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Cheerful Scout produces 'Mutant' menus
15 August 2002

A 3-Dimensional DNA strand is just one of the many striking features on the DVD menus for US sci-fi drama series 'Mutant X'. The menus were created and designed by Cheerful Scout for The Contender Entertainment Group and appropriately suggest the feel and tone of the show.

The 'Mutant X' series stars John Shea (Lex Luther from 'Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman') as a billionaire scientist who provides sanctuary to mutants. After 50 years of genetic experimentation, the resulting mutants are being hunted by people wanting to exploit their superhuman abilities.

In keeping with the title sequence for the show, as well as the plot of the series, Cheerful Scout¹s DVD menu designs for Mutant X play on images of chromosomes and DNA and were created by Cheerful Scout¹s Creative Director Peter Litten.

The DNA strand was created using Cinema 4D, the main graphics and chapter points using After Effects and Photoshop, and the footage within the boxes was edited offline on Media 100 and edited online and composited using 844/X.

The Mutant X DVD is scheduled for release on September 23rd 2002 by The Contender Entertainment Group on its Kult TV label. hit counter
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