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Mutant X Transcripts: Ep 201 "Past as Prologue"

Mutant X Episode Transcripts

Mutant X Episode #201 Transcript: “Past as Prologue

Adam (voiceover): Previously, on Mutant X...

[A series of flashbacks from the episode “A Breed Apart.” Emma runs into Sanctuary's main room yelling, “Adam, what the hell is going on?” A glowing white ball shoots from her forehead towards Jesse, who phases to avoid being hit. His phased hand also phases the staircase on which Brennan’s sitting, and Brennan falls through onto the floor. Adam explains, “You are all experiencing what I can only call a new mutant growth spurt.” Experiencing a ‘growth spurt’ of his own during a rescue mission, Brennan lights a tesla coil only to be propelled backwards by electrical surge from his hands. Meanwhile, at Genomex, GS agent Morgan Fortier telekinetically releases a sleeping man from a stasis pod. Adam labels him “Patient Zero, a man called Gabriel Ashlocke. He’s potentially the most powerful new mutant alive.” The newly revived Gabriel raids a safehouse with his mutant follower Kelly Rice. Gabriel deflects Brennan's electrical charge with a force field, then throws him across the room with an energy ball. Returning to Genomex, Gabriel stands in Mason’s office, proclaiming, “What better place to start conquering the world from than Genomex?”]


[Opening Scene: Night, outside millionaire Neil Varady's elaborate mansion. Shalimar peers in through the window of the drawing room, where Gabriel Ashlocke is menacing Neil with an energy ball.]
Neil Varady: D-d-don’t hurt me with that!
Gabriel: Stop your blubbering. If I wanted you dead, you’d be dead already. Where’s my urn?
Neil: Uh-urn?
Gabriel: Make me look for it, and I’ll take you places you never thought pain can go. And I’ll take my time.
Neil: I...I think I have what you’re looking for in the wall safe. [Gabriel allows him to remove the urn from the safe, sending one of his three mutant followers to guard the door. Gabriel gently takes it from him.]
Gabriel: Easy, easy. She’s been cooped up a long time. [He releases an energy ball at Neil, killing him. Shalimar comes crashing in through the window.]
Shalimar: I tried the front door. It was locked. [She knocks out the first mutant with one punch and the second with a flying kick. Gabriel just smiles at her.] You’re a dead man. [She leaps at him, but he shields himself with a force-field, which she bounces off onto the couch. Gabriel jumps on top of her, holding up an energy ball.]
Gabriel: Hi!
Brennan (coming in): Hey! You can look, but don’t touch. [He aims an electrical arc at Gabriel, spinning him to floor behind the couch. The two mutants attack them again, but Brennan knees the first in the face and Shalimar back-kicks the second. Then Brennan approaches Gabriel’s body just as he opens his eyes.]
Gabriel: You are really starting to piss me off. [Brennan ignites a tesla coil, but Gabriel throws an energy ball into his chest and he crashes across the room. Gabriel turns to Shalimar.] And you? [He throws her to the ground with a second energy ball, and is creating a third when he suddenly doubles over in pain. Retrieving his urn, Gabriel staggers out of the room. Brennan and Shalimar pick themselves up.]
Brennan: Did you see that?
Shalimar: I sure did. [They hurry to the window just in time to see the Double Helix fly up to the mansion.]
Brennan: Adam’s gonna be pissed.
Shalimar (resting her head on his chest): No kidding.

Opening credits. “Past as Prologue.”

[Shalimar and Brennan enter the newly renovated Sanctuary, where Adam's watching Proxy Blue on a large computer screen in the main room.]
Proxy Blue: Months go by with nothing weird to report. Then, everything goes to hell. In the last week, we’ve seen teenaged girls burst into flames in gym class, then walk away as if nothing happened....
Adam: What the hell were you two thinking? I mean, if I hadn’t tracked you down, then what?
Brennan: Ashlocke was already gone by the time you got there.
Proxy Blue: And tonight, somebody just strolled through Neal Varadi’s web of security, brutally murdering the mega-billionaire and his staff and getting away without a trace. The cops are flabbergasted.
Adam: Right. So what were you doing there in the first place?
Shalimar: I tracked Ashlocke from the street.
Brennan: Mm-hm, and I followed her there. [Shalimar glares at him.] What? I was supposed to let you get yourself killed?
Shalimar: Well, if I go, I’m taking Ashlocke with me.
Brennan: Oh, that’s beautiful.
Proxy Blue: It has been seen that the best way to get ahead is to know your opponent’s weakness. We’ve all been left in the lurch at one time or another. It all depends on who you can trust. It seems like another story from the B.S. and bizarre file. [Adam repeatedly jabs a finger at his keyboard, trying in vain to turn Proxy Blue off.]
Shalimar: Good grief. [She rips the feed wire apart in a hail of sparks, shutting down the computer for good.] You know, those people were massacred. Somebody has to stop him.
Brennan: You know, the only reason we survived is because Ashlocke almost passed out back there.
Shalimar: Yeah, like he was sick or something.
Brennan: Yeah.
Adam: What, like physically sick? [They nod.] Huh.
Brennan: Think we can take him down?
Adam: Well, this could be the opportunity that we’ve been waiting for.
Shalimar: Use his weakness against him.
Adam: No, actually, I’m talking about a cure.
Shalimar (sarcastically): Oh, that’s a good idea. Let’s just keep him around as little while longer. [She storms out of Sanctuary.]

[In his darkened bedroom, Gabriel rests in a big four poster bed with his physician, Dr. Aziza Deparis, surrounded by tiers of lit candles.]
Gabriel: I’m fine, Aziza. I just overdid it.
Aziza (climbing on top of him): Indulge me. [She puts on dark glasses and picks up a glowing orange cylinder.] I’d be through a lot faster if you would just relax.
Gabriel: You know, it’s a good thing I love you. If anybody else talked to me like that, they’d be dead.
Aziza (opening his shirt): Spare me, Gabriel. This won’t take long. [She pierces his chest with the cylinder’s point as he gazes off in a daze. Asleep in her own bedroom in Sanctuary, Shalimar jerks awake to find Gabriel watching her from a bedside chair.</i>]
Gabriel: When are you going to stop playing hard to get? We both know we were meant to be together. [Feral eyes flashing, Shalimar leaps down from her bed just as Emma opens the door in her pajamas.]
Emma: Are you okay? I heard something. [Shalimar looks back at the chair, but Gabriel’s vanished.]
Shalimar: Where’d he go? Did you see him?
Emma: Who?
Shalimar: Ashlocke was here!
Emma (shaking her head): He’s not here. It’s just in your mind.
Shalimar: No...
Emma (quietly): It’s okay. [Cut back to: Gabriel’s bedroom. Aziza removes the cylinder from his chest, concerned by his empty stare.]
Aziza: Gabriel? Are you in there?
Gabriel (shaking himself awake): I guess I just got so comfortable, I got lost in the magic of your touch. [Disturbed, she rolls off him.] So I take it I’m dying? I’m the most powerful man alive.
Aziza: That power is what’s killing you. Your accelerated metabolism in tandem with the rapid mutation of your genes.
Gabriel (getting up): What can you do?
Aziza: Other than make you as comfortable possible for the time you have left? Nothing.
Gabriel: I didn’t rot in that pod for 25 years just to drop dead!
Aziza: I’m afraid that’s exactly the way that it is.
Gabriel (grabbing her face): You don’t understand. I was born to rule. It’s the ones who get in my way who die. [He kisses her before leaving.]

[In Sanctuary’s main room, Adam fills in Jesse and Emma on the latest events.]
Adam: All right, we need to take advantage of Ashlocke’s vulnerability right now.
Emma: Well, yeah. Hit him hard and fast.
Adam: No, no. I’m talking more in the lines of a rescue mission. You know, we’re not executioners.
Jesse: You’re talking about rescuing the guy who wants to kill us?
Adam: That’s right, and I need you to put your anger behind you. I need you two to go out there and get me a sample of his current DNA so I can save this guy. All right, let’s go. [Jesse and Emma reluctantly leave together.]

[Gabriel shows Aziza a wall lined with photographs and drawings of himself as a boy, a human wearing a horse’s head, and parts of Shalimar’s face.]
Gabriel: They’re not fantasies. They were flesh and blood, as real as you and me.
Aziza: Oh, come on.
Gabriel: They called it alchemy. And what they were doing was no more magical than gene splicing or DNA therapy.
Aziza: Unless you’re going somewhere with this, we should–-
Gabriel: I’m definitely going somewhere. [He drags her out of the room.] Why do you think I went to so much trouble to get my hands on that burial urn? [As soon as they’ve passed, Jesse and Emma phase in through the brick wall behind them. Jesse releases the wall too early, leaving Emma stuck inside at the waist.]
Emma: Jesse! Jesse!
Jesse (rushing back): Oh! Sorry, sorry! [Emma steps out of the rephased wall, rubbing her butt.] I’m sorry. I’m still not used
Emma (hitting his arm playfully): Yeah, well, just be careful. That hurt. [Jesse follows her down the hallway, reproaching himself.]

[Brennan watches Adam rearrange molecules on Sanctuary's lab computer to form Gabriel’s cure.]
Brennan: So you sure sending them in was a good idea?
Adam: What, you mean instead of sending you in?
Brennan: Well, let’s face it, I know a little more about breaking and entering.
Adam: Yeah, and a lot more about diving in first and checking for sharks later.
Brennan: I don’t know, Adam, you really think this thing is gonna work?
Adam: Well, it’s not like I can do a run through; we’re just gonna have to bust in there and hit him with it.
Brennan: Yeah? What if it doesn’t work?
Adam: Then go to plan B.
Brennan: That’d be great, except we don’t have a plan B.
Shalimar (coming in): You’re kidding about this, right? You can’t cure him, you know.
Adam: Well, what are you suggest?
Shalimar: You know exactly what I think! We should take him out and be done with it!
Adam: Look, we have an opportunity here to try-–
Shalimar: This isn’t about you!
Adam (turning his back on her): Well, it’s not about you! [Shalimar's feral eyes flash, and Adam glances around to see her eyeing the computer screen.] Look, you wanna break something, that’s fine. Just don’t break it in here. [Shalimar stares at his back for a moment, then stomps out of the room. Brennan and Adam hear glass breaking outside.]

[Emma finds Gabriel’s bedroom and calls Jesse over.]
Emma: Jesse! [Finding the door locked, Jesse starts to phase it, but stops at the sound of approaching footsteps.] Go! [Jesse phases in; Emma smiles brightly as one of Gabriel's followers, Valerie, comes around the corner.]
Emma: Hi!
Valerie: You lost?
Emma: No, just...stretching my legs.
Valerie: Gabriel doesn’t like newcomers down here.
Emma: Actually, I’ve known Gabriel for quite a while.
Valerie (feral eyes flashing): Really? Then let’s you and I have a talk with him. [She grabs Emma's hand.]
Emma (pulling away): You know what? I have a better idea. [She shoots her with a psionic blast, and Valerie slumps to the floor. Inside the room, Jesse uses tweezers to transfer a used tissue from the bedroom floor into a plastic bag, then phases out to join Emma.]
Jesse: What happened?
Emma (quickly leading him out): I got a little carried away. Don’t worry, she won’t remember anything.
Jesse: You’d better hope not.

[Gabriel and Aziza hurry towards Gabriel’s lab.]
Gabriel: I was born to power.
Aziza: Gabriel, you should be resting!
Gabriel: Actually, I feel sensational. This is my future. [Inside the lab, a mass of tubes and wires leads into a large central tank filled with murky water. Gabriel shows Aziza a gold bracelet on his arm.] This bracelet belonged to an ancient alchemist named Avaris, the woman I have holographically reconstructed in all her glory. [He turns on a projector, and the image of a beautiful gold-clad woman appears above the tank.]
Aziza: So she was beautiful. Big deal.
Gabriel: Oh, babe, it’s a lot more than that.
Aziza: I still waiting to hear how any of this crap has anything to do with saving your life.
Gabriel: It has everything to do with it. [He lights up the tank, revealing a dessicated woman’s body floating inside.] Cultured from Avaris’s DNA. Avaris used her own magic to own her time. And once I’ve brought her back to life, she’ll use that same magic to help me own mine.

********Commercial Break********

[Gabriel and Aziza lean against Avaris’s tank, looking in.]
Dr. Aziza: You’re talking about primitives. People who believed in ghosts and gods and human sacrifice.
Gabriel (smiling): Sounds like mutants to me.

[A messenger approaches a group of Gabriel’s followers near the hideout's entrance.]
Messenger: Gabriel says there’s been an intruder. He wants us all inside until it’s safe. Let’s go. [They hurry inside just as Shalimar arrives at the entrance. Feeling a hand on her shoulder, she spins around to find Emma behind her.]
Shalimar: Why are you following me?
Emma: Relax!
Shalimar: He’s a murdering psychopath!
Emma: I know how you feel–-
Shalimar: No, you don’t!
Emma (touching her arm): Come on. [A car drives up to them, and a bald man leans out the window.]
The Driver: Hey, ladies. I could use a little company.
Emma (sighing in disgust): C’mon, let’s go. Let’s get out of here. [Shalimar’s feral eyes flash. She ambles towards the car, smiling, then kicks a huge dent in the driver’s door before bending it in half.]
Shalimar: Explain that to your wife!
The Driver (freaked out): A simple no would’ve been fine. [He drives away.]
Emma: Now can we go?
Shalimar: Now we can go. [They head back to Sanctuary.]

[Restless in bed with Aziza, Gabriel gets up to examine his Shalimar shrine. Cut to: Shalimar and Emma, walking along Sanctuary's balcony.]
Shalimar: Can you believe that cheeseball? He actually had a baby seat.
Gabriel (appearing on the balcony): I told you we’d get together again before you knew it.
Shalimar: How’d you get in here?!
Gabriel: Have you ever wanted to make someone so happy, and they just wouldn’t let you?
Emma: He’s not real, Shal.
Gabriel: She’s crazy about me. We were made for each other.
Shalimar: Like hell we were. [Gabriel grins when Emma’s forehead starts to glow.]
Gabriel: That won’t work.
Emma: Not on you. [She delivers a psionic blast to Shalimar’s head, and Gabriel vanishes. Shalimar sighs in relief.]
Shalimar: Thanks.
Emma: Come on. [Emma leads her to her room. In his own bedroom, Gabriel trashes the room in frustration.]

[Brennan and Jesse play basketball in Sanctuary's main room. Brennan uses his jet propulsion to soar over Jesse's head to make a basket.]
Jesse: Hey! I thought we agreed, no powers!
Brennan: No, you agreed. I scored. Heh-heh.
Adam (coming in, grabbing the ball away from him): Hey, sorry. Game’s over. Things are happening at The Strand.
Brennan: Well, wait, but I’m up by one point! [They join him at the computer.]
Adam: Believe me, I understand how important that is, but Ashlocke’s on the move. I’ve been using satellite surveillance to keep my eye on the activity. One of the strike teams is in Manhattan. You guys are gonna go check it out.
Brennan: Okay. [Jesse snatches the ball from Adam.] Hey!
Jesse (making a basket): Too slow! And now we’re tied. [He leaves.]
Brennan (hitting Adam’s arm): Oh, great, you happy? [He follows Jesse out.]

[Armed with flashlights, Valerie leads two mutants into Manhattan's Gallery of Games.]
Valerie: If anyone gets to these things first, Ashlocke will have our heads. [The electrical elemental zaps the lock, and they enter, searching the display cases until Valerie finds a yellow crystal triangle labeled “Ancient Egyptian Divination Game 177-176 BC.”] Over here. [The molecular phases the glass, picks up the triangle and its parchment, and hands them to Valerie. They're stopped by Brennan and Jesse, sitting on a pool table.]
Brennan: Aren’t you guys a little old to be playing games? [The electrical elemental sends arcs of electricity at Brennan and Jesse, who duck out of the way. Brennan zaps the elemental, then battles Valerie with pool cues. Jesse masses as the molecular shoots baseballs at him.]
Jesse: Come on! [Jesse picks up a baseball bat and hits the molecular in the head with a ball. Brennan zaps Valerie into unconsciousness, so the two other mutants retrieve the crystal and flee, leaving Valerie in Brennan’s arms.]
Jesse: All that for a chunk of glass.
Brennan (shaking Valerie): Come on, wake up.

********Commercial Break********

[Jesse hovers over Brennan as he tries to revive Valerie.]
Brennan: Come on. Look at me! [She opens her eyes.] What’s Ashlocke up to?
Valerie: Do you really think he tells me anything?
Jesse: Come on!
Valerie (convulsing in pain): Please! Gabriel! No!
Brennan: This is not good. Come on, let’s get outta here. [Brennan carries Valerie; Jesse stops to pick up the parchment the mutants left behind.</i>] Come on, let’s go!

[Adam examines Valerie on the biobed in Sanctuary's lab.]
Emma: Is she gonna be okay?
Adam (examining her eyes with a penlight): Her pupils seem to be reactive, but the brain scan will tell us the whole story. Check it.

[Jesse and Brennan research the crystal's background in main room.]
Jesse: Hm. Ashlocke was ready to kill for this?
Brennan: Ashlocke is ready to kill to get out of a parking ticket. He’s out of his freakin’ mind.
Jesse: Yeah, must be all that power, huh? The more you’ve got, the more you want and the further you get from human.
Brennan: What are you trying to say?
Jesse: I’m just thinking. Every day we learn more about these abilities.
Brennan: What, are you trying to tell me you think we’re gonna end up like Ashlocke?
Jesse: Nah, that’s not what I’m saying.
Brennan: No, that’s exactly what you’re saying!
Jesse: Not what I was saying.

[Emma interprets Valerie’s brain scan.]
Emma: She seems to be stabilizing.
Adam: Good.
Emma: So what do you think caused the seizure anyway?
Adam: Ashlocke. He must have given her a post-hypnotic suggestion. He probably programmed her to self-destruct if she was ever captured. [Valerie opens her eyes; Emma gakes her hand.]
Emma: Valerie?
Adam: Valerie? Hey. You all right? Valerie? [Her eyes roll up, and she starts to convulse again.] Valerie!
Emma: Adam, do something.
Adam (gripping her shoulders): Valerie! Valerie! [She flatlines. Emma, holding her hand, receives an image of Gabriel jerking backwards in pain.]
Emma: Adam! Adam!
Adam: Did you get a read?
Emma: Ashlocke’s dying.

[Dr. Aziza kneels next to Gabriel in bed, as he examines the crystal.]
Gabriel: Valerie died for me. But for what? A 3 thousand year old piece of glass that’s a dead end. Without the other half, this is nothing more than a worthless trinket.
Dr. Aziza (preparing a needle): This will take the edge off.
Gabriel (knocking her hand away): The last thing I want is to kill the pain. It’s the only thing I have to keep me focused. [He gets up to gaze at the wall o’ Shalimar.] That...that and the thought of sharing that same agony with Adam, of course.

[Shalimar finds Adam in the lab.]
Shalimar: Emma’s resting.
Adam: So, you happy? You may get your wish. Ashlocke’s dying.
Shalimar: Good. Let him die.
Adam: It’s not that simple.
Shalimar: Well, it seems pretty straightforward to me. Stand back, he dies. End of story. It’s that simple.
Adam: It’s not that simple! If he’s dying, then he’s got nothing to lose. If he’s got nothing to lose, that makes him even more dangerous.
Shalimar: I’m listening.

[Dr. Aziza comes up behind Gabriel.]
Gabriel: When I die, one thing’s for sure. [He grabs her by the throat.] Life is never again gonna be the same for those I leave behind. So you’d better help me find that miracle.
Dr. Aziza (pulling away his hand): I might have an idea.
Gabriel: Really?
Dr. Aziza: Yeah. Now you be a good boy and you go get some rest. I mean it. [She kisses him and leaves.]

[Brennan brings Adam the parchment Jesse found.]
Brennan: Okay. So this ouija board belonged to an ancient Egyptian alchemist named Avaris, whose burial urn was owned by Neil Varady. Well, that was, of course until Ashlocke stole it.
Adam: So Ashlocke must believe that he can save his life through a translation of the formula inscribed on the crystal.
Brennan: Yep. Oh, wait, check it out. What Ashlocke may not know this is that there’s two crystals, though. So unless he has them both and they’re interlocked, the piece that he has? [He blows a raspberry.] Worthless.
Adam: And this is the map that’ll lead us to the other crystal.
Brennan: Yeah.
Adam: Hm. Nice work.

[Jesse flies the Double Helix over an Egyptian pyramid, calling Adam in Sanctuary over video link.]
Jesse: Adam? Dropped off Emma and Shalimar at the pyramid; I’m running guard duty until they’ve got the crystal.
Adam: Well, keep your sensors on full alert and your eyes open. Ashlocke makes a move, it’ll come out of nowhere.
Jesse: Still think I oughta be down there. Phase in, phase out, we’d be done with it.
Shalimar (over her comlink): Yeah, well, I don’t give a damn what you think.
Emma (wiping cobwebs out of their way): Look out.
Shalimar: Oh, gross!
Emma: Disgusting! Are you feeling any better?
Shalimar: Oh, just marvelous. Wait a minute. I think this is it. [She traces a symbol on the wall, then kicks in the tile. She picks the crystal out of the dusty hole.] Let’s get outta here.
Emma: Jesse, we got it.
Gabriel (appearing in front of them): No! That’s mine.
Shalimar (smiling): I don’t think so. [She and Emma walk through his image; Shalimar calls back over her shoulder.] Sucks to be you! [Cut to: A close-up of Gabriel’s face as he sitting in his room, staring at the wall.]

*********Commercial Break**********

[In Sanctuary’s lab, Shalimar watches Adam examine the crystal and the parchment.]
Adam: We are talking about a very powerful magic here. If Ashlocke had gotten his hands on the both of these crystals, we would never have been able to stop him.
Shalimar: So what’s your plan?
Adam: Well, time to try it my way. [He heads towards the lab table.]
Shalimar: Well, I hope it works. ‘Cause if you’re wrong, Ashlocke’s gonna tear you limb from limb before I get the chance to kill him.
Adam: I know I’m putting us all at risk here. But believe me, the decision to try to save his life is the most difficult choice I’ve ever had to make.

[Dr. Aziza massages Gabriel's shoulders while he holds up the crystal.]
Gabriel: What’s the point? Without the other half, this thing is useless. And there’s no way we can regenerate Avaris in the time I have left.
Dr. Aziza: I promised you I’d go to any length to save your life. So, I’ve adjusted Avaris’s DNA. I’ve reconfigured it slightly, just enough to allow her to accept genetic matter not her own. So we can completely regenerate her without any more of her own DNA. It is not a perfect solution. She’ll only live for a couple of weeks, but...
Gabriel: Long enough for her to work her magic? Save my life?
Dr. Aziza: Absolutely. [Grinning, he leads her back to the platform above the tank.] All we have to do is introduce a human host into the tank. The adjustments I’ve made will do the rest. [She runs her fingers through the water. Gabriel kneels to kiss her, and she smiles happily up at him.]
Gabriel: Thank you. I’ll never forget your sacrifice.
Dr. Aziza: Sacrifice?
Gabriel (grabbing her neck): Oh yeah, sacrifice. Who gave you the right to tamper with Avaris?
D. Aziza: I saved your life, dammit!
Gabriel: That’s right. And I’ll never forget you.
Dr. Aziza: Gabriel? Gabriel, please!
Gabriel: You went behind my back. And let’s face it. In any relationship, trust is everything!
Dr. Aziza: Gabriel! Gabriel, no! [He shoves her into the tank. Bright lights flash as Dr. Aziza is violently attacked under the water. Her face disappears from the glass and is replaced by that of a young girl with long flowing dark hair. Avaris emerges from the water, looking down at Gabriel.]
Avaris: Vas schlemme ka ma vite.

[Emma watches Adam work at an instrument panel in Sanctaury's lab.]
Emma: So what if he does access her magic?
Adam: Well, yeah, exactly. What do we do then?
Emma: Look, I grew up in a house where magic was a lot more real than physics. You know, my mom always talked about spells having their opposites. Incantations that would turn their power against the user.
Adam: Huh. Well, look, my skills in the dark arts leave a little to be desired. But I’m guessing that’s a little bit like science, where every action has a reaction. Where there are equal but opposing forces. So, wait, are you saying that if we could somehow find this other crystal, that we could use it to turn their power against them?
Emma (shrugging): It’s worth a try. [Adam nods, smiling.]

[Gabriel watches appreciatively from his bedroom as Avaris gets dressed. Meanwhile, the Mutant X team discuss Shalimar as they prepare the Double Helix for takeoff.]
Jesse: She says she’s all right. But I don’t know.
Brennan: You wanna tell her that?
Emma: Yeah, well, let’s just keep an eye on her. Because her okay and my okay are a little different.
Shalimar (entering the Helix): You talking about me? Relax. I still think this mission is a disaster, but I did sign on for the long haul.
Adam (entering): All right, so we’re all agreed? We go in, we finish the job. [He hands Jesse the gun containing the cure.] Thanks.
Shalimar (grabbing Jesse’s hand): Hey. Sorry I snapped at you.
Jesse: It’s all right. [He sits down in the back.]
Adam: All set?
Brennan: Ready.
Adam: Let’s go. [They fly towards Gabriel’s lair.]

[In Gabriel’s bedroom, Avaris and Gabriel kiss.]
Gabriel: You’ve made yourself into a goddess.
Avaris: First you get my crystals, and then I’ll save your life.
Adam (entering, raising the gun): I’ll save your life. Right here and right now. [He shoots at Gabriel, who dodges behind the invincible Avaris. The canister shatters against her stomach. Gabriel peeks out from behind her.]
Gabriel: You come into my house and try to kill me?
Adam (fumbling to reload): I’m trying to save your life. You’ve got to trust me. I’ve got a cure.
Gabriel (to Avaris): This one’s mine. [He holds up an energy ball.]

**********Commercial Break***********

[Avaris watches as Gabriel slowly approaches Adam, holding up an energy ball.]
Gabriel: Who the hell do you think you’re dealing with? The ten year old boy you used to slap into a box? [He hurls the ball at the gun, ripping it out of Adam's hands.]
Adam (picking it up): I’m trying to help you!
Gabriel: Like you helped me before, Adam? Right into a 25 year coma?
Adam (dropping the gun): All right, fine. Don’t say I didn’t try. [He holds up the second crystal.]
Gabriel: I have waited years for this. I only wish I had the time to make you suffer for as long as I have. [As he creates a second energy ball, Jesse phases in through the wall, runs through Adam and masses in front of him. The energy ball bounces off his massed body and knocks Gabriel down. Running in, Emma projects a psionic blast at Avaris’s head, which Avaris reflects back at Emma. Adam hurries to Emma.]
Adam: Are you okay?
Emma: Yeah. Go! [Adam races towards the lab. Powerless against Avaris's strength, Jesse joins Emma by the door.]
Jesse: Wanna run?
Emma: Yeah. [They flee the room together as Gabriel picks himself up.]
Gabriel: Let’s go get your crystal. [They chase after Adam, who has joined up with Shalimar and Brennan outside Gabriel's lab.]
Shalimar: Guess things didn’t quite go according to plan, huh?
Brennan: Well, looks like we’re gonna have to live with plan B.
Adam: Why don’t you rub it in?
Shalimar: Wouldn’t dream of it. [She hands him the first crystal.]
Adam: Great. [Hearing a crash outside, Adam hastily tries to figure out how the two crystals and parchment on the desk fit together. Shalimar and Brennan run out to meet Jesse and Emma, and Shalimar knocks out the mutant chasing them.]
Emma: Just in time. [Avaris and Gabriel round the corner; Brennan shouts a warning to Shalimar.]
Brennan: Get down! [Brennan throws two electrical arcs at Gabriel, but Avaris absorbs the blasts. Jesse and Emma duck behind the wall as Gabriel shoots energy balls at them.]
Jesse: I thought this guy was supposed to be sick!
Emma (running into the lab): Anything I can do?
Adam: Yeah. Watch my back. [Brennan lights a tesla coil and nods at Shalimar.]
Brennan: Go! [Shalimar starts forward, but Avaris forces her back with a series of fireballs. Jesse protects Brennan and Shalimar with his massed body, then runs into the lab after them, followed closely by Gabriel and Avaris. Adam's showing Emma the interlocking crystals.]
Adam: Hieroglyphics!
Shalimar: We couldn’t stop them! [Jesse masses to protect Adam from Gabriel’s energy balls. The glowing Avaris walks up to the platform above her tank and spreads out her arms, emitting enormous beams of electrical energy. She begins to chant an incantation, just as Adam finally discovers the pattern.]
Adam: I’ve got it! [He reads a spell from the parchment, holding up the crystal.]
Avaris: No! You have no right! [Jesse and Brennan protect Adam from Gabriel's energy balls at Adam. Avaris grimaces in pain as Adam finishes the incantation.]
Adam: We’ve gotta get outta here! Come on! [They race towards the exit. Avaris explodes in a gigantic fireball which envelops the entire building.]

[Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar finds Adam sitting in the lab, nursing a drink.]
Shalimar: Got a minute?
Adam: Always.
Shalimar: I...uh...just wanted to say that I’m sorry about getting in your face about Ashlocke.
Adam: Look, I know asking you to help keep Ashlocke alive seems crazy, particularly after what he’s done to you, but there’s a lot I can learn from him.
Shalimar (sitting in front of him): It’s all about learning with you, isn’t it, Adam? It feels like Genomex all over.
Adam: What I can learn from him is how to keep you alive. Ashlocke’s not the only one with ongoing mutations. You’ve seen your powers change. Chances are, they’ll change again.
Shalimar: You’re saying we’re gonna flame out like he is?
Adam: You’re not like him. All of you are more stable.
Shalimar: So, um, do you think he made it out of that building before it went up?
Adam: Well, you know how tricky Ashlocke is. I won’t believe he’s dead until I see him lowered into the ground. [She gets up to leave, then turns back.]
Shalimar: Hey, Adam. You think you can do something to keep him out of my head? I mean, I can deal with him wanting to kill me, but man, when he gets in there.... [She starts to cry.]
Adam (coming over to her): Hey, you okay?
Shalimar: Look at me, I’m acting like a little kid. I just never thought that I’d meet anybody that could make me feel this weak.
Adam: It’s not weakness. The way he got to you is through your soul. Anybody would feel this way. Okay? [He hugs her.]
Shalimar: Look, we have to stop him before he gets his hooks into anybody else’s soul.
Adam (smiling): We will.
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