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From the former Totally Feral website. None of the following material is my own.

Callie's Theory:

Even though "The Powers That Be" orginial intended for the series "Mutant X" to be set in the near future, they ultimately determined to have the series set in present time. Evidence of this is seen in the fact that originally the licence plates for vehicles was located on the back window as stripes, as some futuristic verson. When later in the series, they had regular modern licence plates on vehicles. Therefore, I feel that a timeline for the series should be set in the present.

Shalgal's Theory:

Over the past three seasons information about our favorite characters before they joined Mutant X has been slowly leaked to the fans. In the case of some of the characters information given about them changes season to season. One of the most contradicted timelines is the one for Shalimar Fox. There are several points between the three seasons that radically changes the story of what happened to this character. I am going to do my best to solve the mystery of what really happened to Shalimar. There are going to be instances of pure speculation over how to explain all the contradicting evidence, however, I will explain why I came to the conclusions that I did.

Year Event Age
1974 Birth of Shalimar Fox 0
1984 Institutionalized 10
1989 Moves in with Adam 15
1992 Adam Leaves Genomex and Shalimar Leaves Adam 18
1995 Zach Thing and spends a Week in Prison. Shalimar then Returns to Adam! 21
2001 Season 1 27
2002 Season 2 28
2003 Season 3 29 says Shalimar was in her late 20's at the beginning of Season 1, says she was in her mid 20's. Which is true? Who knows! However, this version of the order of events could make all the inconsistencies make sense. In this version of events, the records are accurate. Maybe she lied about her age when she decided to work for Mutant X?

In "Lest He Becomes" Shalimar says she was locked up in a mental institution when she was 10 years old. In "Understudy" she says Adam found her when she was 15 years old. Shalimar escaped the mental institution when she was "ready to take the guards", if that was the case, how old was she? She never said. No matter how old she really was Adam found her on the streets. Therefore, the time between being definitely committed and

In "Understudy" Shalimar states she was 15 years old when she moved in with Adam. In "Dancing on the Razor" and "Within These Walls" Shalimar mentions different things referring to schooling with other children. Granted we don't know how old she was when this schooling occurred, however, we do know that at least part of her schooling was done at public schools (you never know if Adam home schooled her or sent her to public school

At some point, in order to make the Shalimar Timeline completely work, she had to have left the security of Sanctuary and venture into the real world. What do I mean by "completely work"? Well, in episode 118 "Ex Marks the Spot" we meet Shalimar's ex-boyfriend Zack, who had dumped the loot from a crime that he committed at Shalimar's apartment, and then he let her take the fall for the heist when the police found it there. In that season one episode we know that the last time they saw each other was 6 years prior to their encounter in the episode.

Since Shalimar was 15 years old when she moved in with Adam, it is almost impossible that this could have happened at age fourteen or younger due to Zack mentioning that he used his powers for profit in high school and thus wasn't living on the streets yet. One way that we could explain Zack in Shalimar's timeline is if she had left life with Adam at some point.

·Now if she left him because Adam kicked her out at 18 or if she decided to leave on her own we may never know for sure. However, there is evidence that Shalimar did leave Adam at some point. In Episode 102 "I Scream the Body Electric" Shalimar thanks Adam for giving Emma a second chance with the team. Adam replies to her that if he didn't believe in second chances than she wouldn't be there.

My theory is that Shalimar, at age 18, decided to leave Adam. She lived a wild life on the streets, and when she was finally caught by the police Adam was either informed or he simply noticed though his connections. One Adam found this out, he give her a second chance to join him and his mission. During the time that Shalimar was away, Adam brought in Lexa and formed Mutant X 1.0 without Shalimar's knowledge.

In "A Normal Life" Shalimar says that she worked for Adam for about 10 years. If you add up on my timeline, how long Shalimar spent time with Adam it will roughly add up to 10 years.

Callie and Shalgal

This site has archives of the former Simply Charming site. I'm saving what I can here; none of the following material is my own.

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