First Mutant's Mutant X Warehouse (mutantxarchive) wrote,
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Have a Happy Halloween!

The Haunted House: 20 Creepy Mutant X Moments

Brennan in Crossroads of the SoulJesse and Mason Eckhart in In BetweenLexa in She's Come UndoneAdam and Emma in Altered EgoThe Guardian in The ProphecyCaleb Mathias in Lazarus SyndromeMason Eckhart in Nothing to FearShalimar in Lest He BecomeLena Blake in Presumed GuiltyEmma in InfernoThe Protocanth in ReawakeningLizard feral in Into the Moonless NightAdam and Shalimar in Hard TimeEmma in No Man Left BehindShalimar in InfernoThe Beast in Whose Woods These AreBrennan in One Step CloserCyrus Payton and Dr. Leo Mcallister in Body and SoulThe Creator in in Deadly Desire
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