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Proxy Blue's Mutant X Newsroom

Articles and interviews about Mutant X and its actors. Articles are archived here for information purposes only.

Articles about the Cast

Karen Cliche (Lexa Pierce)

Forbes March (Jesse Kilmartin)

Victoria Pratt (Shalimar Fox)

John Shea (Adam Kane)

Lauren Lee Smith (Emma deLauro)

Victor Webster (Brennan Mulwray)

Tom McCamus (Mason Eckhart)

Michael Easton (Gabriel Ashlocke)

George Buza (Dominion Contact)

Andrew Gillies (Dr. Ken Harrison)

Articles about the Show

Sci-Fi London 4/22/12: Mutant X DVD contest
Delta Digital Media 1/20/12: DDM to release Mutant X DVDs
eHow 9/13/11: Mutant X party ideas
TV Shows on DVD 6/30/10: Alliance Films to release Mutant X DVDs
BT Vision 6/24/09: Mutant X on BT Vision
PEP 5/26/09: Mutant X in the Philippines
Portugal Telecom 4/17/09 Mutant X in Portugal
News Media Age 3/11/09: Blinkbox gets Mutant X digital distribution rights
World Screen 3/3/09: Mutant X available on-demand with Virgin Media 12/8/08: Tribune files for bankruptcy
Entertainment Weekly 10/26/08: Mutant X is #23 on 25 cheesiest syndicated TV shows
TV Shows on DVD 9/6/08: ADV films loses rights to distribute Mutant X DVDs
TV Shows on DVD 8/2/08: Mutant X Complete Collection available 10/08
World Screen 4/28/08: AXN Sci-Fi airs Mutant X in Russia
ContentFilm 4/4/08 Fireworks package for sale internationally
Worldscreen 3/26/07: CDC United Network promotes Mutant X in Latin America 6/06: Mutant X in Spain
Variety 5/7/06: Tribune loses entertainment sector, syndicated TV
Content Films 4/3/06: Fireworks Library transferred to Ellis
Marvel 3/24/06: Marvel and Fireworks dispute settled
Comics Continuum 8/30/05: Season 3 DVD release date
Broadcasting & Cable 6/14/05: Mutant X ratings rise slightly
Newswire 5/29/05: Mutant X nominated for Spacey Award
Hollywood Reporter 4/30/05: ContentFilm buys Fireworks library
Comics Continuum 9/1/04: Season 4 = 'The best of Mutant X'
Tribune Entertainment 6/23/04: Tribune's mid-year media review
Newswire 6/3/04: Mutant X on Space
Comics Continuum 5/15/04: "The Assault"
Edgar Online 5/5/04: Marvel responds to Tribune lawsuit
Comics Continuum 5/4/04: Mutant X Season 2 DVDs released
Comics Continuum 4/27/04 and 5/10/04: "Cirque des Merveilles"
Comics Continuum 4/24/04 Mutant X cancelled
Comics Continuum 4/20/04 and 5/3/04: "The Prophecy"
Newswire 4/18/04: Spacey Award nominees/winners
Edgar Online 4/16/04: Fireworks shut down for financial crises
Comics Continuum 4/12/04: "She's Come Undone"
Comics Continuum 4/10/04 and 4/26/04: "Dream Lover"
Comics Continuum 4/3/04 and 4/19/04: "In Between"
NY Law Reports 3/9/04: GICA insurance sues Marvel
Broadcasting & Cable 3/7/04: Mutant X's 2004 ratings
Comics Continuum 2/23/04: "Divided Loyalties"
Comics Continuum 2/16/04: "A Normal Life"
Cinescape 2/13/04: Victoria Pratt nominated for a Saturn Award
Comics Continuum 2/10/04 and 4/5/04: "Age of Innocence"
Comics Continuum 2/9/04: "The Art of Attraction"
Comics Continuum 2/2/04: "Conspiracy Theory"
Comics Continuum 1/22/04 and 1/26/04: "Possibilities"
The Futon Critic 1/21/04: Andromeda and Mutant X renewed
Comics Continuum 1/1-27/04: S3 rundown and "Brother's Keeper"
Comics Continuum 12/10-19/03 and 1/12/04: "No Exit"
Comics Continuum 11/17/03: "Wasteland"
Comics Continuum 11/7/03 and 11/10/03: "Hand of God"
Zap 2 It 10/31/03: Tribune sues Marvel for $100 million
Comics Continuum 10/28/03: "The Taking of Crows"
Comics Continuum 10/27/03 and 11/4/03: "Shadows of Darkness"
Comics Continuum 10/10/03 and 10/22/03: "Where Evil Dwells"
Indian Television 10/9/03: Mutant X on AXN Europe
Comics Continuum 10/3/03: "The Breed"
Playback: 9/29/03: John Blackie's "Past as Prologue" nominated for Gemini
Comics Continuum 9/29/03 and 10/7/03: "The Wages of Sin"
Comics Continuum 9/19/03 and 10/1/03: "Into the Moonless Night"
Comics Continuum 8/26-29/03, 9/6/03 and 10/2-4/03: Season 3 promotional updates
The Gate 8/17/03: "Inferno" nominated for DGC Award
Comics Continuum 7/7/03: Lauren Lee Smith leaves; Karen Cliche enters; John Shea will return
Comics Continuum 6/4/03: Season 2 repeats
Comics Continuum 5/7/03: "Reawakening"
Comics Continuum 5/3/03: Mutant X Season 1 DVDs released
Comics Continuum 4/25/03 and 5/13/03: "Lest He Become"
Comics Continuum 4/23/03: "One Step Closer"
A&E 4/26/03: Paul Rapovski on The Star Treatment
Comics Continuum 4/12/03 and 4/30/03: "Reality Check"
Comics Continuum 4/9/03: Season 3 to begin production in June
Comics Continuum 4/8/03: "Final Judgement"
Comics Continuum 4/4/03: "Inferno"
ADV Films 3/10/03: Mutant X Saturn Award nominee
Hollywood Reporter 3/5/03: CanWest fires Jay Firestone
Zap 2 It 3/3/03: Marvel and Fox amicably settle
PR Newswire 2/28/03: ADV Films to distribute Mutant X DVDs
Comics Continuum 2/25/03: "Once Around"
Comics Continuum 2/21/03: "Under the Cloak of War"
Broadcasting & Cable 2/12-23/03: Mutant X's 2003 ratings
Comics Continuum 2/4/03: Freddie Prinze Jr. writes "One Step Closer"
Zap 2 It 1/30/03: Mutant X picked up for a third season
Comics Continuum 1/28/03: "At Destiny's End
Comics Continuum 1/24/03: "The Grift"
Comics Continuum 1/2/03 and 1/14/03: "Understudy"
Comics Continuum 11/25/02: Guest writer appearing
Comics Continuum 11/12/02: "Crossroads of the Soul"
Comics Continuum 11/6/02: "No Man Left Behind"
Comics Continuum 10/24/02: "Whose Woods These Are"
Comics Continuum 10/10/02: "Power Play"
Gemini Awards 10/10/02: Lauren Lee Smith, John Shea, and Mutant X nominated for Geminis
Life 9/10/02: Forbes March, Lauren Lee Smith and Victor Webster at Toronto International Film Festival
Comics Continuum 9/5/02, 10/2/02 and 11/1/02: "The Future Revealed"
Comics Continuum 8/31/02 and 10/15/02: "Time Squared"
Comics Continuum 8/29/02: No Marvel characters in Mutant X
Comics Continuum 8/24/02: Season 2's mutating abilities 8/15/02: Mutant X DVD features 8/7/02: No Mutant X License
Comics Continuum 8/3/02: Howard Chaykin leaves
Comics Continuum 7/27/02: John, Lauren, Victoria and Forbes at San Diego Comic Con
Indian Television 7/26/02: StarWorld to begin airing Mutant X
ABC Soaps In Depth 6/7/02: Michael Easton in "Past of Prologue"
Broadcast Now 6/13/02: Mutant X reruns on Sky One
Comics Continuum 5/21/02: Seth Howard on season 2
Comics Continuum 4/25/02: "Ex Marks the Spot"
The 4th Rail 4/17/02: Review of comic book "Dangerous Decisions"
SciFi Wire 4/3/02: Tom McCamus takes time off
Comics Continuum 3/22/02: "Mutant X: Origin" comic book released
Comics Continuum 3/15/02, 4/29/02 and 5/15/02: Michael Easton enters in "A Breed Apart"
Comics Continuum 3/11/02 and 8/5/02: Krista Allen guest stars in "Deadly Desire"
Broadcasting & Cable 3/7/02: Mutant X's 2002 ratings
Comics Continuum 3/5/02: Writing season 2 begins
Comics Continuum 2/22/02: "Lazarus Syndrome"
SciFi Weekly 2/19/02: Howard Chaykin's interview featured
Comix Fan 2/19/02: "Future Shock" comic book in the works
Comics Continuum 2/14/02: "Altered Ego"
Comix Fan 2/13/02: "Dangerous Decisions" comic book release
Comics Continuum 1/25/02: "Whiter Shade of Pale"
Zap 2 It 1/22/02: Mutant X renewed for a second season
Comics 2 Film 11/26/01: "Crime of the New Century" & "Presumed Guilty"
Mutant X Official Site 11/14/01: "Lazarus Syndrome" & "Blood Ties"
Broadcasting & Cable 10/21-25/01: Mutant X's 2001 ratings
Comics Continuum 10/19/01: "Russian Roulette"
Broadcast Now 10/11/01: Sky One buys Mutant X
Cinescape 10/2/01: SafeCo sues Marvel
Zap 2 It 9/30/01: "Shock of the New"
Cinescape 9/26/01: Mutant X cast at LCA Take 4 charity auction 9/19/01: Mutant X series comic book release delayed
SciFi Weekly 9/17/01: Mutant X helps 9/11 disaster relief
Zap 2 It 8/21/01: Fox files a new motion
Canoe Jam!tv and FYI Ottawa 8/19/01: Mutant X not about X-Men 8/9/01: Judge rules on Fox vs. Marvel lawsuits
Cinescape 8/8/01: Mutant X premiere at Toronto Comicbook Expo
ICv2 5/30/01: Tribune clears Mutant X for production
Sci-Fi Wire 4/9/01: Fox vs. Marvel lawsuits over X-Men similarities
Comics Continuum 3/22/01: Mutant X on in June pending actor strike
Mutant X Official Site 3/19/01: Mutant X cast and crew chosen
Comics Continuum 3/12/01: Mutant X TV comic books #1 & 2
Cinescape 3/10/01: First Mutant X Official Site
Broadcasting & Cable 1/29/01: Mutant X gains markets
Slipstream News 1/22/01: Mutant X showcased at NATPE
Pulp Culture Online 11/24-29/00: Howard Mackie's "Mutant X" comic book series cancelled
Comics 2 Film 9/10/00: Mutant X's development updates

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