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Mutant X Transcripts: Ep 322 "The Assault"

Mutant X Episode Transcripts

Mutant X Episode #322 Transcript: "The Assault"

[Opening scene: Stormking Mountain is under attack. Helicopters hover overhead as an huge fireball erupts around the opening of Sanctuary. Inside on the first floor, Shalimar and Brennan run down the chaotic hallway toward the main room, ducking as exposed wires hanging from the ceiling rain sparks down on them. They stop to rest for a second, hiding behind a wall.]
Brennan (holding his shoulder): All right, go to the Helix. I’ll catch up.
Shalimar: I’m not leaving you. Come on. [Two armed men in black protective suits fire machine guns at them. Brennan zaps them with an electrical arc, but the suits absorb the energy and they keep coming. As more armed men come through the doors, Shalimar and Brennan hide behind the stairs near the lab.] It’s no use. We can’t stop them; they’re too powerful.
Brennan: We’ve gotta make it to the Helix. [Spotting a metal door that’s fallen off one of the rooms, Shalimar grabs it and uses it as a shield to protect them from bullets as they run up the stairs to the second floor. Shalimar and Brennan crawl along the balcony behind the cover of the railing. Downstairs, one of the armed men aims a bazooka at the second floor. It emits a heat-seeking missile which lands near Shalimar and explodes. As Brennan watches in horror, Shalimar falls over the railing to the floor below. Brennan screams her name.] SHAL! [Fade to black.]

[Cut to: 12 hours earlier. Lexa walks through Sanctuary’s main room, which is now looks perfectly normal. Going up to the computer in her office, she accepts an incoming call from her Dominion Contact and sits down. The Contact’s face appears on her screen, looking dour.]
Lexa: Uh-oh. I know that look. Who died?
The Contact: Before he disappeared, Adam Kane was working on secret research into the problem of genetic instability. Your shortened lifespan.
Lexa: Ah. You mean our death sentence.
The Contact: According to his reports at the time he disappeared, he still hadn't solved the problem.
Lexa: Okay, what does that have to do with anything now?
The Contact: He lied. Not just about his death--and yes, we know about your recent contact with Adam. I'm sending you a dossier. [A computer file automatically downloads onto her computer.] Adam was able to assess with great precision, an expiry date, if you will, for each mutant. A time when their unstable genetic structure would cause them to self-destruct.
Lexa: What does that have to do with us?
The Contact: Jesse Kilmartin passed his expiry date two weeks ago.
Lexa: Does that mean he's cured?
The Contact: So it would seem. The delivery of Kilmartin will be your final assignment with Mutant X.
Lexa: What? So your people can dissect him like some kind of lab rat? No way!
The Contact: His life is a small price to pay to save all other mutants, including you and the rest of Mutant X.
Lexa: So what if I don't let you kill him?
The Contact: You can choose, Lexa. Lose one member of Mutant X or the whole team. You will deliver Jesse in one hour. [He cuts off the connection. Lexa stares at the blank screen in shock.]

Opening Credits. “The Assault.”

[Still sitting at the computer, Lexa puts a disk into the drive and copies Adam’s hidden files titled “Current Research: Genetic Instability” onto it. Taking the disk out, she sadly removes her comlink ring and places it on the table. She jumps at Jesse’s voice.]
Jesse (standing in the doorway): You're playing a dangerous game, Lexa. All work and no play could make even you a dull girl. You okay?
Lexa (smiling): Yeah, just doing a little research. [He sits down on a stool in front of her.] Um. Hey, I just wanted to say...what happened back there at the circus--
Jesse: Don't worry about it. The kiss is just a kiss right? Just...
Lexa (shrugging): Yeah.
Jesse: Just wanted to help.
Lexa: Well, good. Glad we understand each other.
Jesse: Yeah. [She turns off the computer and walks out of the room. Noticing her comlink lying on the desk, Jesse picks it up.]

[Scene: In a bar across town, Shalimar and Brennan are sitting close together at the bar sharing a drink.]
Shalimar (rubbing his leg): This is nice. Being here like this, just us. I can almost forget about Genomex, The Dominion.
Brennan: Hm. Well, this night isn't about forgetting. This night is about making memories.
Shalimar: Why does it feel like we are always on the edge of something and never quite there?
Bernnan: Yeah. I don't know. Maybe we think if we go there, there may not be any going back.
Shalimar: Would going there be such a bad thing?
Brennan: We can go wherever you want.
Shalimar: Where do you wanna be? [Brennan laughs. Brushing her hair away from her face, he caresses her shoulder, bringing her closer for a kiss. Their lips are about to touch when Jesse interrupts them over their comlinks.]
Jesse: Brennan, Shalimar, where are you guys?
Brennan (laughing into Shalimar’s neck): Dude! This is like the worst possible moment!
Shalimar (laughing): Can this wait?
Jesse: No, this is serious. Look, I need you back at Sanctuary. On the double.
Brennan (resting his forehead on Shalimar’s shoulder): No...
Shalimar (to Jesse): We'll be right there. Looks like fate speaks loud and clear.
Brennan: No, no, no. Screw fate. This conversation has just begun. [He leaves a tip for their drinks and they head out.]

[Scene: The Dominion headquarters. The Dominion Council head walks up to a metal door between two guards. One of the guards slides an ID card into the slot, and the door slides open for the Council head. He walks through a force-field into a darkened lab where an elderly man with long gray hair and talon-like fingernails sits before a computer simulated 3-D DNA helix. His back is to the camera as he places molecules into the helix.]
The Council Head: It’s done. We’re bringing in Jesse Kilmartin.
The Old Man (raspy voice): Adam eluded me. But the fruits of his work will not.
The Council Head: The only question is Lexa Pierce. We can’t be certain where her loyalties lie.
The Old Man: Lexa will help us, willingly or not. There is no time for any other outcome. [The Council head bows slightly and leaves the room.]

[Back at Stormking Mountain, the Double Helix flies into the landing bay. Jesse’s working at the computer in the bay waiting for them when Shalimar and Brennan come out of the Helix.]
Brennan: All right, Jess, what is it?
Shalimar: Why couldn’t you tell us on the comlink?
Jesse: I couldn’t trust the communications. Look, I’ve already done a sweep of Sanctuary, but I couldn’t tell if The Dominion had already broken into our comlink system or not.
Shalimar: What is it?
Jesse: Okay. When I came in earlier, Lexa was doing something she didn't want me to see. Now maybe I shouldn't have...but I tracked her activity log.
Brennan: So what was she doing? Raiding your MP3 collection?
Jesse: No. She was accessing some of Adam's private files. Files I didn't even know existed.
Brennan: Which files?
Jesse: His research on the instability of our genetic structure.
Shalimar: Well, so what? It's not like he ever solved that problem anyway.
Jesse: Well, that may not be true. See, The Dominion also sent her some information. It's about me. I'm supposed to already be dead.
Shalimar (smiling): You're looking pretty good for a dead guy.
Jesse: Look, I'm serious. I just dodged the biggest bullet there is. The whole time we were with Adam, he was experimenting on us. Something he did worked, 'cause I'm cured.
Brennan: That's great for you, what about the rest of us?
Jesse: I don't know. It didn't say anything.
Shalimar: That's comforting.
Brennan: The next question is, what is Lexa doing accessing those files?
Shalimar: It might have something to do with The Creator? That guy she warned us about?
Brennan: The last thing Lexa should be doing is sharing information with The Dominion, especially behind our backs.
Jesse: Look, she wouldn't do anything to hurt us.
Brennan: Jess, even if she thinks she's doing the right thing, that information that she has can be used against us.
Shalimar: Yeah, and Adam. Look, she might be in trouble. We need to find her. Can you get a fix on her comlink?
Jesse (holding up Lexa's ring): As soon as I saw it, I started tracking the sitecam surveillance system.
Shalimar: She's heading for the city.
Jesse: Yeah.
Shalimar: She is meeting someone. We don't have a lot of time.
Brennan: Okay, let's go. You stay here.
Jesse: No, no, no. I'm in this.
Brennan: Yeah, you're all over this, buddy. From here. They're after your genetic structure; I'm not gonna deliver you up to them.
Shalimar: We'll find her. [Shalimar and Brennan get back into the Helix and close the door.]

[Meanwhile, down in the city, Lexa walks past a row of cars parked along a sidewalk until she reaches her Dominion Contact, sitting in a white car.]
The Contact (looking up at her): I don't see Mr. Kilmartin.
Lexa: You don't need him. Here. [She hands him the disk she made.] I brought you everything I could find of Adam's research.
The Contact: That wasn't the arrangement.
Lexa: I'm not giving him up. That is the arrangement. He is not going to die so the Dominion can control another one of their damn secrets.
The Contact: I’m sorry you feel that way. [Four armed men in protective black suits surround Lexa. She shoots a laser at one of them, but his suit absorbs the blast. She punches another one who reaches for her arm, but two more grab her and hold her.]
Brennan (shouting from across the alley): Hey! [He zaps the first two men with an electrical arc, but their suits absorb his electricity too. Then they open fire on Shalimar and Brennan, forcing them to run for cover. Lexa shoots a laser at a telephone pole, which falls in front of the gunmen, blocking their view of Shalimar and Brennan. A man comes up behind her and injects her neck with a subdermal governor. She tries to shoot a laser again, but nothing comes out.]
The Contact: The subdermal governor has rendered your powers inoperable. [The man ties her hands behind her back and shoves her into the back of The Contact’s car. He starts the car (license plate 670-SGM) and drives away. Seeing the armed men ducking under the telephone pole to reach them, Brennan grabs Shalimar’s arm.]
Brennan: Shal, let’s get out of here. [They flee.]

[Scene: Dominion Headquarters, the Council’s boardroom. Lexa’s wearing a visual cloak to keep her from seeing her surroundings.]
Lexa: Give me my eyes back. [Someone removes the visual cloak, and her eyes slowly adjust to see that she’s standing in front of the Council sitting around their round table.]
Council Head: Miss Pierce, we are disappointed that you have chosen to side with Mutant X in the current matter.
Lexa: The current matter here is Jesse Kilmartin's life.
Dominique: Which is part of an experiment we brought into being.
Council Head: Some of the consequences of the Genomex project were unforseen.
Dominique: Some were unfortunate.
Lexa: Is that what you call destroying a thousand lives? Unfortunate?
Dominique: Overall, the experiment has gone a long way to accomplishing our objectives.
Lexa: Which are?
Council Head: This organization was formed to direct the shape of scientific evolution. Over time, we realized we had a greater responsibility. To direct human physical evolution as well.
Lexa: Tell me, where do you freaks draw the line, huh? Racial cleansing?
Dominique: You see only the tip of the iceburg of what we do.
Lexa: Oh, that's right. I'm just one of the little lab rats.
Council Head: You make a good point. It's good you made yourself available to us. Adam might have worked on your genes as well.
Dominique: I'm going to order up a series of tests on Miss Pierce's DNA.
Council Head: Thank you, Dominique. [Lexa looks surprised to hear the name Dominique.]
Lexa: Tell me, what if Adam didn't work on me, huh? Gonna go after the rest of Mutant X as well?
Council Head: If Adam didn't adjust your genetic code, you should worry for yourself. According to our records, your expiry date is rapidly approaching. [He nods, and the guard takes her out of the room.]

[Shalimar and Brennan join Jesse back in Sanctuary.]
Jesse: I should've been there.
Brennan: Why? Those guys had power-proof suits. It wouldn't have made any difference.
Shalimar: Besides, they may have tried to take you too.
Brennan: Yeah. Typical Lexa, isn't it? Don't ask anybody for help, don't tell anybody where you're going...
Shalimar: You know, I just don't understand why she'd give them the information in the first place.
Jesse: Look, the important thing is that we find her. We can ask questions later.
Brennan: Well, unless you saved the return address on the Dominion Christmas cards, it's gonna be a little harder than it seems.Shalimar: Jess, do you think you can find Adam? I mean, they're after his information, right? That's why she met them, that's why they took her. He's the only one who knows how it connects. Besides, I want to know how you passed your expiry date.
Brennan: What do you think? Find Adam?
Jesse: That could take a while.
Shalimar: Well, you’d better get to it. We don’t have a while.
Brennan: Chop-chop. [As Jesse goes over to his computer, Shalimar and Brennan sit together, smiling at each other.]

[At Dominion headquarters, Lexa’s Guard is walking her down the hallway passed an empty computer center.]
Lexa: You know, for an outfit bent on world domination, you really don't know the first thing about security.
Guard: No? How's that? [She kicks him in the stomach and neck, then drops him with a back kick to the back of his knee.]
Lexa (stepping on his neck): You actually thought a subdermal governor was going to make me harmless? [She twists his neck, killing him. Taking his army knife from his pocket, she cuts her bonds and drags him into the computer lab.] Okay. [Sitting at a computer, she puts his gun down on the table and begins downloading a “KaneMutiny.exe” virus to corrupt the system.] Gotcha.

[Meanwhile, back at Sanctuary, Brennan’s standing in the storage room on his personal computer, looking through files when Shalimar walks in.]
Brennan: Hey.
Shalimar (leaning on the door): What’s going on?
Brennan: Just doing some research.
Shalimar (walking into the room): You're looking at our medical files. You wanna know if we got the same treatments Jesse did?
Brennan: Yeah. Well, it's impossible to tell. He did so many procedures on all of us.
Shalimar: Well, we all knew that this was hanging over us, right? Guess I'd just always hoped it wouldn't come back to haunt us 'till we were old and grey. But knowing that Jesse's already passed his expiry date kinda changes all that, doesn't it?
Brennan (going over to her): Yeah. There's something else on your mind, isn't there?
Shalimar: Remember that precog that was working with The Links?
Brennan: Yeah.
Shalimar: He gave me a prophecy. He said one of us will fall.
Brennan: C'mon. You can't put too much faith in that. His prophecies were all so obscure, you never knew when or where it might happen. We're not gonna sit under a cloud and just wait for it to happen, right?
Shalimar (taking his hand): You know, Brennan, if we are dying, I don't want to go withough finishing what we started.
Brennan: Yeah, me too.
Shalimar: Do you think you remember where we left off?
Brennan: Oh, I think you could probably refresh my memory. [They kiss. Shalimar pushes him up against the wall, then throws her legs around his waist. He hoists her up onto the counter and takes off his shirt. Her feral eyes flash for an instant, and then she kisses him again. The camera switches to an outside view of the room as it lights up with a flash of electricity.]

[At Dominion headquarters, Lexa walks casually up to the two men guarding The Old Man’s laboratory. Before they can react to her presence, she uses her guard’s gun to shoot them both, then reaches into the first one’s pocket for the I.D. card. She wipes the card and the doors slide open. Lexa’s about to walk through the force-field when she’s hit in the shoulder by a tranquilizer dart. She falls to the floor. Behind her, her Dominion Contact sits in his wheelchair between two armed guards.]
The Contact: Take her away.

[Back in Sanctuary, Shalimar and Brennan return to the main room grinning at each other. Jesse looks up from the computer.]
Jesse: All right. I've eliminated all but one of the possibilities for Adam's location. See, all the others were just...[He stops, frowning at them.] Okay, what's different about you two?
Shalimar (glancing at Brennan): What? Nothing.
Brennan: Yeah, um....what were you saying about Adam's location?
Jesse (still suspicious): Well, uh...I traced the agency whose IP address he was using. It belonged to the Astronomical Applications division of the military, which was folded into NASA 20 years ago.
Brennan (shrugging): And how does that help us?
Jesse: Well, because they divested themselves of all their holdings except for one: the Summit Ridge Airport which was abandoned a long time ago. I ran a thermal scan of the area; one of the buildings is still being used by somebody.
Shalimar (to Brennan): Whaddya think?
Brennan: I think we should find out whether Adam’s interested in aeronautics all of a sudden.

[At Dominion Headquarters, Lexa awakens to find herself locked up in a cell surrounded by three guards, her Contact, and The Dominion Council Head.]
Council Head: Did you really think one person could take down our whole organization?
Lexa (sitting up): Well, another few seconds, I'd have had a pretty good shot.
Council Head: I have to assume you're working for Adam.
Lexa: I'm not working for anyone. I'm actually doing this as some kind of public service.
Council Head: What did you want with The Creator?
Lexa: I don’t know, I was thinking an evening of candlelight, wine, world domination.
Council Head: Seems that we're gonna have to acquire Mr. Kilmartin and Adam Kane of our own methods. Unfortunately, their chances of arriving intact are limited.
Lexa (standing up): Wait a minute. You don’t need Jesse. You said you could experiment on me.
Council Head: Sorry, Miss Pierce. Our findings show that your genetic structure hasn't been fixed. So you're of little use. But if you help us find Adam Kane, what time you have left will be spent more comfortably.
Lexa: Well, I'd be a lot more comfortable with my foot down your throat.
The Contact: You know who she is. You know her training. She’s not going to talk.
Council Head: Hmmm. It won’t be necessary. Mutant X will already be looking for Adam Kane themselves. So with any luck, your friends will be joining you within the hour. [He leaves. Lexa shakes her head at her Contact, and he wheels away.]

[Jesse phases himself, Shalimar, and Brennan into the warehouse at Summit Ridge Airport. They stand back as flaming torches erupt from the walls in front of them.]
Jesse (yelling into the air): Adam, what are you doing? It’s us! We’ve come to warn you about something. Adam!
Adam: All right, come upstairs. I’ll disable the other security measures. [The flames disappear, and the team enters the building.]
Jesse: Here we go. [Upstairs, Adam is standing in a large room haphazardly filled with miscellaneous technical equipment. In the air in front of him is a computer-generated double helix, to which he is adding molecules. He turns as Mutant X walks in the door behind him.]
Shalimar: Adam.
Adam: You weren’t supposed to be able to find me.
Shalimar: Well, you’re lucky we did. The Dominion knows you’re alive. If we can find you, so can they.
Adam (sighing): All right, what's going on?
Brennan: Lexa was taken. It might have something to do with Jesse's living past his drop dead date.
Jesse: Why didn't you tell me you knew the actual date I was going to die?
Adam: Would it have helped? I'm doing everything I can to keep you alive.
Brennan: Well, you could've told us you solved it!
Adam: Well, until this moment, I wasn't sure I had.
Brennan: Yeah, what about the rest of us?
Adam: Well, it's gonna take some testing to figure out which manipulation of the DNA stabilized it.
Brennan: No. No more tests, no more experiments. We're tired of being poked and prodded!
Shalimar: C'mon, Adam, we can't live like this anymore.
Adam: All right. Look, I understand, but I'm not gonna start throwing out guesses.
Shalimar: You don't understand how any of us feel!
Jesse: Look. The Dominion's after the same information. That's why they took Lexa. Maybe we can use that information to barter her back.
Adam: No.
Jesse (looking at Shalimar and Brennan in disbelief): No? Adam, We're not just gonna abandon her! [Adam nods.] Who gets hurt if they know how to help people?
Adam: They're not gonna help people. This is about total manipulation. This is about giving the Dominion everything they would need to create human beings made to order and extend their lives indefinitely. This is about the end of the human race, and you know it!
Jesse: This is also about the end of Lexa! [Adam’s computer beeps, interrupting their fight.]
The Computer: Incoming aircraft. Incoming aircraft. [Cut to: A pair of helicopters hovering outside the warehouse. One of them lets down a rope ladder. Cut back to the inside of the warehouse. An army of armed men in black suits swarm up the stairs towards the room where Mutant X is standing. Adam (running towards the back of the room): There’s a stairway in the back that will get us out of here. Shalimar and Brennan follow him, but Jesse stays to hold the Dominion soldiers off. He masses, but one of the gunmen shoots him in the stomach with a special tranquilizer bullet which is able to penetrate his skin. He unmasses, and the gunman comes up and him. As Jesse lies on the floor, the gunman inserts a subdermal governor in his neck. Two men haul Jesse away.]

*********Commercial Break************

[Up in the Double Helix, Shalimar, Brennan, and Adam fly towards Sanctuary. Shalimar’s worried about Jesse.]
Shalimar: Why did he stop?
Brennan: Did what any of us would do. He gave himself up so we'd have a chance to get away.
Shalimar: Well, we have to go back. There might still be a trail we can follow.
Adam: No, they won't leave one.
Shalimar: So what do you want to do, just write him off?
Adam: Is that what you think I'm about? After all we've been through, I'd just give up on Jesse? Nah. We're gonna get him. But we're gonna get him in the last way they'd expect. We're going into the Dominion's headquarters. [Shalimar and Brennan stare at him in shock.]

[At Dominion Headquarters, Lexa sits in her cage, playing with her hands. Her Contact rolls up in front of the cell.]
The Contact: You disappoint me, Lexa. I didn’t think you’d do something this stupid.
Lexa: Neither did I. I guess I just lost my taste for bull. I had to do something about it.
The Contact: You’re a professional. People like us don’t get tied up in other people’s ideas of morality.
Lexa: No. I just like to know the truth about what I’m doing, and who I’m doing it for. The Dominion is still playing like they’re the good guys here, and we both know they’re not.
The Contact: Good is a relative term.
Lexa: Why don’t you try selling that rationalization like you really mean it? They’ve perverted everything they supposedly stood for, and Adam knows that. That’s why The Creator wants to silence him.
The Contact: The truth about Adam and The Dominion is far more complicated than you will ever know. [Lexa nods, rolling her eyes.] Your friends with Mutant X managed to take him from under our noses a short while ago. We believe they’ve taken him back to Sanctuary. I need to know the access codes.
Lexa (laughing): You should know me better than that. Nothing's gonna make me talk.
The Contact: That was before. Unfortunately, you've allowed yourself to become weak.
Lexa: Have I? Bring it on. [The Contact glances at the door beside him as a scientist opens the door and two Dominion guards drag Jesse in, bruised and semi-conscious.] Oh my God.
The Contact: He's going to die, Lexa. It can be relatively painless, or it can be very painful. The choice is yours now.
Lexa: Don’t do this, please.
The Contact: You know how to stop it, Lexa. [To two men in lab coats.] Do it. [They hook Jesse up to an electrical torture device. As they put the helmet on his head, he becomes little more alert, trying to look around.]
Jesse: Lexa? [One of the scientists goes to a dial on the machine and turns the knob. Jesse screams in pain as electricity shoots through his body. Lexa watches helplessly from her cell.]

[Shalimar, Brennan, and Adam reach Sanctuary. Adam dashes down the steps and runs to a computer to check on the security measures; Shalimar and Brennan join him.]
Adam: All right, good. The security systems are fully operational, so even if they decide to launch a full-scale attack, we should be safe for a while.
Brennan: Adam, we have no idea what they’re capable of. The Dominion’s about the biggest secret the world has ever known.
Shalimar: Or not known.
Brennan: How are we supposed to find their headquarters?
Adam: Well, I’m hoping that Lexa’s private files will lead us back to whatever she was planning to do.
Brennan: Yeah, so what if you’re wrong? What if she did betray us?
Adam: Hey. You don’t even want to think that. That just means that Jesse might already be dead.

[Cut back to: Jesse screaming in the torture device as Lexa looks on, horrified. The Contact watches her.]
The Contact: I was wrong. Maybe you are strong enough to watch him suffer. [The man scientists dials up the machine a notch higher, and Jesse’s screams intensify.]
Lexa: Okay, stop! I’ll tell you everything you want to know.
Jesse (hoarse voice): Don’t. Do not tell them.
Lexa: The hangar bay is autosynched to the Double Helix, but the ground entrance is still accessible. You broadcast at 5.47 gigahertz. The password is 48539949.
Jesse: How could you do it? Lexa, you’ve sold us out.
The Contact: You realize what will happen to you and to him if this information isn’t correct. As a sample, he is just as useful dead as he is alive.
Lexa (nodding): Well, I guess you were right. I have gone soft. Do what you have to do. [The guards remove Jesse’s helmet and take him out of the torture device. They drag him to the cell next to Lexa’s and dump him in. Lexa, going to sit by the window near him, exchanges one last disgusted glance at her Contact as he wheels out the door. Jesse slides over to rest his head on the glass between them.]
Jesse: You realize they're gonna figure out those codes are bogus in about, oh, 20 minutes?
Lexa: Well, maybe by then we'll have a few more surprises for them. [He sits up to look at her, coughing.] I downloaded a core killer virus into the Dominion's system. Any minute now, every computer controlled system in this building should freak out, including these subdermal governors.
Jesse: Should freak out? You do realize that our lives are depending on this?
Lexa (sighing): Do you have a better plan?
Jesse: Why did you come here?
Lexa: They said they'd kill all of Mutant X if I didn't deliver you up. So I figured I'd give them some of Adam's research you know, just to get them off our backs. Once I was in here, I realized the only way out would be to get to their boss, this guy they call The Creator. I was this close.
Jesse: This was a suicide mission to begin with. You should've told me.
Lexa: Now would you have let me go, really?
Jesse: I don't know. But you should have trusted me enough to have the conversation.
Lexa: Well, I promise, then. The next time someone's trying to kill us, you'll be the first to know. Okay? [They laugh.]

[Back at Sanctuary, Adam’s found the virus that Lexa uploaded from the computer. He turns to Brennan and Shalimar, who are busy petting each other in the corner.]
Adam: Brennan, Shalimar, come here. I found something. Somebody accessed Sanctuary’s computer files a couple of hours ago. Lexa’s files.
Brennan: Who, The Dominion?
Adam: I don’t know. Whoever it was, they downloaded a program called Kane Mutiny. Looks to be some kind of a virus.
Shalimar: Why would someone break into our system to steal a virus? [The computer beeps and Lexa’s image appears on the computer screen. It’s a video she made while in the computer lab at The Dominion.] Hold up.
Lexa: If you got this far, you know where I am and what I've done. And this is what I'm going to do. I'm taking the fight to them. I'm going after The Creator. I wasn't able to save my brother, but I am not going to let them take you. If this doesn't work, don't look for me. Just run far, run fast. [The video ends.]
Shalimar: She can't do this alone.
Brennan: Who the hell is this Creator guy?
Adam: Well, he's a mythical figure. I mean, some say that he's been secretly running The Dominion since the 1800's, some say even longer.
Shalimar: That's impossible.
Adam: I know, but look, how can the word impossible have any meaning to any of us? Whatever he is, he's their heart. He's their soul. His principles dictate their actions.
Shalimar: Yeah, well, wherever she is, looks like she has access to him.
Adam: And her communication should lead us to her. We’ll track it on the way. [As he heads for the steps, Sanctuary’s alarm system begins to blare.]
Shalimar: We’ve got company. [Returning to the computer, she pulls up surveillance camera images of the ground entrance. Three men in black suits are trying unsuccessfully to open the door.]
Brennan: The Dominion.
Adam: Looks like they don’t know the access codes. Those doors aren’t going to hold them very long.
Shalimar (to Adam): Okay. Go to the Helix, upload the information. We’re gonna hold them off as long as we can.
Adam (running up the stairs): Don’t try to engage them; just slow them down! [Shalimar and Brennan run towards the ground entrance. An explosive blast shakes Sanctuary.]
Brennan (looking up at the flaking ceiling): They’re bringing down the place around us. [A gunman suddenly leaps in front of them, shooting Brennan in the shoulder. Shalimar hurridly punches in a security code, and a wall comes down, blocking their entry. Shalimar and Brennan continue to run from the entrance through the hallway as Sanctuary, shaking with each explosion, crumbles around them. We’re back where we started at the beginning of the episode.]

[Brennan and Shalimar stop to rest for a second, hiding behind a wall.]
Brennan (holding his shoulder): All right, go to the Helix. I’ll catch up.
Shalimar: I’m not leaving you. Come on. [Two armed men in black protective suits fire machine guns at them. Brennan zaps them with an electrical arc, but the suits absorb the energy and they keep coming. As more armed men come through the doors, Shalimar and Brennan hide behind the stairs near the lab.] It’s no use. We can’t stop them. They’re too powerful.
Brennan: We’ve gotta make it to the Helix. [Spotting a metal door that’s fallen off one of the rooms, Shalimar grabbing it and uses it as a shield to protect them from bullets as they run up the stairs to the second floor. Shalimar and Brennan crawl along the balcony behind the cover of the railing. Downstairs, one of the armed men aims a bazooka at the second floor. It emits a heat-seeking missile which lands near Shalimar and explodes. As Brennan watches in horror, Shalimar falls over the railing to the floor below. Brennan screams her name.] SHAL! [Fade to black.]

*******Commercial Break*********

Brennan: SHAL! [He stands up, peering over the landing to see Shalimar, unconscious on the floor below. Four armed men approach her body. Looking around, Brennan sends an electrical arc at Sanctuary’s power cylinder in the middle of the room. The electricity shatters the glass, and green rays of light shine out. The four men, caught in the light, evaporate into thin air. A new alarm begins blaring overhead. Brennan runs down the steps to Shalimar’s side.]
Brennan: Shal. Are you okay? [She wakes up, and he helps her up.] Come on, we’ve gotta move. The place is going to blow.] They run past the only computer still working in the main room, flashing the message: “Core Breach.” They rush up the stairs and into the Helix. Adam sits in the co-pilot’s seat working at his computer.]
Shalimar: Let’s go! [The Helix shakes as another bomb hits Sanctuary behind them.]
Adam: All right, Brennan, take the controls.
Adam: Two Dominion choppers waiting for us outside.
Brennan: Hold on. [The Helix takes off, and one of the Dominion’s helicopters spins around to follow them.]
Shalimar: I guess they’re wondering what just happened.
Adam: I’ve traced Lexa’s location to an installation just north of the city.
Shalimar: The only question is, what the hell do we do once we get there.
Adam: Well, we have no idea what’s waiting for us. All we’ve got is the element of surprise.
Shalimar: Let’s just hope they’re the ones being surprised.

[Sitting in their respective cells, Lexa and Jesse wait for Lexa’s virus to begin its work.]
Jesse (gazing at her through the glass): Something I want you to know.
Lexa: This isn't going to make me cry, is it?
Jesse: No. [He slides up the the glass between them.] ‘Cause if I die without saying this, I--
Lexa (interrupting him): See? There you go. And me without my handkerchief, I tell you.
Jesse (hurt): You know, every time that I try to talk to you straight up, you turn it into a joke.
Lexa: Jess, I know how you feel. You're not exactly a closed book, that's why.
Jesse: Oh, okay. Yeah, just forget I said anything.
Lexa: Jess. I care about you too. And we’re not going to die. We are walking out of here. And I tell you, when we do, we are gonna take this whole damn place down around their ears. [They smile at each other. Lexa’s Contact wheels up to her door.] So, I trust they gave you a good fight?
The Contact: As you undoubtably anticipated. We lost several operatives.
Lexa: They got away?
The Contact: Temporarily. The consequences for you are already being discussed. I just wanted you to know, I'm not happy about the way things turned out, Lexa.
Lexa: I thought you were the one who was supposed to stay away from personal feelings.
The Contact: I guess no one's immune.
Lexa: You can stop this, you know.
The Contact: It's out of my hands.
Lexa: I guess the ends don't matter if you're all about doing the easy thing.
The Contact: The easy thing would have been to kill the rival agent who took my legs. Instead I took into account the fact that her mind was being controlled by an implant and worked to bring her into this organization.
Lexa: You're lying.
The Contact: I never blamed you, Lexa. I've given up much for this organization’s ends and for you. I won't do that anymore. [He wheels out.]
Jesse: Okay, now can I worry?
Lexa: Yeah, maybe a little.

[Nearby, The Double Helix flies overhead.]
Adam: All right. The location Lexa’s communication came from is coming up in 30 seconds.
Brennan: I’m switching to stealth, bring her down on the roof.
Shalimar (noticing her computer beeping): Got it.
Adam: Good. All right, bring her down as close as you can. I’m gonna set up a jamming field around it, we should be able to make it into the building completely undetected.
Shalimar: Bren, you okay to do this?
Brennan: Yeah. One way or another, this is all gonna be over tonight. Next stop, heart of The Dominion.

[Jesse and Lexa pace in their cells impatiently.]
Jesse (looking at his watch): Okay, I thought this virus of yours was gonna kick in.
Lexa: It will. [They look up as two guards escort a scientist through the door. He stops in front of Lexa’s cell.]
Jesse: Now would be a good time.
The Scientist (holding up a huge needle): After it’s done, move the remains to refrigeration. We want to avoid tissue damage.
Jesse: Oh, that’s not good. [Suddenly, the lights flicker overhead, and every computer begins to scroll meaningless messages and images. The door to Jesse’s cage opens.] Looks like your virus . [To see whether the governors have been turned off, he masses his fist. Then, seeing that the guards have drawn their guns on Lexa, he quickly phases into her cell and masses in front of her to protect her from the bullets.]
The Scientist: Kill them! [The bullets bounce off Jesse. Lexa peeks out from behind him to shoot one of the guards with a laser. Picking up the fallen guard’s gun, the scientist has started firing on Jesse too when he is hit from the side with a bullet. Lexa’s Contact has come back. He aims his gun at the other guard and shoots him as well. He wheels up to Lexa’s cage as she opens the door to meet him.]
The Contact: I guess doing the easy thing will have to wait for another day. You're on your own now, Lexa. I have to be far away from here.
Lexa: Hey, wait a minute. You know, I just realized... I never knew your name.
The Contact: Let's not spoil a good thing. We'll meet again. [He wheels out.]
Jesse (rubbing her arm): Let’s go.
Lexa: No, not yet. First we get The Creator.

[The Helix has landed on the roof. Adam’s working at the computer while Shalimar’s tunes her feral hearing on the building below them.]
Shalimar: Something’s going on in the building. I hear alarms.
Brennan: Is that Lexa’s virus?
Shalimar: We should get in there. [She gets up to leave.]
Brennan (following her): Adam, what are you doing?
Adam: I’m creating a little diversion in case we’re caught.
Shalimar: You’re using the Helix to get their attention?
Adam: Sort of. I’m gonna blow it up. [They look at him in surprised.]
Brennan: What?
Adam: Well, it’s no good to us if we’re dead.

[Entering the building, Brennan zaps two guards in the corridor, then Brennan and Adam look to Shalimar for directions.]
Shalimar (feral eyes flashing): This way. [They follow her.]

[Meanwhile, Lexa leads Jesse back to The Creator’s laboratory. Two armed guards ambush them from the front and the back; one targets Lexa and the other targets Jesse.]
Guard #1: Down on the floor!
Guard #2: Get down!
Jesse: Okay, your play. What now? [Lexa looks out of ideas.]

********Commercial Break*********

[Jesse and Lexa stand in the hallway in front of The Creator’s lab, targeted by the two guards.]
Guard #1: Take them out. [At the last moment, Jesse touches Lexa’s hand and phases them both, so that the guards end up shooting one another through them.]
Jesse: Nice shooting, boys. [Lexa kneels beside Guard #1's body and takes his ID card out of his pocket. As she stands, Adam, Shalimar, and Brennan come running up to her.]
Adam: Lexa! Jesse.
Brennan: Looks like they didn’t need our help after all.
Adam: All right, hurry. They’ll be sending in reinforcements. [Lexa runs the card through the lock. The door slides open.] All right. Let’s go see the man behind the curtain. [The walk through the force-field.]

[Inside the laboratory, The Creator sits at his desk, having just finished giving himself an injection. His face is covered in shadow.]
The Creator (indicating the needle he just used): Part of the price we pay for chasing immortality. I think of how hard I tried to get you here. Now here you are. You've delivered yourself.
Adam: I'm harder to kill this way.
The Creator: No, no, no, no. Believe me, no one intended to kill you. We're trying to deliver you to your destiny.
Adam: And what would you know about that?
The Creator: I've shaped every facet of your life. Everything you've studied, everywhere you've worked, everyone you've worked with.
Adam: I don't believe you.
The Creator: The human race is an imperfect thing, Adam. Weak creatures evolving randomly in an uncontrolled way without any order at all. But I knew we could do better. But I was running out of time, you see. [He stands, coming out into the light to reveal his face, a replica of Adam’s. Adam looks stunned.] That's why I cloned myself. I've spent 160 years working on this project alone, but I needed help.
Adam (shaking his head): No. I had parents!
The Creator: Michael, Kara. Loyal employees. And just when I was ready to call you and let you take the next step, you disappeared. Now you know the past. But from here, we create the future. [He gestures with his hands, and computer generated molecules form a double helix in front of him. Adam is lured to his side, studying the structure.]
Brennan: Adam, we've gotta get out of here.
Adam: We’ve got to take him with us. He’s got what I’ve been working toward all my life!
Shalimar: He’s lying to you, Adam. You don’t need him. [The Creator presses a button in the air, and a force-field appears between Mutant X and Adam.] Adam, watch out! [Shalimar tries to break through the force field, but bounces back. Jesse masses an arm to punch it, but can’t make a dent. From the other end of the lab, The Dominion Council head enters with two guards.]
The Council Head: Get The Creator and Kane to safety.
Brennan: No! [He and Lexa hit the force-field with electricity and lasers in vain.]
The Council Head: Kill them. [The Guards aim their guns at Mutant X.]
Adam (breaking away from the guards, holding up his wrist): Jesse! [He pushes a button on his watch, and The Helix on the roof explodes. A giagantic fireball rushes down the corridor towards the laboratory.]
Jesse (massing his teammates to protect them from the debris): Get in, get in!
Adam (being hauled away by the guards): Go! Run! Hurry! [He disappears behind another force-field. Armed guards chase Mutant X out as the building collapses around them. They regroup outside the building.]
Brennan: Where the hell do we go now?
Lexa: Well, we have to find Adam. I mean, everyone here except Jesse is living under a death sentence.
Shalimar: But Sanctuary is gone; the Helix is gone. The Dominion w–
Brennan: No, no. They think they’ve won. It’s not over yet. [Behind them, a huge explosion rips into the air.]
Jesse: It will be if we don’t move. Come on. [They run off to safety. The camera lingers on the Dominion headquarters explosion, then fades to black.]

Closing Credits.
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