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Mutant X Interviews: Howard Chaykin (2/01 SciFi Wire)

SciFi Wire 2/01: Howard Chaykin

Mutant X To Have An Edge

Howard Chaykin--executive consultant on the upcoming syndicated TV series Mutant X--told the Comics Continuum Web site that the show will be more than a superhero series. Chaykin is a veteran of both comics and TV and recently signed on to the Tribune Entertainment series, which premieres in October.

"If you know comics, you know my stuff," Chaykin told the site. "You know that I'm not interested in doing ground-level, mass-market, mainstream stuff. One of my jobs has always been to maintain the cutting edge in comics. I think I've done a pretty good job with that. And we'll do the same thing here, I think. One of the reasons I'm doing [Mutant X] is because of what I bring to the table, which is a long-standing career in comics and a long-standing career in television."

Chaykin said designs for the show's characters are in the beginning stages. Shooting of Mutant X will begin in June in Toronto.

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