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Mutant X Interviews: Peter Mohan (4/04 SciFi Magazine)

Peter Mohan: Sci-Fi Magazine 4/04, on The Official Mutant X Site

Sweetness and Light: Karen Cliche uses Lexa Pierce's incandescent powers to illuminate MUTANT X.*

MUTANT X (Syndication): "The great thing is, we've got so much in play and so many interesting possibilities that it's really just fulfilling the promise of everything that we set up," said executive producer Peter Mohan. "And it's really going to some interesting dramatic places. There are some great things we're moving toward."

One of those things has to do with learning more about the Dominion. "Over this next arc, the characters will get a deeper understanding of what the Dominion has in store for everybody and what they're really about. You'll start to see more of the real nature of the Dominion beyond Mysterious Voice Character."

February kicks off with "Conspiracy Theory," which pairs the team with a conspiracy theorist who believes that "they're on the trail of aliens. As much as they think he's a bit of a nut, he seems to be able to put together a lot of the things they don't understand about the world and what's going on," said Mohan.

"From there we go to a show called 'Art of Attraction.' As the team investigates mysterious thefts of artworks, which seem to have a greater significance than just the art itself, they find themselves pitted against an attractive New Mutant art thief who Lexa seems to be falling for. Her power is the power of manipulating light. He has the power to manipulate darkness. It's a very hot situation between them. At the same time, there's a certain amount of jealousy on Jesse's part, since that relationship is heating up a bit. And at the same time, Shalimar is receiving mysterious communications from someone who seems to know things about the team. They do have a startling revelation at the end."

Other episodes will find Shalimar protecting a man who is accused of a horrible crime, while Jesse will reunite with his grandfather, who it turns out was part of a longevity experiment in the '40s. In "Divided Loyalties," Brennan goes undercover as a thief to stop a brutal gang of bank robbers, and in "She's Come Undone," Lexa will discover that someone is controlling her activities as she sleeps, and that she's being used in horrible ways.

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