get their hands on it.
Brennan: Oh, I need to get out of here, man, I'm dying of thirst.
Jesse: Nah, I'll get it. Stay there. [He leaves.]
Adam: That's a good idea. Let's all have something to drink! [He goes after Jesse.]
Shalimar (grabbing Brennan’s hand): You know what? Would you let me and Emma pick your girlfriends from now on?
Emma: Yeah! Just, uh, tell us your type and we will keep an eye out.
Brennan: Oh, let's see. 5' 5" to 6 foot, blonde hair, brunette, blue eyes, green eyes--
Emma: You know, you could be a little bit more specific.
Brennan: No stingers.
Shalimar: Come on.
Emma: Come on! [She and Emma grab his hands and pull him out of bed, laughing.]
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