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Mutant X Transcripts: Ep 206 "No Man Left Behind"

Mutant X Episode Transcripts

Mutant X Episode #206 Transcript: "No Man Left Behind"

[Opening Scene: Midday in Washington, D.C., Adam strides down the hallway of a military government building. He enters one of the offices and strides right up to the inner door, calling over his shoulder to the secretary at the front desk.]
Adam: Adam Kane to see the General.
Secretary Jenny (trying in vain to block his way): Excuse me, the General can’t see you without an appointment.
Adam: Well, sure he can. All he has to do is look up--I’ll be there. Excuse me. [Jenny hurries to her intercom, but Adam disables the phone line with his device.] I’m afraid that just won’t work. [He slides past her through the door to confront the General, who is reading his newspaper at his desk.] You just don’t know how to take no for an answer, do you?
General (looking up): It’s okay, Jen. Go back to your desk. [She leaves.]
Adam: When I created the phased vibrational generator, the company’s mandate was clear. It was not to be sold for military application.
General: How did you find out?
Adam: Buying the device through a dummy mining corporation fooled the people at the company; it didn’t fool me. My intelligence network is better than yours. You cannot test this kind of thing on innocent people!
General Sutton: The Kovastani rebels are hardly innocent. They’ve killed from one-–
Adam: You have no right to slaughter these people using my device!
General Sutton: The Office of Defense Testing decided that this was a-–
Adam (leaning over the desk): YOU'RE the Office of Defense Testing. This is your decision. Anything that happens in that country, it’s on your head.
General (sighing): All right. I’m sure you’d have found this out anyway. I just received this message a few minutes ago. It’s a recording from the pilot who was transporting the device to our allies in Kovakistan. [He turns on his computer screen to show a video of a pilot in the air calling ground control.]
The Pilot: Logging in for final approach.
Controller: Roger that, you’re cleared for landing. [An explosion occurs near the plane.]
The Pilot: Bayside, hostile fire at 4:00, looks like stingers!
Controller: You’ve got another one on your tail, take evasive action.
The Pilot: Well, I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna be...I’m losing power! Going down! Going down! [The general stops the video.]
Adam: Okay, so that’s just great. You have managed to deliver one of the most powerful weapons on Earth right into the middle of the bloodiest war on the planet!
General Sutton: This is not our fault!
Adam (storming out of the office): No, but I know who has to clean it up!

Opening Credits. “No Man Left Behind”

[In Sanctuary, Mutant X watches a video delivered from Kovakistan of the captured pilot, kneeling on the ground at gunpoint and reading a prepared statement.]
Daniel: My name is Captain Daniel Morrison. I am in the custody of the Liberation Army of Kovakistan. The only condition for my safe return is a complete and immediate end to all outside intervention in their country. I request no attempts be made to rescue me, as it will only result in my immediate execution.
Adam (pausing the video): It was a covert operation. He was delivering a piece of technology the government fraudulently obtained from one of the companies that I’m connected with.
Emma: Like any great invention, our friends in the military are trying to figure out how to use it to kill people more efficiently. [Adam nods.]
Jesse: So, we’re supposed to waltz into Kovakistan to help this government–
Emma: Dictatorship! They haven’t had an election in 15 years.
Jesse: this dictatorship to get it back.
Adam: Well, no one’s getting it back. It’s too dangerous for either side to have.
Brennan: Excuse me, okay? Has anybody thought about the pilot that’s being held hostage?
Adam: They’re pursuing a diplomatic course of action to try to effect his release.
Brennan: For what, a mission they can’t even admit they were on in the first place? They’re gonna let him rot, Adam, he’s gonna be another pilot that never came back!
Adam: Nobody’s forgetting about the pilot, Brennan. But if either side in this war gets their hands on this weapon, tens of thousands of people are gonna die.
Shalimar: Okay, so when do we leave? [Adam nods at Shalimar and Jesse, who leave to prepare.]

[Emma watches Brennan from the back seat as he flies the Double Helix towards Kovakistan.]
Jesse: Well, we have an ETA of one hour and counting. [Standing, Emma places a hand on Jesse’s shoulder until he realizes she wants to trade places with him.] Oh! [He lets her sit next to Brennan.]
Emma: Brennan, back at Sanctuary, when you were talking about the pilot... [He looks at her.] I’m not reading you. Not any more than a friend would. What was that all about?
Brennan: Nothing, I was making sure all the bases were covered.
Emma: Friends know when you’re lying too. [She waits.]
Brennan: You ever hear me talk about my father?
Emma: Just your stepfather. He didn’t exactly sound like a picnic.
Brennan: I never met my real dad. He was a navy pilot, shot down in the Vietnam War.
Emma: So what happened to him?
Brennan: He went down behind enemy lines. Eventually caught and killed. [He clears his throat.] The official line was that it wasn’t even worth the risk to try and rescue him. Would’ve been worth it to me.

[A group of Kovanistani rebel soldiers returns to base camp to report to the commander, Irina.]
Pavel: Commander.
Irina: Did you recover the weapon?
Pavel: We located the plane, but the weapon was nowhere to be found. [Irina heads down the river bank to talk to Daniel, who is trapped in a metal cage in the middle of the stream.]
Irina: My troops found your plane.
Daniel: A nine ton jet sitting in the middle of a field? That’s not hard.
Irina: But no sign of the PVG weapon.
Daniel: What’s that?
Irina: We don’t have time to play games, Captain. If the government troops get to it before we do, you’ll have outlived your usefulness.
Daniel: Look, lady. I don’t know what you’re talking about. [He starts to whistle.]

[Up in the Double Helix, Mutant X is closing in on their target.]
Shalimar: Okay, we’re on Morrison’s approach path.
Brennan: I can’t see a thing. I’m bringing her down.
Shalimar (over her comlink): Hey, Adam, you reading us?
Adam (listening in from Sanctuary): Loud and clear.
Brennan: Adam, we’re about ten clicks from Morrison’s last position.
Adam (tracking them on his computer): Now, hold it. I’ve got your altitude at a thousand feet.
Brennan: Yeah, and dropping. Low ceiling, Adam, can’t see a thing. Gotta bring her down.
Shalimar: It’s our only chance to find the plane.
Adam: You’re in hostile air space. At that altitude, you’re too vulnerable.
Brennan: No, we’re in stealth mode.
Adam: You’re invisible, but not armored in the middle of a war zone!
Shalimar: Look, Adam, if you want us to find this thing, we’re gonna have to take that chance.
Emma: There’s the plane!
Brennan: All right.
Shalimar (checking her computer): Guys, I’m not getting a signal beacon.
Brennan: The device must have been separated from the plane.
Jesse: Well, let’s circle around and land.
Brennan: All right. [Suddenly, the Helix is hit with bullets from tanks on the ground.] Damn it!
Shalimar: We’ve been hit!
Jesse: Computer systems are failing!
Brennan: Hold on, guys! [As they crash-land, Adam’s computer in Sanctuary goes blank.]
Adam: Brennan? Emma! Anybody, do you read me?

****Commercial Break****

[The team coughs in the smoke-filled interior of the Double Helix. Brennan tries the intercom.]
Brennan: Adam? Adam, can you hear us?
Shalimar: It’s out!
Jesse: So is the computer system. The comlinks will work short-range, but we’re out of touch with Sanctuary.
Emma: Can you get it working?
Jesse: I don’t know. I’ll try.
Brennan: All right, there's gonna be government troops all over the forest looking for the plane. So you guys fix the Helix; we’re gonna go find the PVG. [He follows Shalimar out.]

[Adam watches news footage of the battle in Kovakistan as he works to bring the communication systems back online. Brennan and Shalimar pick their way through the jungle, looking for a signal on their detection watches.]
Shalimar: Hey, did you get anything?
Brennan: No. The beacon must be out of range. If Morrison’s plane is back that way and the beacon’s not on the plane, then it may have jettisoned somewhere close by.
Shalimar: Yeah, unless someone else has it already.
Brennan: Yeah, Don’t go there.
Shalimar: Look, why don’t we split up again? We’ll cover more ground. [They head in opposite directions.]

[Trudging through the jungle outside the Helix, Jesse mutters to himself.]
Jesse: Kovakistan. [He comes upon Emma, perched upon a large rock.] What are you doing?
Emma: Watching your back. I don’t usually allow myself to open up fully. But if I do, I’ll be able to sense anyone coming within half a mile.
Jesse: Nice! A psychic burglar alarm, huh?
Emma: Just do me a favor. [He nods.] When I open up like this, I’m open to everything.
Jesse: Yeah, whatcha getting at?
Emma: Just try and think nice thoughts is all.
Jesse: Yeah. [He hurries into the Helix.]

[Discovering the PVG’s signal on his watch, Brennan alerts Shalimar.]
Brennan: Wait. I’m getting a signal from the weapon. It’s weak, but it’s there. I’m sending you the coordinates now.
Shalimar (checking her watch): Got it. I’m on my way.

[Frustrated when some electrical wiring explodes in his face, Jesse peers out the window at Emma, then walks outside for a better look at her cleavage.]
Emma: It’s not nice to think those kinds of thoughts about your partner.
Jesse (taken by surprise): No! I was just, uh...I thought that, uh...I wasn’t thinkin... [She stares at him.] C’mon! It’s just that you were looking so...uh...
Emma: It’s okay. I’ve spent my whole life fielding those kinds of emotions from men. With my normal defenses up, I can usually filter them out.
Jesse: It’s gotta be tough. Having to live with your defenses up all the time.
Emma: Before I met Adam, I didn’t know how to control my power. I felt everything that anybody else felt, as strongly as they felt it. You wanna talk about a shortcut to a breakdown? Let’s just say defenses are better.
Jesse: So you wouldn’t mind if, uh, I mean, I had those kind of thoughts again? You’d understand?
Emma: I can guarantee you’ll never have one of those thoughts again. About anybody. Ever.
Jesse (unsure if she's kidding): You know, I’ve gotta...I’ve gotta get back to work. [He returns to the Helix. Emma smiles to herself.]

[Brennan finds the signal.]
Brennan: Great, here’s the spot. Now where’s the box? [He spots it hanging by a parachute thread from the trees.] Come to Papa. [He shoots an electrical arc into the branches, knocking it to the ground.] Hey, Shal, I found it.
Shalimar: All right, bring it back to the Helix; I’ll meet you there.
Brennan: I can’t do that.
Shalimar: What?
Brennan: I’ve gotta get that pilot out before we go.
Shalimar: Brennan, that’s not the mission!
Brennan (zapping the box’s homing beacon to disable it): That's MY mission.
Shalimar (hearing gunfire): We’ve gotta get outta here.
Brennan: Okay. I’ve disabled the homing beacon so the government guys won’t find it.
Shalimar: Brennan, don’t do this!
Brennan: I’m gonna hide the PVG before I go in.
Shalimar: Brennan!
Brennan: I’ll call you when I’m bringing him out.
Shalimar: Brennan! [When he doesn’t answer, Shalimar tries Jesse.] Jess, did you hear that?
Jesse: Yeah, everything. I never figured Brennan for a death wish, huh?
Shalimar: I’m going after him.
Jesse: No! No-no-no-no, look, there’s no sense in both of you getting killed. Get back here. I’ve almost got this computer back online. Once I do, we can get a location off his comlink and we’ll all go get him together.
Shalimar (realizing he’s right): I’m on my way back.
Jesse: Good. [Brennan suddenly finds himself surrounded by rebel troops. Irina knocks him unconscious with one punch.]
Irina: Bring him to the camp.

******Commercial Break*****

[Shalimar paces as Jesse works on the Helix computer.]
Shalimar: How much longer?
Jesse: Look, you’re bugging me every five seconds is not gonna make this happen any sooner, okay? [She shuts up.] All right. [He presses a button.] Communications are up.
Shalimar: See? Bugging you did work. [He glares at her. She tries the video link.] Hey, Adam! Adam, can you hear me?
Adam (relieved): Shalimar? I didn’t know if you were dead or alive. How are the others?
Shalimar: Well, one of us isn’t doing so hot. Got a few problems here.
Adam: What are they?
Jesse (jumping in ahead of her): Look, Adam. The computer system is down. I’ve managed to bring up the communications, but we can’t run the Helix yet. The programming’s all blown out. [Emma enters as Shalimar waits impatiently for her turn to talk.]
Adam: All right, Jesse, if you can patch me in, maybe I can upload it from here.
Jesse: I’ll try.
Shalimar (leaning over Jesse’s shoulder): Hey, Adam, I think we’ve got a bigger problem here. It’s Brennan.
Adam: What about him?
Shalimar: Well, he took off on his own to find the pilot.
Adam: Oh, damn it. All right, Shalimar, retrace his route. Jesse will feed you his comlink coordinates as soon as I can get the computer back online.
Shalimar: Okay.
Adam: All right, Jesse, patch me in.
Jesse: Yeah.
Emma (quietly, to Shalimar): Look, I should have said something earlier, but I think I found out why Brennan got so worked up about the pilot. His father was a pilot in Vietnam. He was shot down and the government left him behind. You know, I think he figures that he couldn’t help his dad, but maybe he can help this guy.
Shalimar: Yeah, or maybe he’ll just get himself killed. I’ll call you when I find him. [She leaves. Emma goes to Jesse's side.]
Jesse: Hey.
Emma: What's going on?

[Irina throws a bucket of water on Brennan to wake him up.]
Irina: You’re a prisoner of the Liberation Army of Kovakistan.
Brennan: Lucky me.
Irina: What are you doing here?
Brennan (massaging his jaw): I heard the girls here were knockouts. Guess I shoulda asked what they meant by that. [He starts to get up, but a soldier shoves him back down.]
Irina: Under the articles of war, you’re not in uniform, therefore you’re a spy. You know what the rules for spies are.
Brennan: Didn’t think people in this war subscribed to any rules.
Irina: We don’t. Makes things neater. You’re here to recover the PVG device, admit it.
Brennan: I don’t know anything about a device. I’m here to rescue a pilot.
Irina: You’re lying. We know about the device, and we’re already tracking the homing beacon. [She looks at Pavel.] He’s of no use. Kill him.
Brennan: Hey, no, wait, wait! Wait! This beacon that you’re talking about, sounds like the one in my pocket. You wanna check? [Irina nods, allowing him to pull out the fried beacon and toss it to her.] Now, if you wanna see that device, killing me may not be such a good idea.
Irina (sighing): Put him in a cell.
Pavel: You don’t believe him.
Irina: He wants to see the American pilot, he’ll get his wish. [Tying his hands, two rebel soldiers toss him in with Daniel.]
Brennan: Captain Morrison, you okay?
Daniel: You’re an American. What the hell are you doing here?
Brennan: I’m here to get you out.
Daniel: Get me out? Who are you?
Brennan: Brennan Mulwray. Are they treating you okay?
Daniel: Well, it’s not exactly a day at the spa, but I’m alive. You’re not military.
Brennan: No. They sent me in to get the PVG, but I’m not just gonna leave you stuck in here.
Daniel: Well, unless you’ve got a company of marines out in the woods, I don’t think there’s much chance of either of us getting out of this one.
Brennan: I came with friends. They’re not marines, but they definitely have their own way of getting things done. Plus, I told that dragon lady I know where the PVG is, so unless I miss my guess, that’s gonna buy us some time.
Daniel: You know where it is?
Brennan: Yeah. So with any luck, I'm gonna get that device and you out of here in one piece.

[Shalimar follows Brennan’s signal through the woods, avoiding the government troops along the way. Meanwhile, Brennan talks to Daniel.]
Brennan: So, you got any family?
Daniel: Two kids, a boy and a girl. Four and two. Had ‘em fresh when I was just out of the academy. Worry more about what’s gonna happen to them then what’s gonna happen to me. You know, growing up without a dad?
Brennan: Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. Happened to me in Vietnam, ‘71.
Daniel: I'm sorry to hear that.
Brennan: Not gonna let that happen to your kids.
Daniel: You really are crazy, aren’t you? But you wanna know something? Your father would be pretty damn proud of you. [The two soldiers return to open the cage.]
The Soldier: Morrison. Out.
Brennan: Where are you taking him? Where are you taking him?
Daniel (leaving with them): Don’t worry, we’re just gonna play a bit. [Brennan tries to fire up a tesla coil, but only electrocutes himself since he’s standing in water. The soldiers close the cage and escort Daniel up the embankment.]
Brennan: Where are you taking him?

[Perched up in a tree, Shalimar watches a convoy of government trucks drive by and calls Jesse over her comlink.]
Shalimar: Hey, Jesse.
Jesse: Yeah, I’m here.
Shalimar: Any thoughts we had about being in ahead of the government boys were a dream. They’re moving in. [A group of helicopters flies overhead.]
Jesse: Okay, Adam, I think we’ve got it.
Adam: Good. All right. I'm powering up, now.
Jesse (grinning as the lights come on): Yeah! [He ducks as a panel beside him explodes in sparks and the lights go down again.] Oh, ah, damn! Adam, we lost it. It’s back to the drawing board.
Adam: All right, Jesse, just get back into it. We don’t have any options, and we don’t have a lot of time.
Jesse: Yeah.
Emma (calling Jesse): Jesse! [He holds up a finger to signal Adam to hold on, then runs outside to join Emma.] There’s people coming from three points, all moving in this direction.
Jesse: I can kick the Helix into stealth mode until I get the computers online. We’re gonna have to take them out.
Emma (stopping him): I’ll do it. With what I’m gonna broadcast, they’re going to be more scared than they’ve ever been before.
Jesse: What?
Emma: This is going broadband. You might want to hold onto something.
Jesse: I’ll be okay. [Emma’s eyes turn black as she sends out a huge black wave of fear in all directions. The government troops suddenly panic and flee into the brush.]
Emma (eyes clearing): They’re gone. [She kneels to help the cowering Jesse to his feet.] Hey! It’s okay. They’re gone now, but they’re gonna be back soon. We have to get Brennan and Shalimar back.
Jesse (wild-eyed): Oh, my God! My God, Emma, I had no idea you could do something like that!
Emma (frowning): Jesse?
Jesse: What? [She holds his head and hits him with a psionic blast.]
Emma: You still don’t know.
Jesse (looking at her in confusion): I don’t know what?
Emma: Nothing. Come on, let’s get back to work. [She follows him into the Helix.]

[The two rebels return Daniel to the river cage, bruised and bleeding.]
Brennan: What’d they do to you?
Daniel: She says she’s tired of waiting and she wants to know where the box is.
Brennan: You don’t even know where the box is.
Daniel: She doesn’t believe that. Look, they’re gonna be back soon. But you can’t give in, no matter what happens to me.
Brennan: What are you talking about?
Daniel: If she doesn’t get that device in an hour, I’m a dead man.

******Commercial Break********

[Shalimar calls Jesse and Emma on reaching the rebel camp.]
Shalimar: Hey, Jesse?
Jesse: Yeah, we’re here.
Emma: What’s going on, Shal?
Shalimar: I found base camp.
Jesse: Excellent. Look, I think I’ve almost got the computers online. Now get back here, we’ll go on with the Helix.
Shalimar: No, that’s gonna take too long. I think I can get him out, I just need to time it right.
Emma (shaking her head): No, you can’t risk this alone! We don’t even know if he’s still...
Shalimar: Alive? Can’t be wondering that. Look, if there’s any chance, then I’ll have to do it now.
Jesse: All right, Shal, good luck. I’ll call you when we get online.

[Brennan smashes against the cage walls, searching for a weakness in the metal.]
Daniel: I’ve been over this thing ten ways from Sunday. They knew exactly what they were doing.
Brennan: Gotta be a way out of here.
Daniel: Well, even if you break out of these ropes, you’d have to take out half the rebel army just to get out of here.
Brennan: Well, we’re not finished yet.
Daniel: You really believe that, don’t you?
Brennan: I tell you what, if I wasn’t in this water, it’d be a whole other story. [Daniel rolls his eyes.]

[Emma waits with Jesse in the Helix as he works with Adam.]
Jesse: Okay, Adam, we’re online.
Adam: Good.
Jesse: I’ve got electrical systems, cabin pressure, sensors...damn. No, the flight systems are still down. So are the stealth systems.
Adam (sighing): Well, I don’t think we missed anything. Let’s just go over it again.
Jesse: All right.
Adam: Wait, Jesse, I’m uploading another fix on the stealth system. I need you to implement it fast.
Jesse: Why, what’s going on?
Adam: My satellite imaging shows a convoy of what appears to be government troops heading your way.
Emma: Jesse, he’s right. They’re gonna be on us in a few minutes.
Jesse: All right, I’m working as fast as I can.

[Shalimar reaches the riverbank. Catching her eye, Brennan silently nods towards the guard. Shalimar easily takes him out, then splashes towards the cage.]
Shalimar: Never figured you for a stick in the mud.
Brennan: Oh, that’s funny. I was worried about you.
Shalimar: You were worried about me?
Brennan: Yeah. Has Jesse got the Helix back up and running?
Shalimar: Not yet, he’s working on it.
Daniel: This is your backup?
Shalimar: Yeah, well it works better when he tells me where his back’s gonna be. [She rips the cage door off.]
Daniel: Who the hell are you people?!
Brennan: Get us out of these things, huh? [Shalimar unties their bonds and hands the guard’s rifle to Daniel.]
Brennan: Let’s go!
Daniel: Great. [They head up the embankment.]
Brennan: Shal, you go to the Helix. I’ll go get the PVG.
Shalimar: Nah, I don’ t like what happened last time you went off on your own. We’re going together.
Brennan: Shal, no.
Shalimar: We’re going together. [Brennan rolls his eyes, then motions her ahead as Daniel smirks. Brennan follows, but a soldier tackles him from behind. He starts to form a tesla coil, but since he’s still wet, he electrocutes himself. Knocking the soldier out with his fists instead, he spots another soldier aiming his missile launcher at Shalimar and Daniel. Brennan grounds himself with a metal rod, then hurls an electrical arc at the man, knocking him down.]
Brennan: It’s good to be grounded. [Daniel waits until Brennan hops into the back of the pickup truck before driving off.]

[Government troops close in on the Helix as Jesse and Emma frantically try to raise the shields.]
Jesse: Okay, stealth systems are checking out. Try them now!
Emma (pressing the button): It’s not working!
Jesse: Adam, what’s going on? Why aren’t they working?
Adam: Well, you’ve got some sort of a power drain. Why don’t you run a systems scan, see if you can locate it.
Jesse: I don’t have time for a systems scan! It takes time; I’ve got about two minutes, then I’m target practice for the whole Kovakistan army!
Adam: Then don’t waste time talking about it, just do it!
Jesse: All right. [He runs a system check.] Yes, it’s a power drain, but I don’t have time to fix it.
Adam: All right, then shut it down. Kill all systems; put power into stealth.
Emma: We’re on it.
Jesse: Okay. Come on, come on, come on. [The Helix turns invisible. Emma and Jesse wait with bated breath as the government trucks pass them.]
Adam: Okay. You’re clear. [Jesse and Emma exchange a relieved smile; Adam raises his coffee mug in a salute.] All right, fine. Good going. Now let’s see if we can get this big bad bird back in the air.

[Brennan and Daniel hoist the PVG into the truck, but Irina and her troops step out into the clearing around them.]
Irina: Thank you. We knew you’d lead us to the device. One way or another.
Brennan: Yeah? We’re not gonna just let you have it.
Irina: Of course not.

********Commercial Break********

[Shalimar attacks Irina, and Brennan grounds himself with one soldier before zapping three more. Daniel raises the gun.]
Daniel: Get down! [Brennan and Shalimar duck as Daniel shoots at the rest of the troops heading up the embankment.] Come on! [They hop back into the truck and speed away from the rebels' gunfire.]
Brennan: Go, go, go! [Brennan calls the Helix over his comlink.] Emma! Jesse!
Emma (sighing in relief): Oh, Brennan, thank God.
Brennan: We're not out of the woods yet. The rebels are right behind us! How's the Helix?
Jesse: Well, we're on partial power, but we're bringing all the systems online now.
Brennan: We're heading back now!
Jesse: Good.
Brennan: We've gotta jet! Be ready for takeoff as soon as we get there. [Brennan bangs on the truck's hood to signal Daniel when they reach the Helix's position.] Stop, stop!
Daniel (helping him take out the PVG): Here, let me help.
Brennan: Go, go!
Shalimar: Got it? [Daniel stops in confusion as they race towards the invisible Helix.]
Daniel: Where are we going?
Shalimar (running into the Helix): They're right on our heels! We've gotta go!
Jesse: All right, here goes nothing. [Brennan drops the PVG inside, then runs back out for the stunned Daniel.]
Brennan: What are you doing?
Daniel (dazed): What?
Brennan (dragging him inside): Come on! Come on!
Emma: I'm picking up some activity about two miles from here. Looks like government aircraft. Two planes and they're heading this way.
Jesse: Okay. We have partial power, but we do not have enough juice to stay in stealth mode and get up a full head of steam.
Shalimar: Well, then, kick us out of stealth.
Jesse: All right, but we are not gonna win any race against a fighter jet.
Brennan: Well, we don't have a choice. We've gotta take our chances.
Jesse: All right. [He drops the cloack, and the Helix reappears.]
Brennan: Everybody ready?
Daniel: Yeah.
Brennan: Go. [The Helix takes off, leaving Irina and her troops staring at the empty ground.]
Emma: Jets approaching. They're on us.
Jesse: Missiles, look out! [Brennan swings the Helix back and forth to avoid being hit.]
Emma: That was too close.
Jesse: Good job. [He checks his computer.] They're moving back into position, Brennan.
Brennan: Okay, look, I'm gonna try something. Hold on to your seats, guys, there's gonna be close. Get ready to dive. Go! [He sends the Helix into a nosedive, barely avoiding the missiles.]
Shalimar: They're coming back at us.
Brennan: And they have missile lock. I'm not going to be able to do that again.
Emma: Jesse, you have to phase the Helix.
Jesse: I can't do that!
Emma: Well, we don't have any other choice, just do it!
Shalimar: You can try!
Brennan: Jesse, you have to, you don't have a choice!
Emma: They're getting closer. Come on, Jesse, please!
Brennan: Jess, come on!
Shalimar: Come on, Jess!
Emma: Jesse.
Shalimar: Do it! [Getting up, Jesse wraps his arms around the Helix's supports.]
Brennan: Come on, brother.
Shalimar: Come on!
Emma: Come on, Jesse. [Groaning with effort, Jesse phases the entire Helix and everyone in it until the missile passes through them and emerges on the other side.]
Brennan: Yeah!
Daniel: What the hell was that?
Shalimar: Is that what it feels like when you phase?
Jesse (stumbling back to his seat): I don't think I can do that again.
Brennan: Yeah, well, you may not have to. [The missile circles back to hit the firing jet, which explodes.]
Jesse: Oh! Direct hit!
Brennan: Yes!
Emma: His buddy's bugging out.
Daniel: Nice job, you guys. You got any more surprises up your sleeves?
Brennan: Permission to take you home, captain?
Daniel: Permission granted, Brennan.
Brennan: Let's go home.

[Adam sits in General Sperling's office, smiling smugly up at him as he rants.]
General: This is unacceptable! You interfered with an official operation. You stole government property, and I do not care how much hush-hush political juice you've got. This time you're gonna answer for it.
Adam: Ah, well, General, let's get a couple of things straight. First of all, I think you'd have a hell of a time proving I did anything. Secondly, this so-called stolen government property? It was obtained fraudulently. I don't think that's something that you want made public. Or how you were planning to test it.
General: You always get your own way, don't you, Kane?
Adam: Well, no, actually, I don't. Not often enough. But I tell you something, times like this, they kinda make up for that. [He walks out, joining Brennan in the hallway.}
Brennan: So, how did he react?
Adam: Well, he didn't blow any blood vessels, but he's working on it.
Brennan: What about Morrison?
Adam: He's back with his family. Thanks to you. You did a good thing, going back in to save him, Brennan.
Brennan: Well, I figured it was the thing to do.
Adam: Your father would've been proud.
Brennan (stopping): You knew?
Adam: And just for the record, we're all proud.

Closing Credits.
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