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World Screen 3/3/09

Fireworks, Virgin Media in On-Demand Tie-Up
By Kristin Brzoznowski Published: March 3, 2009

LONDON: More than 275 hours of programming from Fireworks International, including the sci-fi series Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda, will be available through Virgin Media's on-demand service.

Fireworks will supply Virgin Media with multiple series for viewing on demand, primarily for its recently launched sci-fi and fantasy section. Along with Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda, which chronicles the efforts of Captain Dylan Hunt and his crew as they attempt to restore peace to a civilisation plunged into chaos, further titles included under the deal are Mutant X, following a team of human mutants who possess extraordinary powers, and Relic Hunter, starring Tia Carrere as Sydney Fox, an unorthodox history professor with a lust for excitement and a passion for adventure.

Also included is the supernatural crime drama Blood Ties, starring Christina Cox as a feisty ex-cop turned private eye investigating supernatural crimes; the mystery drama The Collector, centred around a man who's been alive since 1322 A.D. and collects souls for the devil; the anime series Robotech and the live-action children's series Black Hole High.

Jonathan Ford, Fireworks International's senior VP of digital distribution, commented, "One of our key assets at Fireworks International is our unrivalled catalogue of sci-fi programming which features a blend of classic, critically acclaimed titles and the latest hit productions. Virgin Media's TV on-demand service is the perfect platform for these series, allowing customers to watch shows whenever they choose, at the touch of a button. The new sci-fi and fantasy section, which launched in February, caters for legions of fans who can now watch their favourite long-running shows at any time, planning their own TV schedules."

Malcolm Wall, the chief executive of content for Virgin Media, said, "With over 4,600 hours of TV, film and music available at the touch of a button on our leading on demand service, Virgin Media TV customers have access to an unrivalled selection of on demand content to watch whenever they choose. The new deal with Fireworks International to provide great shows for our recently launched sci-fi and fantasy on-demand section demonstrates our commitment to providing the best range of entertainment for all Virgin Media TV customers."

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