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Mutant X Articles: 10/21/01 Mutant X's 2001 ratings

Excerpt from Broadcasting & Cable 10/21/01

Staying in the game
By Susanne Ault 10/21/2001 6:00:00 PM MT

Tribune rookie Mutant X debuted with a 1.9 rating/4 share in the Nielsen weighted metered markets, 21% below the year-ago numbers. And Tribune's Andromeda, one of last year's top-scoring action hours, earned a 1.7/4 in its second-season debut, 26% lower than last year. Some have speculated that viewers want more light comedy in the wake of the Sept. 11 events. But Spiegelman says, "We expect our ratings to be strong."

Excerpt from Broadcasting & Cable 10/25/01

Mutant X makes ratings splash
By BroadCasting & Cable Staff, 10/25/2001 7:30:00 AM MT

Tribune Entertainment's new action hour Mutant X moved strongly in its debut on Nielsen's national syndication chart. Scoring a 3.3, for the week ending Oct. 14, Mutant X was second only to Entertainment Tonight Weekend (4.0, up 18% from last period), among all weekly hours.

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Excerpt from The Hollywood Reporter 10/25/01

'mutant X' Transforms Into Top Syndie Actioner
By Steve Brennan Date: Thursday, October 25 2001

The highly anticipated new sci-fi action hour "Mutant X" from Tribune Entertainment materialized on the weekly syndication chart with an impressive 3.3 rating average for its debut. The opening launched the new arrival as the No. 1 weekly action hour in syndication for the week ending Oct. 14. The second highest-rated hour was Tribune's second-season premiere of "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda," which posted a 3.2 rating, up 28% from the previous week's repeat episode of the sci-fi series. In some respects, the fortunes of both shows are linked as they air back to back in the top four markets and in six of the top nine.

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Comics 2 Film 10/25/01

Reported By Variety, 10/25/2001:
The syndicated Marvel/Tribune action hour Mutant X debuted to a 3.3 national household rating making it the number two syndicated, hour-long weekly for the week ended October 14 according to Variety. The number one spot was held by the long-running Entertainment Tonight Weekend. To add one more qualifier, this makes Mutant X the top syndicated, hour-long, weekly, action-oriented show.

© Comics 2 Film

Excerpt from Broadcasting & Cable 11/9/01

Syndie shows signs of sweeps strength
By Joe Schlosser 11/9/2001 2:00:00 AM MT

The majority of new and veteran syndicated shows showed positive signs heading into the key November sweeps. Everything from new dating series to off-net comedies were up in the national ratings for the week of Oct. 22-28. New action series Mutant X tied Andromeda with a 2.8 rating.

Excerpt from Gateworld 11/13/01

November 13, 2001 Syndication Ratings Report

Season Four of Stargate SG-1 is off to a relatively strong start in the U.S. syndication market, now finishing off its second month. The show continues to battle for the top spot in first-run weeklies with Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda (last year's leader, now in its second season) and the rookie Mutant X.

Here's a run-down of Stargate's ratings after the season premiere (note that Andromeda and Mutant X did not premiere with new episodes until the second week in October):
Mutant X (3.3 / 3.5) (Series premiere)
Andromeda (3.2 / 3.4, -26) (Season premiere)
Stargate SG-1 (2.6, -10) "Divide and Conquer" (New)

Andromeda (3.0 / 3.2, -25) (New)
Mutant X (3.0 / 3.2) (New)
Stargate SG-1 (2.6 / 2.8, + 4) "Window of Opportunity" (New)

Stargate SG-1 (3.1 / 3.3, - 3) "The First Ones" (New)
Andromeda (2.8 / 3.0, -20) (New)
Mutant X (2.8 / 3.0) (New)

The first number represents the percentage of all TV households in the U.S. that watched the show during that hour. The second number -- always a little higher -- represents the percentage of households who had their TV on during the hour, and were watching. The third number shows the change (a percentage) in viewership from the same week one year ago.

And for context, there are currently an estimated 102.2 million television households in the United States. One ratings point represents 1 percent, or about 1,022,000 households.

It should also be noted that although SG-1 is regarded as a first-run weekly in the syndication market, these episodes first aired more than a year ago on Showtime -- no doubt depressing their syndication value compared to shows like Andromeda and Mutant X, which are shown here for the first time anywhere.

© Gateworld

Comics 2 Film 11/21/01

Reported By Comics2Film, 11/21/2001:
In October, Marvel's Mutant X debuted as the highest-rated hour-long, weekly action-drama in syndication.

© Comics 2 Film

Excerpt from Broadcasting & Cable 12/2/01

The quiet force in action
By Joe Schlosser 12/2/2001 5:00:00 PM MT

This season, Stargate SG-1 is the second-highest-rated action series in syndication, tying Andromeda with a 2.7 average household rating, according to Nielsen Media Research. Newcomer Mutant X is on top thus far, with a 3.0. For the week of Nov. 5-11, Stargate was No. 1, averaging a 3.0, followed by Andromeda and Mutant X, tied with a 2.9.

Excerpt from Broadcasting & Cable 12/12/01

Syndie sweeps off vs. 2000
By Joe Schlosser -- Broadcasting & Cable, 12/12/2001 2:00:00 AM MT

The November sweeps results are in for syndication's weekly series and nearly all shows were down versus last year. Second-place among all weekly series went to sophomore action series Andromeda starring Kevin Sorbo, which averaged a 3.1 rating. Andromeda was off 21% from last November. Newcomer Mutant X was the highest rated freshman series and was third overall with a 3.0 rating.

Excerpt from Broadcasting & Cable 12/16/01

The week that was: GET A PROGRAM!
By Staff 12/16/2001 5:00:00 PM MT

Off-network runs of Friends finished third in syndication and was the highest-rated off-net series, averaging a 6.6 rating (up 12%). On the weekly-series front, Entertainment Tonight Weekend was tops for the second season in a row, averaging a 3.5 rating (off 13%). Andromeda finished second at a 3.1 rating (off 21%), and newcomer Mutant X was third overall with a 3.0 rating.

Excerpt from Broadcasting & Cable 12/19/01

Post-sweeps slump hits syndies
By Joe Schlosser -- Broadcasting & Cable, 12/19/2001 9:31:00 AM MT

Nationally syndicated shows did what they normally do coming out of a sweeps period -- almost all of them went down. The first week after the November sweeps saw a bounty of declines in national household ratings, according to Nielsen Media Research data for the week of Dec. 3 through 9.

There was one bright spot: A number of weekend series showed positive gains from the previous week. ET Weekend jumped 19 percent to regain the top spot in the weekend competition with a 3.2 rating. Andromeda finished second with a 7 percent gain to a 3.1, and Mutant X gained 3 percent to tie The X-Files at a 3.0.

© Broadcasting & Cable

Excerpt from CanWest Global Newsletter: 12/01


Fireworks latest series Mutant X is proving to be immensely popular in both North America and the United Kingdom. In fact, Fireworks has the number 1 and number 2 syndicated shows in the U.S. in Mutant X and Andromeda respectively! And SkyOne in the UK has told Fireworks that the Mutant X premiere is the most successful launch they have ever had.

© CanWest Global

SciFi Weekly 12/01

Briefly Noted

Mutant X led all other new weekly series in syndication and placed third among all syndicated weekly hours during the November ratings sweep, Variety reported. Mutant X earned a 3.0 national household rating for November, followed by weekly Buffy the Vampire Slayer repeats, which earned a 2.8 rating for the sweeps month.


Comics 2 Film 12/7/01

Reported By Variety, 12/7/2001:

Today's Variety contains a report spotlighting Marvel/Tribune's Mutant X as the top new syndicated weekly action hour on TV. The show pulled a 3.0 national household rating for November sweeps and a 3.1 for the final sweeps week. The show was third weekly hour overall for the month.

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Gateworld 1/23/02

January 2002 (Ratings)
RATINGS: Week of December 17

Mutant X took top honors in the first-run hour category once again in U.S. syndication. Stargate SG-1 took second place during the reruns week of Dec. 17:

Mutant X (2.6) (Rerun)
Stargate SG-1 (2.6) "Crossroads" (Rerun)
Andromeda (2.4) (Rerun)
About 2.6 million people watched SG-1 the week of Dec. 17. This is an average rating for SG-1 reruns in the 2002 season. But it's actually higher than the first run of this episode back in October, when it scored a 2.5 / 2.7.

(Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report, via

RATINGS: Week of December 24

Stargate SG-1 took second place among first-run hours in U.S. syndication for the week of Dec. 24, behind Mutant X. Andromeda took third for the week.

Here's this week's breakdown:

Mutant X (2.6 / 2.9) (Rerun)
Stargate SG-1 (2.6 / 2.7) "Divide and Conquer" (Rerun)
Andromeda (2.2 / 2.4, -15) (Rerun)

About 2.6 million people watched SG-1 during the week, representing 2.7 percent of homes with televisions that were on during the hour that it aired.

(Source: Thanks to Ron Wolfe for the tip!)

RATINGS: Week of December 10

Mutant X sat atop the first-run hour category in U.S. syndication for the week of Dec. 10, with Stargate SG-1 and Andromeda tying for second place.

Here's this week's breakdown:

Mutant X (2.8) (Rerun)
Andromeda (2.6) (Rerun)
Stargate SG-1 (2.6) "Upgrades" (Rerun)

About 2.6 million people watched SG-1 the week of Dec. 10. (Source: Thanks to Ron Wolfe for the tip!)

© Gateworld

NATPE 1/25/02

Tribune-Fireworks Leads Action Hours
by Daniel Frankel

Hollywood In syndication, the collaboration between Tribune Entertainment and Canada's Fireworks Entertainment is as close to a sure thing you can get in these difficult times.

For the last two seasons, they've teamed to launch the highest-rated firstrun weekly dramas ("action hours") in syndication. In fact, they've been the top-rated new firstrun programs of any kind.

In October 2000, Tribune teamed with the Toronto-based producer to cast former "Hercules" star Kevin Sorbo in "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda," a series that premiered with an impressive 4.3 average audience household rating, according to Nielsen Media research.

That success was followed by last fall's launch of the Marvel Comics-inspired "Mutant X," which has earned a 3.0 rating, making it this season's highest-rated firstrunner. And almost forgotten, Fireworks and Tribune teamed to launch "Beastmaster" in October 1999, which premiered with a 2.7 rating.

With the recent decline in domestic advertising and the collapse of the foreign television market, the action hour business has fallen on hard times.

"Tribune is the only one making money at it right now," says Chuck Larsen, an independent distribution consultant.

Rival syndicators attribute much of this success to tribune's ability to position their weekly dramas in well-watched time periods on Tribune stations. For example, on WPIX-TV in megamarket New York, "Andromeda" airs at 6 pm, followed by "Mutant X" at 7.

And while Tribune has an effective means of distributing domestically, Fireworks has the foreign production and distribution channels necessary to make shows such as "Andromeda" and "Mutant X" possible. The duo plans to produce more hours.

"We try to make them aware of all our activities so that if there's anything they want to participate in, they can," explains Dick Askin, president-CEO, Tribune Entertainment.

The film and television production division of Canadian media conglomerate CanWest Entertainmnet, Fireworks was a go-to production company for syndicators and cable networks even before the success of "Andromeda" and "Mutant X."

In recent years, the company has produced such well-known dramas as "La Femme Nikita," for USA Networks, and "Relic Hunter," for Paramount, to name two.

As the international production and distribution partner on these shows, Fireworks understands the need to produce programming that's appealing in multiple time periods domestically and to multiple countries abroad. In other words, the typical Fireworks drama isn't dialogue-driven.

"Translating a guy kicking a bad guy out a window is a lot easier than having two cops discuss poverty," explains Jay Firestone, chairman and CEO of Fireworks parent CanWest Entertainment.

Firestone adds that Fireworks is able to integrate higher production values than are typical with other syndie or cable action hour fare because the company enjoys production subsidies in places like Canada, Australia, Britain and Germany.

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