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Mutant X Interviews: Howard Chaykin (5/04 Fanboy Planet)

Excerpt from Fanboy Planet 5/26/04: Howard Chaykin (head writer)

Challenging The Unknown With A Master of the Form: An Interview with Howard Chaykin

If you don't know Howard Chaykin, it's because he's kept a low profile in comics over the past few years. After spending several years working on a variety of genre television shows from The Flash to Mutant X, Chaykin recently announced that he was coming back to the comics world full time.
DM: What is it about comics that has lured you back from the lucrative career doing television?

Chaykin: The money that you earn from doing television comes at a price: heart, soul and stomach.

When I left the show I was working on, in the space of a couple of months I lost thirty-five pounds, started sleeping better and found my head, my emotional state, level of serenity and spirituality was greatly heightened. I was no longer rage-filled. I was no longer berserk. I was happy.

It finally all happened out of circumstance. I left the show in June, and in Hollywood, by June the jobs are all gone. The schedules are announced in mid-May, and by June there's no work. The best that I could have hoped at that point was to get a job come Thanksgiving. That's about it.

Chaykin proving his chops...
I found myself in the position of not having to work, because that was part of my contract. But I wasn't going to sit on my ass for six months because I don't do that sort of thing. So I pitched a book to DC on a Friday, and they bought it the following Tuesday. Which I have since learned is a record. And that became Mighty Love.
I don't recommend taking ten years off from your career, but it worked for me. And I discovered that I really liked it. Half-way through the book, I was talking to my wife and I said, "how would you feel if we didn't have the kind of money that we're used to having?"

She said, "you're happier, you're healthier, you don't make me crazy; I'll live with it." And that was that.

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