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Mutant X Articles: 1/21/01 Mutant X gains markets

Excerpt from Broadcasting & Cable 1/21/01

4. Tribune Broadcasting
By BroadCasting & Cable Staff -- Broadcasting & Cable, 1/21/2001 5:00:00 PM MT

23 stations/28.16% of U.S.

On weekends, Tribune is bringing back Earth: Final Conflict, BeastMaster and Andromeda, according to Schacher. And all the stations will also run new Tribune Entertainment action hour Mutant-X. "We're very high on this project," he explains. "We're heavily into the sci-fi and fantasy approach. We think Mutant-X with a strong X-Men brand attached to it will fit in naturally with those shows."
8. Sinclair Broadcast Group
By BroadCasting & Cable Staff -- Broadcasting & Cable, 1/21/2001 5:00:00 PM MT

55 stations/14.97% of U.S.

He says Sinclair stations are not looking for much weekend product. "We are very full. We have very limited weekend time periods," adds Butler.

Although the new Sci-Fi thriller Mutant X is being purchased for all but two Sinclair stations, Nash Bridges, The Pretender and The Real World are already carried. Also on weekends, Andromeda runs in all of the group's markets.
23. Granite Broadcasting
By BroadCasting & Cable Staff -- Broadcasting & Cable, 1/21/2001 5:00:00 PM MT

10 stations/4.92% of U.S.

When it comes to programming, for the most part, Granite is sticking with what it's got.

"We tend to stay with programs that do well or reasonably well, rather than chase the next year's hot trend-whether that be court, teen talk or reality. We would rather have long-term success and consistency than ephemeral bumps," says John Deushane, senior vice president, Midwest, for Granite Broadcasting.

Indeed, the group's major acquisitions have been for only two of its stations: The WB affiliates KBWB(TV) San Francisco and WDWB(TV) Detroit. Granite has acquired Talk or Walk for both stations. For weekends, the group will add Mutant-X, Andromeda and Beastmaster. It also is considering Fifth Wheel.

Broadcasting & Cable 3/7/01

Tribune cops action clearances
By BroadCasting & Cable Staff 3/7/2001 11:28:00 AM MT

Tribune Entertainment's action hours have scored more clearances for next season. Its fall 2001 project, Mutant X now secures 86% of the U.S., representing 67 of the top 70 markets in the country.

New stations on board for the weekly, featuring Marvel comic characters, include WFTC-TV Minneapolis, WBNX-TV Cleveland, WXCF-TV Orlando and KDNL-TV St. Louis. In terms of Tribune show renewals, Andromeda is now good to go in 97% of the U.S. for season two, landing double runs in 185 markets.

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Excerpt from Broadcasting & Cable 8/5/01

Tribune gets in on the action
Susanne Ault -- Broadcasting & Cable, 8/5/2001 6:00:00 PM MT

Other syndicators are dropping out of the action-hour business, but Tribune Entertainment is gung ho with five projects currently in development for the fall 2002 season. Projects unveiled last week include SPQR, which follows characters living in ancient Rome; MechWarriors, based on the Microsoft computer game Battletech; and The Ultimate Adventure Company, about the real-life experiences of explorer Barry Clifford.
As for 2001 efforts, Tribune has cleared Mutant X in 165 markets, representing 95% of the U.S.; Talk or Walk, 185 markets, 92%; and off-net City Guys, 183 markets, 91%. It still represents barter-sales activities for Hearst Entertainment, NBC Enterprises and Universal Worldwide Television.

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Cinescape: 8/3/01

By: ERIC J. MOREELS, Editor Dateline: Friday, August 3, 2001

A 30-second premiere promo for Tribune Entertainment's upcoming Mutant X live-action syndicated TV series is now available for download as a QuickTime movie at the show's recently-revamped official Web site at

Also on the Web site, in the Community section, a message board and real-time chat room are promised to be coming soon. Tribune Entertainment have also outlined their policy for anyone wanting to - or who already has - created a fan site dedicated to the show.

The recently-added Station Clearance List reveals that the series has been cleared, or picked up, by various TV stations across the U.S. in 146 markets, including 95 out of 100 of the top TV markets.

The series, which is currently shooting in Vancouver, is set to debut in syndication on or around October 1st. The cast includes John Shea (Adam), Victoria Pratt (Shalimar Fox), Victor Webster (Brennan Mulwray), Lauren Lee Smith (Emma deLauro), and Forbes March (Jesse Kilmartin).

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