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Mutant X FAQ: Where can I find Mutant X Fanfiction?

Big Ol' List of Mutant X Fanfiction Links

The Directory's Mutant X fanfiction links, arranged alphabetically by website. Some stories may contain adult content, so please heed any posted warnings.
Please feel free to contact me to add a new fanfic site or report a broken link. To view these links organized by category, you can pop back over to The Great Mutant X Fansite Directory. Happy Reading!

*Last updated 3/25/12

12 Fics: Brennan/Emma fanfic by Christian2680

Ab Intra: Mutant X fanfic by Feline Feral

Adult Mutant X collection

Agent with Style: Mutant X 'zines

Aimless's Little Corner of the Web: Mutant X stories by Aimless

AliasJaneDoe's Journal: Mutant X fanfic by AliasJaneDoe

Ali's Wonderland: Mutant X fanfic by Ali

Alter Idem: Justify the Means by Lithium Doll

Archive of Our Own: Mutant X collection

Beren Writes: Sum of the Individual Parts

Le Bazar de Raf: Bloodline by Raf *French

Beam Me Up: Mutant X fanfic by sdeneen and Goddess of Wombats

Bibliofics: Mutant X collection *French

Billy Rose: There's Got to Be a Morning After

Biogenius Psionic: Mutant X Collection

The Black Hole: Happenings in the Jungle by Mina-Chan

Breathe: Mutant X fanfic by Villanelle

Brennan-Shalimar-Love: Love and Anger and How I Feel About You by Shy Girl

Bric @ Brac: Mutant X collection *French

Capricorn: Mutant X fanfic by Genesis

Castle's Keep: Mutant X fanfic by Glacis

Christian Heaven: Mutant X fanfic by Christian

La Communauté des Mutants: Mutant X collection *French

Crimson Redd: Mutant X fanfic by Meg Brown

CyndraRae's Livejournal: Mutant X fanfic by CyndraRae

Divergent Lines: Mutant X stories by Katerli

The Divine Goat: Three Rings and a Book of Poetry by Amaltheia

Donna Lynn's Dark Angels: Mutant X Collection by Donna Lynn

The Eckhart Literary Society: Mutant X collection with Archives

Electricgurl: Perfect and Troubled Water by Electricgurl

Elinia's Fics: L’ELUE by Ginie and Projet Delta saison 1 by KarelleAlishaFox *French

Ellie Fic: Rainy Day by Ellie

Emily Delauro's Mutant X Page: fanfic by Emily Delauro

Escape from Reality: Mutant X Story by Aleja

The Expanded Mutant X Universe: Till Death Do Us Part by Martana Alexander

Fanfics Street: Mutant X Collection *French

The Fanfiction Awards

Fanfiction French: Mutant X collection *French Mutant X collection ~ Communities ~ Forums
- The Best of Jesse and Lexa Fan Fiction
- The Best of Jesse Angst Fics
- Brennan and Shalimar Sanctuary of Fics
- Brennan Lexa
- Deeper Connection: Emma and Jesse
- EmmaBrennan Fanfiction
- Emma & Shalimar: The Best Collection
- Emma and Shalimar Fic Heaven
- Empathy
- Episode Based
- Give Us A Kiss: Femslash for All
- JesseEmma Forever
- Notable Emma and Shalimar Mutant X Fiction
- Shalimar and Brennan

Fanfiction World Mutant X collection *German

Ficlets on Demand: Mutant X drabbles

Fic Unlimit: Mutant X stories by Buffyfred *French

Forum de Mutant X: Mutant X fanfic by Jessie *French

Glittertwins: Breaktime by Glittertwins

Hermione Muggle: Picking Up the Pictures

Hidden Muse: Mutant X fanfic by Rhianne

Hotitudinosity: Mutant X stories by Jalabert

IssueGirls: Mutant X fanfic by Catlin

Jill's Dribblezone: Mutant X stories by Jill

A Journey of the Heart: Mutant X fanfic by Juli

Kenzimone's Writing & Art Journal: Corollary by Kenzimone

Keverynn: Mutant X fanfic by Purenightshade

Kissing Fingertips: Walls Are Falling by Poto

Kylia's World: Mutant X fanfic by Kylia

Lair of Kellei Lyinne: Resigned to Fate by Cassie Jamie

Light My Way: A Telempath on the Run and My Last Good-bye by Empath Child

A Living Obsession: Mutant X stories by Trenz *Czech

Love & Angst: Mutant X fanfic by Angelstryst

Lucid Dreams: Mutant X fanfic by Titta

Madness Prevails: Icarus and His Ocean by Maxdaemonv2

Magic Creatures and Dreams: Mutant X fanfic by Vamp Pandora

Matters Masonesque and More: Mutant X collection

Menewsha's Fanfiction Index: Mutant X fanfic by Selenity Cosmos

Mightier Than the Sword: Mutant X collection

Mutant X Fanfic Livejournal

Mutant X Fanfiction Webring

Mutant X Fan French Team: Mutant X collection *French

Mutant X Lives: Mutant X collection *Russian

Newbie 2 U: That's Gonna Leave a Mark

Ninjetti's Fic Archive: Mutant fanfic by Ninjetti

No Power in this 'Verse Can Stop Me: Mutant X fanfic by CJ Soleil

Only In Dreams: Mutant X stories by Paper Pieces

Passion and Perfection: Mutant X collection

Pretty Mutant Boys: Mutant X fanfic by Lucy

Pulsations Creatrices: Shadow by ShadowLynn *French

PureMX Archives: Mutant X collection

Purpleatheist's Fanfic Page: Some Idea by purpleatheist

Quizilla: Dead or Alive? by lizziebeth291

Realm of the Shadow: Mutant X collection

Romantic Intentions: Everywhere She Is by Meana

Sanctuary Mutant X Livejournal: Mutant X collection

Sanctuary of the Two Blind Mice: Mutant X stories by Midget

Saone's Fanfiction: 4:19 and The Word That Shall Not Be Named

Scribbles in Ink: Mutant X fanfic by AmandaK

Seanachais: Sleepless in Sanctuary by Perri Smith

La passion des séries: Mutant X collection *French

Slashing Mutant X: Livejournal

Slash Mutant X: Mutant X collection

The Slash Nexus: Helping Hand by The Other G.M. ~ Mutant X Slashfic

Smiley Steph: Realizations

Smoke on Water: Dreamweaver by Villanelle

Stained Glass: Change of Seasons by Kylia

Stargate Universe: Mutant X collection *French

Steppenwolf's Fanfiction and Ramblings: Mutant X fanfic by Steppenwolf In the Absence of... and Sore Loser! Maybe? by Serenity

The Tenth Muse: Mutant X fanfic by Nancy

Trancer 21: Burn by Trancer

Trenz's Corner: Mutant X stories by Trenz

Under the Shell: Some Days by Turtle

Unrealized Realities: Four Mutants and a Baby by Susan W. Paranoia and Elements by BlackRaven

Vibes of Time: Fanlisting

Welcome to Mutant X: Mutant X fanfic by Nalaniangel

Wereleopard's Lair: Control by Wereleopard

The Wonderful World of Makebelieve: Mutant X Collection

The Works of Jade: Rising by Jade

World on a Wire: Mutant X stories by Lonelywalker

Writing by Ebonio: Mutant X stories by Eboniorchid

Crossovers: Mutant X crossover fanfiction

MX/Alias: In the Moonlight: Mission de Sauvatage by Emmana *French

MX/Birds of Prey/Charmed: Hero: My World by Impulse

MX/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy Fanfiction and Challenges: Feral Discovery: Part 1 and 2 by Doc

MX/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Twisting the Hellmouth: Fliers and Mutants by Cwolf and Mutants, Slayers, and Vampires, Oh My! by AmarinRose

MX/Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Days of Our Lives: Broe Rocks: Reality by WildChild

MX/CSI Miami/The Pretender: Double Trouble, Triple Threat by Scifinutforever

MX/NSync: Mutants and Boybands and Sparkles, Oh My! by Ninjetti

MX/Power Rangers: Mutant X/PRDT Crossover by Kali WolfChilde

MX/The Pretender: Pretender Centre: Best of Two Worlds by SireesAnwar

MX/Roswell: Roswell Fanatics: Not All Powers are Alien by LittleBit

MX/Roswell: Random Roswell Ramblings: Not the Only Ones by Bloodstar

MX/Smallville: Fanfiction Freedom: The Truth of My Secrets by Princess Lollypop

MX/Stargate Atlantis: Wraithbait: Chilled to the Bone by Medie

MX/Treasure Planet: The Coral Galaxy: Loyalty and Trust by Susan Castaneda

MX/Wilby Wonderful/Double Happiness/Hard Core Logo: Venn Diagram by Lilac One

MX/X-Men: Organized Chaoz's blogspot

MX/X-Men: Storm Fiction: Quantum Shift by Greywolf

MX/X-Men/Leverage: Whispers In My Mind: A Man Walks into a Bar by Yanza Dracan

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