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Mutant X Articles 1/30/03 Mutant X renewed for season 3

Zap 2 It 1/30/03

'Andromeda,' 'Mutant X' Picked Up
Thursday, January 30, 2003 10:00 PM PT

The syndicated action series "Andromeda" and "Mutant X" will both return for the 2003-04 season. Tribune Entertainment, which produces both shows, has been pleased with the performance of each series. "Andromeda" can be seen in close to 90 percent of U.S. households, while stations that air "Mutant X" cover 76 percent of the country.

"'Andromeda' and 'Mutant X' are two of the top-performing first-run hours in syndication," Tribune Entertainment president and CEO Dick Askin tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Station general managers are readily renewing both series."

Andromeda," which stars Kevin Sorbo ("Hercules" ) as captain of a spaceship who, after being frozen in suspended animation for 300 years, works to free the universe from the grip of evil rulers. It will enter its fourth season in 2003-04.

"Mutant X" is assured of a third season. It follows a group of genetic mutants who fight for justice while avoiding those who would exploit their abilities.

Tribune Entertainment's parent, the Tribune Co., also owns Zap2it.

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Daily Variety 1/31/03

'Andromeda,' 'X' renewed for '03
Author: Oei, Lily Publication Date: 31-JAN-03

Tribune's syndie skeins "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda" and "Mutant X" have both been renewed for the 2003-04 season.

"Andromeda," picked up for its fourth season, is carried in 148 markets repping 88% of the U.S. Kevin Sorbo starrer has consistently been the top-ranked syndie with adult men since it debuted in 2000.

Tribune, Fireworks Entertainment and MBR Prods produce the program, based on work from the late Roddenberry's archives.

Renewed for its third season, "Mutant X" is carried in 103 markets repping 76% of the U.S.

Series is produced by Tribune, Marvel Studios and Fireworks Entertainment.

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