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Mutant X Transcripts: Ep 301 "Into the Moonless Night"

Mutant X Episode Transcripts

Episode #301 Transcript: “Into The Moonless Night

[Opening scene: Shouting paramedics rush to and fro inside an dusty emergency shelter, tending to wounded victims. A dazed Jesse wanders through the chaos, searching for his teammates. Brennan lies on blanketed stretcher, shaking as he recalls flashbacks of the Naxcon explosion. Remembering the gigantic fireball that blew out the windows, Brennan jerks awake and looks around. Shalimar trails after the doctors who are wheeling Nicholas's gurney into an ambulance.]
Paramedics: Okay, put him on the board! Watch his head!
Shalimar: I just want to know how he’s doing! Please!
The Doctor: Please, miss, stay back.
Shalimar (grabbing her arm): Talk to me! He’s my father!
The Doctor: Please. Just let us do our job. [She hurries away, leaving Shalimar standing there, helpless. Behind her, Jesse waits anxiously as a paramedic examines a victim on a stretcher. He listens for a heartbeat, then shakes his head. The Doctor covers the body with a yellow blanket.]
The Doctor: She’s gone.
Jesse (covering his mouth): Emma! [Brennan comes up behind him and grips his shoulder.]
Brennan: Emma?
Jesse: Brennan, she’s dead!
Shalimar (running up, hysterical): Emma! [Brennan restrains her.] Let me see her!
Brennan: No! Shal, no! [As the paramedics roll Emma’s stretcher away, her right hand drops from the sheet and her comlink ring falls to the pavement. Shalimar picks it up, sobbing.]
Shalimar: Emma! Emma…
Brennan: This can’t be happening.
Jesse (looking around): Where’s Adam?

Opening Credits. “Into the Moonless Night.”

[Jesse, Brennan, and Shalimar fly over the city in the Double Helix, searching for Adam.]
Jesse: I’ve been searching for the last ten minutes, guys. The locator’s still saying that Adam’s comlink is off the grid.
Shalimar: The main system at Sanctuary has better search capabilities. I think we’ll have better luck there.
Brennan: If he came out of the water, he couldn’t have gotten too far.
Shalimar: If?!
Jesse: I’m gonna increase the sensitivity.
Brennan: He wasn’t there, Jess.
Jesse: He may have been transferred to a local hospital!
Shalimar: Nobody matching his description was transported.
Brennan: Alive, or dead.
Jesse: This is like a nightmare.
Brennan: Except we’re wide awake.

[The three return to Sanctuary. Jesse’s searching the computer in the main room when Shalimar and Brennan enter. Shalimar heads into Emma’s room.]
Brennan: Jesse, are you gonna be okay?
Jesse (smiling sadly): Yeah. Okay? [Brennan pats his shoulder, then goes to Shalimar, who is sitting by Emma’s bed with a photo album in her lap. Brennan sits on the bed next to her.]
Shalimar (crying): I guess we should make some arrangements for Emma. A funeral.
Brennan: Yeah, um. Yeah, we should get in touch with people she knew.
Shalimar: Her mom.
Brennan: I think Adam might have kept track of where she moved to.
Shalimar: It just feels like she could walk right back in that door any minute, you know?
Brennan: I know.
Shalimar (looking through the album): I remember when we took this one. Emma had only been here a couple of months; we were picnicking on the mountain. She said it was the best day of her life. She touched my mind, shared it with me. She always shared the good stuff; kept the pain to herself. [Brennan kisses her hand as she sobs.] Sorry.
Brennan: Sorry for what? For what, for feeling? Shal, we just lost one of our best friends. You know, if you weren’t ready to break down right now, then I would think there was something wrong with you.
Shalimar: What are we gonna do without her?
Brennan: I don’t know. I don't know. Just take time to get past this, you know? And then we’ll figure out where we go from there.
Shalimar: I’m just gonna miss her so much!
Brennan: I know. [Outside, Jesse’s computer starts to beep. He grins.]
Jesse: Guys, get in here! I got a hit from Adam’s signal.
Brennan (running in with Shalimar): Where?
Jesse: It’s downtown. And it’s moving!
Brennan: So are we. [He and Shalimar rush out to the Double Helix. Once in the air, they call Jesse.]
Shalimar: Give us an update, Jess?
Jesse: He’s heading north on Fairway, almost to Rickland.
Brennan: Yeah, I’m taking her down. [They land the Helix and continue on foot.]
Jesse: The scan is showing he’s standing next to a... It’s a phone booth. Four o’clock to your position. [Brennan runs to the phone booth, but it’s empty. A man covered in newspapers is lying on the ground next to the booth, coughing.]
Shalimar: Adam? Adam? [Brennan pulls the newspapers off. It’s not Adam, but the homeless man has Adam’s comlink pinned to his jacket. Brennan grabs him.]
Brennan: Hey! Where the hell did you get this, huh? Where did you get this?
Jesse (anxiously): Come on, guys, what have you got? What's going on? Is he okay? [Brennan removes the man’s pin; it’s definitely MX.]
Shalimar: Jess, what’s happening?
Jesse: I’m not sure. It’s definitely Adam’s signal.
Brennan: Who could have done something like this?! [Suddenly, they hear a familiar voice behind them.]
Mason Eckhart: How soon I’m forgotten.
Brennan (rolling his eyes): Eckhart! [They whirl around to find Mason Eckhart and Silva standing in the shadows behind them.]
Shalimar: It’s impossible. He’s broadcasting off of Adam’s frequency.
Mason: Well I would be, if I didn’t have Adam and his clever ring in my keeping.
Shalimar: You’re lying.
Mason: Am I? Mr. Silva. [Silva holds up his hand to show Adam’s comlink ring on his finger. Infuriated, Shalimar tries to attack them, but Brennan stops her.]
Mason: Bad idea. If you do anything stupid, many, many people will die.
Shalimar: Including you.
Mason: I’m already dying. My immune system was destroyed years ago, my entire body melting down at the genetic rate. This synthetic dermal casing that I’ve worn is all that’s kept me alive. And unfortunately, it was breached in the escape from Naxcon. [He steps into the light; they can see that his skin is peeling.]
Brennan: What do you want from us?
Mason: All of Adam’s research on how to treat my condition, and you’ll get your friend back. Hopefully, still alive.
Shalimar: If you harm Adam in any way, I am going to rip you limb from limb. [Brennan holds her back again.]
Mason: That’s what I like to hear: the opening salvo in a negotiation. [Brennan rushes headlong at them, but passes right through their images. He stops, realizing they were just holograms. Mason’s voice sounds overhead.]
Mason: You really should know better by now, Mr. Mulwray. I’ll be in touch.

*******Commercial Break*********

[Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar and Brennan wait as Jesse tries to access Adam's research on Mason.]
Jesse: Damn it! This is a waste of time. Even if we wanted to give Eckhart what he wants, the system wouldn’t just cough it up, and there are literally millions of potential passwords.
Shalimar: But there has to be some kind of back door.
Jesse: Nah. The system would sense the intrusion in seconds. If it senses the intrusion is aggressive enough... [He quickly pushes Brennan away from the keyboard]’ll wipe the drive. We’ll have no useable data at all.
Shalimar: Well, maybe there’s another way to get the information. I mean, maybe he shared it with somebody.
Brennan: Yeah, um. Ever known Adam to share information? [Unnoticed by the team, a strange glow appears on the second floor balcony, gradually coalescing into the shape of a woman.]
Jesse (sighing): Face it guys, we’re screwed.
The Woman: Wow. [They spin around to face her.] You guys give up easy, don’t you?
Brennan: Who the hell are you?! And how’d you get in here? [The glow of light surrounds around the woman again, who promptly disappears.] Jess, what’s going on?!
Jesse: She controls light. She’s bending it around her.
Shalimar (feral eyes flashing): She still gives off heat. [Shalimar tracks the woman’s heat outline.] You might be able to fool my friends, but I can see you, day or night.
The Woman: Then here’s a little day for ya. [She creates a bright starburst of light with her hands, temporarily blinding them. When they’ve recovered, she's visible again.] Can we consider the introductions made and just get on with it?
Jesse: What is the ‘it’ that you want?
The Woman: What is the ‘it’ that I want? Hm... To be back having dinner with a delectable painter named Marco on the Italian Riviera. But unfortunately, I was called back here. See, Adam Kane’s disappearance has worried a number of powerful people, and they asked me to become involved in his return.
Shalimar: Why you?
The Woman: Because I have a unique understanding of the situation. Also, Adam and I have a special relationship.
Brennan: Bull. We’ve never even heard of you.
The Woman: And that means....?
Shalimar: We’d know.
The Woman: If you knew Adam as well as you say you do, you’d know he doesn’t share all the information with any one person.
Jesse: Why should we believe any of this?
The Woman: You want to get into Adam’s files? You’d have a better chance if you knew his password. [Turning to the computer, The Woman types L*E*X*A into the keyboard.] My name: Lexa. So find the information you need, and you’d better be fast. The connections always shut you out after 20 minutes. Meanwhile, there’s something important I’ve got to do. [She pats Jesse’s stomach and walks out. Jesse checks the computer, surprised.]
Jesse: She’s in.

[Shalimar and Brennan follow Lexa to the lab, where she’s getting Jello cups out of the refrigerator. She hands one each to Shalimar and Brennan, then heads for the spoons.]
Lexa: Adam always kept stuff around for a late night snack.
Brennan: Well, you sure make yourself at home pretty quickly.
Lexa: This was my home. For two years.
Shalimar: You lived here?
Lexa: Yeah. I was Mutant X 1.0 [She holds out her hand, showing them her comlink ring.] Or I was supposed to be. I realized somewhere along the way I wasn’t a joiner. Look guys, I don’t know how much Adam told you about what he was doing, and why he was doing it. But there are people out there that Adam answered to.
Shalimar: Adam worked for people?
Lexa (eating her Jello): In a way. See, Adam lit the fuse to a genetic time bomb, and there were some powerful people out there that decided it had to be put out. They realized the only one who could do that was Adam himself, so they gave him funds, access to information, and....[She looks around at Sanctuary.] Home sweet home.
Brennan: Yeah, don’t try to tell me that some people in your world actually care about somebody else.
Lexa: Adam made a deal. He wanted to escape Genomex and the GSA. You know, certain parties actually believe that he may have made a deal to slip their tether as well.
Brennan: Yeah, and you still work for these people.
Lexa (laughing): I work for myself, Stud Muffin. But you see, sometimes my goals and theirs coincide.
Shalimar: And what are your goals?
Lexa: I said I’m on your side. That’s all you need to know.
Shalimar: Why should we believe you?
Lexa: ‘Cause if I wasn’t, you wouldn’t still be alive. [She leaves.]

[Jesse’s fills Shalimar and Brennan in on what he found in Adam’s database.]
Jesse: Advanced genetic research was never my forte, but I found a document that lists experiments and DNA taken from Eckhart that Adam was working on. Now it shows results with a number of different possible therapies. According to this, Eckhart might have been telling the truth. I mean, the later experiments were actually successful; they reversed the damage to his immune system.
Shalimar: Why don’t we know about this?
Jesse: There’s more. Adam was working on this all along.
Shalimar: You’re saying he was actually trying to help Eckhart?
Jesse: Well, I mean that’s the way it looks, but I don’t know. I mean, maybe...maybe he was trying to save it as a bargaining chip for the future. Who knows?
Brennan: Yeah, a future they’d be divvying up in some way.
Jesse (to Brennan): What’s going on here?
Brennan: Dominant selection, okay? Who lives and who dies, that is the only power that these people are interested in! I say we sit on this information.
Jesse: What about Adam?
Brennan: There’s no guarantee that Eckhart even has Adam! Okay? And if he does, who’s to say that he’s gonna turn Adam over once we hand him that research? The more that we learn about Adam and Eckhart’s relationship, the more it stinks. They always seemed like they were so different, right? They weren’t! One way or another they have the same agenda.
Shalimar: We know Adam’s agenda! Better living through controlling disease. Is that so bad?
Brennan: Shal, where have you been the last two years? Anytime that you mess with human genes, you open Pandora’s box. If Eckhart manages to save himself, he is going to be harder to stop than ever. The whole world will suffer! [Lexa walks in.]
Lexa: Jesse’s right. We make the trade.
Brennan: Oh, since when do you get a vote?
Lexa: Since I gave you the bargaining chip. Look guys, I’m not saying we just hand it over. We go in with a plan.
Shalimar: Which I assume you already have figured out.
Lexa: Yeah. Listen, it’s all about risk assessment. The information’s on a disk, right? Now we have to assume Eckhart’s not planning on giving up Adam even if he has him. We also have to assume he’ll try to take the disk by force. First sign of either, we toast the disk, guarantee it’s useless to him. [She looks at Brennan.] Now that’s where you come in, Sparky. Adam won’t be far away. As soon as we have him, you neutralize Eckhart. One way or another he’s not walking away from this meeting. Any questions? [Shalimar smiles, Jesse shrugs, and Brennan rolls his eyes.]
Brennan: I guess we go in.
Jesse: I’ll fire up the Helix.
Brennan (to Lexa): For your sake, you'd better not be playing us.
Lexa: Don’t worry about me. Just worry about Eckhart. [She follows them out to the The Double Helix, as they call Mason to let him know they’re coming.]
Mason: Nice to hear from you. I knew you’d do the right thing.
Brennan: Yeah well, you didn’t give us much choice.
Mason: I know. Come to the City West Chemical Plant.
Brennan: This is smelling worse by the minute.
Jesse (whispering to Brennan): You trust her?
Brennan: Do you?
Jesse: I’m still trying to figure that out.
Shalimar (to Lexa): Stare at me any harder you’re gonna burn a hole in my head.
Lexa: Just trying to get a take on you.
Shalimar: You just worry about holding up your end.
Lexa: Good answer.

[When Mutant X arrives the chemical plant, they hear Mason’s voice in the courtyard behind them.]
Mason: Right there will be fine. [They turn to find him standing between Silva and another molecular-telekinetic henchman. Above them, a lizard feral’s resting on the metal scaffolding.]
Brennan: Full house.
Mason: Mutant X plus one. Miss Pierce.
Lexa: Eckhart.
Mason: I’d love to speculate on the political amalgamations that brought you all together, but alas, my time is restricted.
Lexa: Well, don’t strain yourself. You know why we’re here.
Mason: Indeed. What have you brought me?
Brennan (holding up the disk): Where’s Adam?
Mason (smiling): Where... is... Adam? Belief is a fascinating thing, isn’t it? Belief that I would live to crush Adam Kane is all that sustained me, imprisoned in my pod all those months. And belief that your mentor is still alive has convinced you to bring me my salvation. But in this case, neither of these two conflicting beliefs can be borne out as truth.
Brennan (forming a tesla coil): I won’t ask you again.
Mason: Alas, I was denied the pleasure of destroying Adam....with my own hands.
Shalimar: You’re lying.
Mason: Adam’s comlink was retrieved from his lifeless body. He was lying on the shore charred beyond all recognition.
Brennan: If he is....[Before he can finish, Mason’s molecular-telekinetic uses his abilities to draw the disk out of Brennan’s hand into a container he’s holding. Brennan shocks him with an electrical arc, but the lizard feral picks up the disk in his mouth and leaps away.]
Mason: When are you going to learn there is nothing you have that I can’t possess? [The lizard feral speeds down the alley.]
Shalimar: I’ll get him. [She goes after the lizard feral. The molecular-telekinetic awakens and projects a force field at Jesse, throwing him to the ground. As Brennan helps him up, Lexa runs at the telekinetic, only to bounce off the protective shield he’s created in front of himself. Brennan zaps him again.]
Brennan: Now stay down! [He, Jesse, and Lexa pursue Mason and Silva. Shalimar chases the lizard feral as he leaps over buildings, but she loses him. The team reconvenes in the alleyway, empty handed.]

*******Commercial Break********

[Back in Sanctuary, Jesse runs up to the second floor balcony after a furious Brennan.]
Jesse: This does not mean that Adam is dead, Brennan!
Brennan: You heard Eckhart.
Jesse: Eckhart, Eckhart, Eckhart has been lying to us since forever!
Brennan: They were ready for us! They expected us to try and destroy the disk. They took the damn thing from underneath our noses! [He points at Lexa, who is standing across from him.] You know, and I cannot believe that I was dumb enough to ever trust your plan. You wanna be the boss around here? You at least need bat higher than a 500!
Lexa: It was a sound play, all right? You were the one who fumbled the ball. We were smart, he was smarter. We don’t have time for games here, Brennan. Eckhart’s out there getting himself well. Now, we don’t know how long it’s gonna take him to figure out how to implement the gene therapy, but we’re running out of time here!
Shalimar: Eckhart got what he wanted. Adam’s dead. He doesn’t need us anymore. Maybe that’s the end of it.
Lexa: Don’t believe it. You guys better fasten your seat belts, ‘cause once Eckhart’s back in business, Genomex, the GSA, all of it will seem like summer camp in comparison.
Shalimar: Yeah, what’s changed?
Lexa: You’ve been lucky. There are others who weren’t so lucky. [She pulls back her hair, revealing two metal implants in her neck.] Little party favor from Eckhart’s people.
Brennan: Yeah, I’m done. It’s high time that I stop making Eckhart my problem.
Jesse: What is that supposed to mean, Brennan?
Brennan: I didn’t sign up for this crap, Jess! And I’m damn sure not gonna stick around and end being somebody’s lab rat.
Lexa: Really? Now, what do you think Adam was doing with you all these years, huh? Layers and layers, Brennan. You’re still just scratching the surface of what’s really going on.
Brennan: I don’t wanna hear about it, and I don’t wanna be a part of it.
Lexa: There is no option.
Brennan: You know, I spent a lot of years living on the street before I knew anything about Adam or this whole mess that he created. I can easily do it again.
Jesse: Okay, let's just not get spun out here. We still have a mission!
Brennan: What mission? What, living like fugitives in this hunk of rock? Running around risking our lives every single day for a world full of people that would want us dead if they knew we existed?
Lexa: Well, you can’t walk away from this, Brennan.
Brennan: Watch me! The hell with you, and those people that you work for. [He stalks off. Shalimar runs after him.]
Shalimar: Brennan! Brennan, where are you going?
Brennan: I need some breathing space.
Shalimar (grabbing his arm): Look, we need to stick together!
Brennan: Why? Huh? Shal, I may not have been such a good guy before I joined Mutant X, but at least I always picked a mark who probably deserved it. Right now we have no idea what we’ve been fighting for all those years, or for who!
Shalimar: We knew! It was for Adam.
Brennan: Oh, Adam? Yeah, the guy who messed around with our DNA and lied to us all these years? We have no clue who he really was or what he was really trying to do! I.... Look, I just need to think, okay?
Shalimar (touching his arm): I understand you giving up on Adam. Don’t give up on me and Jess.
Brennan: Never. [He kisses her forehead and walks out of Sanctuary.]

[In Mason’s genetic laboratory, Mason is discussing the contents of the disk with his head scientist as the man nervously stuffs a candy bar into his mouth.]
Mason: I didn’t ask whether you could do it or not. I asked how long.
The Scientist (mouth full): Assuming that Adam Kane’s theories are correct, we should be able to finish assembling the necessary equipment in three hours...another two to complete the modification on the stem cell quickening synthesis, and the....another two hours of testing…
Mason: You will ready the chamber in two hours, and the synthesis will begin one hour later. There will be no testing!
The Scientist (pulling out another candy bar): Mr. Eckhart…
Mason: My time is disappearing. Within three hours, I live or I die. Don’t disappoint me.
The Scientist (stuffing his face): I won’t.
Mason: You will be well taken care of. If I die, however, it won’t be alone.
The Scientist: Okay. [Turning, Mason glares at everyone else in the room; they hastily get back to work.]

[Brennan enters a sparsely populated bar, bumping into a man on his way out in order to pick his pocket.]
Brennan: Excuse me. [He pulls some bills out of the wallet and heads over to the bar.] Yo, Tommy.
Tommy the bartender: Brennan! It’s been ages. What, two years?
Brennan: Yeah, about that. Yeah. Listen, I need the usual, my friend.
Tommy: Dirty vodka martini, straight up. Three olives.
Brennan: Yes.
Tommy (pouring the drink): So, you back to stay?
Brennan: Not quite sure yet. Things are... Well, things are a little complicated right now.
Tommy: Ah. Looking for some action?
Brennan: Yeah, could be. Could be. May need a stake to disappear for a little bit, if you know what I’m saying. [He slides some bills over the bar.] Just let me know if you hear of anything, huh? Keep it.
Tommy (nodding): Cheers, buddy.

[Playing chess by herself in Sanctuary's lounge, Lexa glances over her shoulder at Jesse. She gets up and sits across from him at the computers.]
Lexa: Anything?
Jesse: I’ve been tracking the equipment Eckhart would need to implement Adam’s therapies. Most of it’s pretty standard issue in any gene lab, but there’s a few specialized pieces that have been sold in the past 24 hours. If we follow those pieces of equipment we should find Eckhart.
Lexa: You worry me.
Jesse: Why? 'Cause I’m not in your face like the others?
Lexa: Something like that.
Jesse: You’re gonna join Mutant X, huh? We could use someone like you.
Lexa: Just a little word of advice. Don’t let people in too easy. It’s a good way to get yourself killed.
Jesse: So Adam was a mad scientist, huh?
Lexa (staring at the computer): Sometimes people let their obsessions drive them to do more harm than good.
Jesse: Is that why you left him? You didn’t trust him anymore?
Lexa: Maybe.
Jesse: Whatever Adam is, he taught me good ideas. Ideas that I’m still gonna fight for.
Lexa (shaking her head): Another idealist.

[Bartender Tommy surreptitiously dials 1507 into the pay phone near the bar's entrance.]
The voice on the other line: Yes?
Tommy: Yeah, I didn’t know this number even worked anymore. But someone told me if a guy comes into my place again, I should call. They said there’d be money in it for me.
The Voice: That depends, which guy?
Tommy: Brennan Mulwray. [The camera reveals that the voice on the other line belongs to Silva. He smiles.]
Silva: You keep him there, and you’ll get your money. [Silva goes to Mason, who is preparing for the procedure.] They’re ready. Are you?
Mason: More than ready. Help me up.
Silva: We have a positive location on Brennan Mulwray. He’s alone.
Mason: Not for long. Take him.
Silva: It’s already under way.
Mason: Come here. Silva, if this procedure is not successful, kill them all.
Silva (helping him into the chamber): And if it is successful?
Mason: Kill them anyway. [Silva smiles and steps back. He turns to the head scientist.]
Silva: Now. [The scientist starts the procedure, and the chamber fills with smoke. The lights blink out, sparks begin to fly, and Mason screams in pain.]
Scientist: Oh God! No! [The machine finally winds down, and the smoke slowly clears to show Mason’s face, which is completely healed. He smiles.]

[A beautiful woman in a clingy black dress enters the bar and sits next to Brennan.]
The Woman (to Tommy): Excuse me. What does a girl have to do to get a drink around here? (She looks at Brennan.) What he’s having looks good. You’re Brennan, right?
Brennan: And you are?
The Woman: Oblivion. [She opens her mouth, sucking the air out of Brennan’s lungs.] The oxygen is everywhere except in your lungs right about now. Don’t fight it, Brennan. It’s so much easier just to let go. Let go. [Brennan passes out. His head falls into her lap, and two men haul him away. Tommy hands her her drink.]
Oblivion: Run me a tab, will you? [She eats the olive.]

*******Commercial Break*********

[In Adam's darkened office of Sanctuary, Lexa’s talking to the obscured profile of one of her superiors via video link on several computer screens.]
The Man: Miss Pierce. You were supposed to draw Mutant X together, not tear them apart.
Lexa: Look, I didn’t sign on to run a group therapy session in a mutant halfway house, okay?
The Man: You signed on to achieve our goals, however they must be achieved.
Lexa: They’ll come back.
The Man: There will be nothing left for them to come back to. If Eckhart manages to heal himself, he will come after the rest of Adam Kane’s research. That cannot be permitted.
Lexa: Well, as they say around here, you open Pandora’s box, you deal with the consequences.
The Man: You consider this our problem?
Lexa: You ran Adam. You used his results.
The Man: We
Lexa: Don’t play games. I know too much. I’ll make preparations to shut Sanctuary down. I can sterilize the facility. When Eckhart arrives, it’ll be useless to him. [Unseen by Lexa, Jesse walks up and stands in the doorway, listening.]
The Man: Our strategy calls for you to ensure that Sanctuary and its information remain active. Also that Mutant X remains a viable force.
Lexa: Meaning?
The Man: We’ve learned that Eckhart’s people kidnapped Brennan Mulwray from a downtown bar 20 minutes ago. Making him talk won’t be easy, but Eckhart will make him talk.
Lexa: You want me to stage a rescue. [The Man nods.] Look, Adam Kane is probably dead, and this was a temporary assignment!
The Man: We’ve decided you should remain.
Lexa: That wasn’t the deal.
The Man: This is an opportunity for you, Miss Pierce. Remember, we can help you locate the people you’re seeking, or we can just as easily obstruct your search forever. Think about it. [He cuts off the connection.]
Jesse: Well, well, well. [Lexa jumps at his voice.] What’s it gonna be? Not so easy being a tourist sometimes, is it? Before you know it, you could end up being a native.
Lexa (walking over to him): Do you always listen in on people’s private calls?
Jesse: When my friend’s fate is at stake? Oh yeah. [He leaves. Lexa rolls her eyes.]

[Mason’s two henchmen arrive at the laboratory, dragging Brennan. They chain him to a chair in front of Mason and Silva. Brennan wakes up and tries to create a tesla coil, but it shorts out. Mason smiles.]
Mason: Fully grounded, Mr. Mulwray. When we have guests, we do think of everything.
Brennan: What the hell do you want from me?
Mason: Everything I want includes everything Adam had, and that includes everything he cheated me out of. I want Sanctuary and its information.
Brennan: You’re insane. You want Sanctuary? Start looking.
Mason: Why? When I have you to help me? Mr. Mulwray, Mutant X is dead. Sanctuary is just real estate now. Now that’s the frustrating thing about Mutant X. It’s not really dead until it’s really dead. Mr. Silva, I want the location of Sanctuary, access codes, entry points, everything. [Mason leaves. Silva moves in front of Brennan.]
Brennan: Let me guess. We can do this fast or we can do this slow.
Silva: No. I only do slow. [Brennan shrieks as Silva sends a wave of pure pain through his body.]

[A very pissed-off Shalimar slams Tommy’s head down on the bar's countertop.]
Tommy (mumbling): What can I get you?
Shalimar: Same thing you got for my friend earlier.
Tommy: What friend?
Shalimar (twisting his neck): Big guy. Goes by the name Brennan Mulwray?
Tommy: Never heard of him.
Shalimar: I can smell your fear. And right now you stink like last week’s garbage. Now, where is he? [Tommy grunts as she twists some more.]

[Mason returns the lab to check on Silva’s progress.]
Mason: Mr. Silva. Results?
Silva: He stayed conscious until just a few seconds ago.
Mason: Perhaps you’ve forgotten my distaste for excuses. (He snaps his fingers, and a henchman wheels in Marika in a wheelchair. Brennan wakes up, groggily.] Marika will take his mind apart until I get what I need. As with most of her kind, there won’t be much left of your mind after she’s done with it.
Brennan (stammering): expect me to talk?
Eckhart: No, Mr. Mulwray, I expect you to die. [Mason and Silva leave. Marika raises his head and begins psionically drawing thought clouds from his mind.]
Marika (smiling): I’m in.

[Shalimar and Lexa sit on Sanctuary's back staircase, monitoring Jesse’s computer search.]
Jesse: Bartender called freight broker Bruce International. There’s no address. Out of business two years.
Lexa: Yeah, it’s an old GSA front company. The only thing they broker is information on mutant activity.
Shalimar: How do you know that?
Lexa: I used to work for the GSA. [Shalimar looks away in shock.] Oh, don’t worry, it was another life. I’ve had a few of them.
Jesse: Well, it looks like the final signal goes to a cell phone. I’ll try to triangulate the signal now. And, voila! It’s an old abandoned power plant on Governor.
Shalimar (getting up): Let’s go. [They hurry to the Helix.]

[In Mason’s laboratory, Brennan’s screaming as Marika combs through his mind.]
Marika: He’s fighting me. Focus now. Where is it? [She sends blurred images from Brennan’s mind into the air, where Mason and Silva examine them.] Where is this place you call Sanctuary? Show me. Show me.
Mason: Concentrate, you fool. What is that? Where is that? We need more detail. [The images from Brennan’s mind slowly begin to clear.] Passwords...access codes...coordinates. Yes. [The Double Helix lands outside the power plant as Mason finally sees an image of Stormking Mountain.] That place, the place that meant so much to both of us. The place you knew I’d never look. Enough. We have what we need. Kill him. [Silva moves Marika’s wheelchair away, but before he can kill Brennan, Shalimar taps his shoulder.]
Shalimar: Your turn. [She rakes his stomach with a clawed hand, and he falls to the ground. Shalimar unchains Brennan, who throws Marika out of her wheelchair and electrocutes her in the chamber with a live wire.]
Brennan (to Shalimar): Let's go! [He runs after Mason.] You can’t run fast enough, Eckhart! There’s nowhere to hide! [Shalimar grabs the lizard-feral as he’s about to jump on Brennan, and drags him out of the camera’s view. When his squealing stops, Shalimar staggers backwards, her hands bloodied. Upstairs, Mason finds the exit door locked and turns quickly, to find Brennan behind him.]
Mason (smiling): Listen, Mulwray. Without Adam you’re like lost children. I can give you purpose. I know what he was doing to you. I can help. [Brennan, unheeding, creates two tesla coils.] Don’t be stupid, Brennan. Adam wouldn’t have wanted this.
Brennan (enraged): Adam’s dead! [He shocks Mason, who falls back, holding his left shoulder.]
Mason: Mulwray –- [Brennan roars, shocking him again. Mason doubles over, then slowly straightens.] You will not defeat me! [Brennan creates an enormous tesla coil and propels it at Mason, sending him tumbling over the balcony’s edge to the floor below. Entering the room, Jesse and Lexa run up to Brennan and look down in shock at Mason’s smoking body. Shalimar walks up to Mason’s body and picks up the disk, which had fallen from his hand. She looks up at Brennan, wordlessly.]
Brennan (panting): He had to be stopped. [Shalimar turns away from Mason's body and walks away.]

[Lexa’s working on a computer in Sanctuary's main room when Shalimar comes to find her.]
Shalimar: We’re having the dedication now for Adam and Emma, are you coming?
Lexa: Oh, I don’t think so. This is your time.
Shalimar: I thought you and Adam had a relationship.
Lexa: Look, I know you don’t like me being here. You’re a feral; you want to protect your turf.
Shalimar: I’d sense if you were a threat. I don’t fear you. I just don’t think I like you in my home.
Lexa: Listen, whether we like it or not, we’re in this together.
Shalimar: Gotta go. [She joins Jesse and Brennan on the peak of Stormking Mountain. Shalimar places Emma’s comlink on a ledge carved into the mountain's face, above which is inscribed simply:

Adam Kane
Emma DeLauro

Shalimar sadly caresses the names and returns to Brennan and Jesse.

Closing Credits.
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