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Mutant X Interviews: Seth Howard, Victor Webster, T.J. Scott (3/03 S1 DVD)

"Shock of the New" DVD commentary

Seth Howard: Hi, I'm Seth Howard, I'm the creative executive on the show for Tribune Entertainment.
Victor Webster: How are you doing? I'm Victor Webster; I play Brennan Mulwray.
T. J. Scott: And I'm T.J. Scott, and I'm the director of episode 101, Shock of the New. Welcome, this is our pilot episode.
Seth: Yeah, the show is a production of Marvel Studios, Tribune Entertainment and Fireworks. It was a show that was brought to us from Avi Arad and Rick Ungar at Marvel. And we were kind of excited 'cause we wanted to do a superhero show with something a little different, and kind of based in scientific fact. There's something called the Genome Project. Actually, around 1999, I guess, the scientists said that they have uncracked -- or cracked -- the genetic code, so basically, what we're saying in the premise of Mutant X is that they lied. And they'd actually cracked the genetic code many, many, many years before, and the result from one man's tinkering with genetics was creating some mutants. And that's what the premise of the show's about.
Victor: I really like the way you directed all of this random change in the speeds and cutting.
Seth: This is our intro, really, to Victor and to Lauren Lee, and we see that there's a connection between the two of them right away. And she's looking for help and Victor's really seeing that, hey, there's other mutants out there. I mean, for the first time, that's what he's cluing into here. Emma is actually subconsciously projecting her fear. She's a telempath, which means that she can project and read other people's emotions.
Victor: Wait.
Seth: And Victor looks confused.
Victor: Dur.
Seth: D'oh! Okay, here's the biggest opening action sequence ever of any television show.
Victor: Big action! Big action!
Scott: This is a really cool alleyway that we found. It's in Toronto, and I really like the graphics from the first time that we saw it, thought it was gonna work great for this opening action sequence in the series.
Seth: Oh, and there she is being rescued by Jesse Kilmartin, whose powers are what you just saw right there, that he can phase his body. And he can also increase the molecular density of his to make him a litle stronger, invincible.
Victor: What's cool is the introduction of all the characters. This way it's showing all their powers, and showing everybody coming together right here.
Seth: And right there is the stunning Victoria Pratt, who we dropped four stories.
Scott: She did the stunt herself, coming down and did most of this fight sequence herself, which she does throughout the series. So does Victor.
Seth: She plays Shalimar Fox, who is a feral. When she was in the womb, she had her genetic makeup grafted with some animal DNA, and she's what we call a feral.
Scott: Here we see Jesse's other mutant power, which is that he can go dense.
Seth: Yes. [They all laugh.]
Scott: Physically speaking.
Victor: Oh, yeah.
Seth: We're in so much trouble already.
Scott: And it's a great, it's a really good group of people. This show, I think one of the reasons it's been so successful is everybody works so well together and has such a great relationship on and off set.
Scott: Considering we got a little bit of wirework here. A little bit of wirework, and Forbes is about to do a little piece of wirework here.
Seth: Really cool.
Scott: Spins around and does a soccer kick here.
Victor: And all this stuff, before the start of the first season, we had about a couple weeks of intense training, doing the wirework, gymnastics, fighting training with Paul Rapovski to learn how to do all this stuff ourselves. Some people had training with martial arts, some people hadn't, but everybody looks like they can really kick some butt.
Scott: Yeah. And Paul Rapovski is really terrific. He's like a huge part of this team. He's just phenomenal with the action and working with the actors, coming up with really cool stuff.
Seth: And here comes the last member of Mutant X, Adam Kane. Played by the brilliant John Shea, who, as you recall, was in a movie called Missing and played Lex Luthor on Lois and Clark, and what an amazing actor. Really happy to have on the show.
Seth: And he's really the father figure for the rest of the characters, I would say.
Victor: Mm-hm. Definitely, and there's a
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