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Mutant X Articles: 6/7/02 "Past as Prologue"

Comics Continuum 6/7/02


Production has begun in Toronto on the second season of the syndicated Mutant X television series. "We have begun shooting 'Time Squared,' the first of the season, but (it) won't air first, and it is literally a blast from the past," Tribune Entertainment's Seth Howard told The Continuum.

"We start shooting our second-season premiere 'Past as Prologue,' written by Howard Chaykin, on Friday. Gabriel Ashlocke is back and is faced with his own mortality. Wait until you see who he goes to for help!"

Michael Easton, who plays Gabriel, has signed on to appear in three second-season episodes of Mutant X.

Look for more on Mutant X soon here in The Continuum.

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Soaps In Depth 8/20/02, on Michael Easton Fan Tribute

Easton Will Enjoy an X-cellent Adventure

Michael Easton (ex-Caleb, PC) Easton's ethereal role from Mutant X's first season finale continuse when the sci-fi drama returns the week of September 30.

When: Syndicated; check local listings.

What they say: As Gabriel Ashlocke -- aka Patient Zero, the most powerful mutant ever -- Easton acted as a God-like figure to X's genetically-altered castoffs.

What we say: X marks a perfect spot for the actor formerly known as PC's prince of darkness. Plus, he's in good company alongside fellow soap grads/series regulars Forbes March (ex-Scott, AMC) and Victor Webster (ex-Nicholas, Days of Our Lives).

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Comics Continuum 9/12/02


Tribune Entertainment has released a logline for the first episode of the second season of Mutant X.

The episode, "Past as Prologue," will air in syndication the week of Sept. 28.

Here's how Tribune describes the episode:

"In a desperate attempt to save his own life, Ashlocke (Michael Easton) revives an ancient Egyptian alchemist who poses a lethal threat to the Mutant X team."

Easton's Ashlocke will appear in a three-episode story arc that will play out over the fall.

In other Mutant X news:

* According to a recent press release, Adam's last name has been revealed as Kane.

* For the second season, Mutant X has been cleared in 99 of the country's top 100 markets, and 180 markets total.

* Shalimar will fight to gain control of her heightened powers and emotions, and is drawn closer to Brennan, who establishes himself as a strong and resourceful second-in-command.

* Look for more on Mutant X soon here in The Continuum.

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SciFi Weekly 9/30/02

Mutant X Season 2 Premiere: Adam and the gang take on an Egyptian alchemist, magic crystals and a new, sexy bad guy
By Kathie Huddleston September 30, 2002

Mutant X Season 2 Premiere
"Past as Prologue"
Starring John Shea, Victor Webster, Victoria Pratt, Lauren Lee Smith and Forbes March
Directed by TJ Scott
Written by Elizabeth Keyishian
Premieres the week of Sept. 30

At the end of last season, the Mutant Xers developed new powers and discovered they had a new enemy, Gabriel Ashlocke (Michael Easton), who turned out to be the most powerful New Mutant ever created. As season two opens, Ashlocke steals an Egyptian burial urn from a millionaire, killing him in the process. Shalimar (Pratt) and Brennan (Webster) show up, and Ashlocke nearly kills them, too, but before he can carry out the deed, his power seems to weaken and he barely makes it out himself.

Back at Sanctuary, Adam (Shea) is upset that Shalimar and Brennan tried to take on Ashlocke alone. However, when they tell him their story, he realizes that Ashlocke may be sick. Adam determines to help Ashlocke get better, but Shalimar is furious and believes they should kill him. Ashlocke has been taunting her psychically, and she can't keep him out of her head.

Meanwhile, Ashlocke realizes he's getting worse. His accelerated metabolism, combined with the rapid mutation of his genes, is killing him. He plans to use the DNA sample he got from the burial urn to bring an Egyptian alchemist named Avaris to life, believing she can save him. However, he isn't sure he has enough time left to put his plan in action. He needs one more artifact, a crystal, which will allow the alchemist's magic to work.

While Adam works on a cure for Ashlocke, Jesse (March) and Brennan run into Ashlocke's people as they try to steal the crystal. However, both sides end up with only one piece of the puzzle, and before it's over, they may well be headed for an explosive confrontation that might destroy them all.

Magic and science don't mix

Last season, Mutant X proved a nice, consistent presence with plenty of action and an appealing cast that often offset the uneven storytelling. While "Past as Prologue" maintains the entertaining eye candy, the story is so silly and incomprehensible it's difficult to understand why the producers would want to start the season off with such a weak episode.

While certainly Easton continues to be a compelling bad guy and "Past as Prologue" does allow him to show his evil colors, Ashlocke's plan to bring a 3,000-years-dead Egyptian alchemist babe to life complete with her past memories by using the DNA from her burial jar is ridiculous. Even assuming you buy that plot, Ashlocke never seems to consider that the babe couldn't prevent her own death (i.e., 3,000 years in a burial urn), so why would he think her magic could save him? Obviously, his 25 years in stasis has affected his brain if this is the first big, evil plan he can come up with after taking care of Eckhart at the end of last season.

Even in its best moments, Mutant X stretches the bounds of believability. However, "Past as Prologue" mixes the show's fantastic science with magic, and the combination doesn't work at all.

So why does this episode earn a C? Well, simply because even though the episode makes no sense, it's fun to watch as long as you don't think about it. No, it's certainly not the best Mutant X has to offer, but it still looks so darn cool.

Season two does not start off with a bang, but the new sexy villain played by Easton promises to be even meaner than Eckhart. I have no doubt the producers will get the series on track quickly, and hopefully they'll never try to mix magic and science on Mutant X again.

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