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MX Warehouse Site Credits

Mutant X Warehouse Site Credits

After several of my favorite Mutant X sites disappeared in 2005, I began collecting and organizing important Mutant X-related material for preservation. This is mostly an archive site, so if you recognize something of yours in The Warehouse that is improperly credited or that you would like removed, please contact me so that I can correct the error.

Personal Credits

Special thanks to my amazing collaborators: belle_marie, princessbryn, TPTigger, lonelywalker, ssgt_m_l_batt and Jesse for their wonderful ideas and indispensible help in putting this site together. Thanks also to kincsem and loveconquers14 for providing season 1 & 3 DVDs for me to transcribe.

The Show Credits

Tribune Entertainment Canwest Global Marvel Studios

Information and Image Credits

Many, many thoughtful Mutant X fans, The Official Mutant X Website, 4RFV, 7M Pictures, 11 Cameras, 60x50, 570 News, 680 News, A&E, ABC News,, Absolute Now, Access Hollywood, ACT, Actor's Fund of Canada, ACTRA Toronto, Actors Info Booth, Actor's Studio, Adventure Gamers, Advance, Adventure, ADV Films, Advocate, Afro Toronto, After Ellen, After Elton, The Age, Agency FAQ, Ain't It Cool News, Airlock Alpha, Air Odyssey, Aisle Say, Alex Fung's Page, All Things Law & Order, Almost Human, Alternative Film Guide, AMC OLTL Fanclub, American Conservatory Theater, American Events, American Family Association, American Fitness, Amethyst Visions, Andromeda TV, Aneurysm and AVM Support, App Scout, Aquamantra, arts Nantucket, Art World, Asiance Magazine, Ask Men, Audience without a Box, Austin 360, Ausxip, Autism Speaks, Autumn Leaf, AV Club, AZ Central, AZ Daily Sun,, Bait the Oscar, Ball State Univeristy, Bates College Magazine, Bayshore Broadcasting, BBC News, BC Local News, Bella Online, 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