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Mutant X Interviews: 10/15/15 T.J. Scott

Excerpt from Flickering Myth 10/15/15: T.J. Scott

Interview: T.J. Scott, director of Death Valley
October 15, 2015 by Gary Collinson

Long time stuntman, stunt coordinator, and director in his own right, T.J. Scott might best be known as a director for numerous television shows such as Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess, Cleopatra 2525, and more recently shows such as Gotham, Spartacus, 12 Monkeys, and The Strain, but he has a new feature film set to be released in theaters on October 20th called Death Valley. The suspenseful film stars his wife Victoria Pratt (Mutant X, Cleopatra 2525), and is set entirely in Death Valley.
You did some other shows like Mutant X and Spartacus, which was another Tapert/Raimi production.

Yeah, I directed the pilot for Mutant X. Jon Cassar, who became famous for becoming one of the executive producers on 24, was wanted to direct the pilot for Mutant X. Half of the producers on that show wanted him, and the other half wanted me, so we split the pilot between us. It was a two-hour pilot, and we flipped a coin to see who would shoot the first hour and who would shoot the second hour. It was a super fun collaboration with Jon. Of course, Victoria was one of the stars of it, so that was fun.

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