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Mutant X Characters: Lexa's Dominion Contact, a.k.a. "The Voice"

Lexa's Dominion Contact played by George Buza

First Mutant's bio of Lexa's Dominion Contact (a.k.a. "Santa", "The Voice," "The Source")
Lexa Pierce's Dominion Contact made his first appearance in "Into the Moonless Night," and remained nameless throughout the third season. Despite the fact that Lexa was responsible for crippling him while under the remote control of a Genomex neural implant, this man worked to incorporate her into The Dominion when she was searching for her twin brother, Leo. Lexa and The Contact developed a grudgingly respectful professional relationship during Lexa's years with the organization. When Lexa led Mutant X on a rampage against The Dominion's headquarters, her Contact turned his back on his employers in order to help her escape captivity.

First Appearance: Also appeared in: "Wages of Sin," "Possibilities," "Conspiracy Theory," "Art of Attraction," "A Normal Life," "Divided Loyalties," "Age of Innocence," "She's Come Undone," "In Between," "Cirque des Merveilles," and "The Assault"

Trivia Otherwise known as "Evil Santa," Santa is a fandom nickname for Lexa's unnamed Dominion Contact. He is also known throughout the fandom and official sites as "The Voice," or "The Man."

The actor who played The Dominion Contact, George Buza, is no stranger to the world of mutants. He voiced the character Beast in the animated X-Men television series, and had a cameo in the first X-Men film as the truck driver who brings Rogue to Laughlin City near the beginning of the movie.

Quote: Lexa: "You know, I just realized... I never knew your name."
The Voice: "Let's not spoil a good thing. We'll meet again."

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