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Mutant X Articles: 3/7/04 Mutant X's 2004 ratings

Broadcasting & Cable 3/7/04

The Top 50 Shows
September 2003-January 2004
1Wheel of Fortune9.0NA
3Oprah Winfrey Show6.66.7
6Entertainment Tonight5.65.8
6Everybody Loves Raymond5.66.4
8Seinfeld (wknd)5.56.8
9Dr. Phil5.25.2
10Judge Judy5.07.4
11Wheel of Fortune (wknd)3.8NA
12Live With Regis and Kelly3.7NA
13Inside Edition3.63.6
13Will & Grace3.64.1
13That '70s Show3.64.6
16Entertainment Tonight (wknd)3.53.6
16Who Wants To Be a Millionaire3.53.7
16Judge Joe Brown3.54.7
19Home Improvement3.13.9
20Access Hollywood3.03.0
20Friends (wknd)3.03.1
20King of the Hill3.03.5
24King of Queens2.83.3
25Divorce Court2.73.5
25Everybody Loves Raymond (wknd)2.7NA
27Montel Williams Show2.52.5
31Jerry Springer2.42.7
31King of Queens (wknd)2.43.0
33The West Wing2.32.6
34People's Court2.22.3
34Stargate SG-12.22.3
37Judge Mathis2.12.2
37Hollywood Squares2.1NA
40Ebert & Roeper2.02.1
40Mutant X2.02.1
40The Practice2.02.2
40Dharma & Greg2.02.3
40Family Feud2.02.6
40Texas Justice2.02.6
46Access Hollywood (wknd)1.91.9
46Chris Matthews Show1.91.9
46She Spies1.92.0
46Judge Hatchett1.92.5
Adults 18-49
NA = Not available
Source: Nielsen Media Research
3Seinfeld (wknd)3.54.2
4Everybody Loves Raymond3.23.7
5Oprah Winfrey Show2.92.9
6Wheel of Fortune2.7NA
7Entertainment Tonight2.52.6
8That '70s Show2.43.0
9Will & Grace2.32.6
11Friends (wknd)2.02.1
11Judge Judy2.02.8
13Dr. Phil1.91.9
13King of the Hill1.92.1
13Home Improvement1.92.4
16Entertainment Tonight (wknd)1.71.7
16King of Queens1.72.0
19Access Hollywood1.51.6
19King of Queens (wknd)1.51.8
19Everybody Loves Raymond (wknd)1.5NA
19Live With Regis and Kelly1.5NA
24Inside Edition1.41.4
26Dharma & Greg1.31.4
26Jerry Springer1.31.4
26Divorce Court1.31.7
26Judge Joe Brown1.31.8
31Montel Williams Show1.21.3
31Stargate SG-11.21.3
31The West Wing1.21.3
35Mutant X1.11.1
35That '70s Show (wknd)1.11.1
35The Practice1.11.1
35Drew Carey1.11.2
35Just Shoot Me (wknd)1.11.4
35Wheel of Fortune (wknd)1.1NA
43Access Hollywood (wknd)1.01.0
43People's Court1.01.0
43Blind Date1.01.1
43Judge Mathis1.01.1
43She Spies1.01.1
43Who Wants To Be a Millionaire1.01.1
43WW Police Videos1.01.1
43Judge Hatchett1.01.3

© Broadcasting & Cable

Excerpt from Broadcasting & Cable 3/9/04

ET Weekend Tops Sweeps for Fourth Time
By Paige Albiniak 3/9/2004 9:38:00 AM MT

The results are in: Among weekly hours, Paramount’s Entertainment Tonight Weekend has easily won its fourth consecutive February sweeps with a 4.0 rating, up 60% from its nearest rival, NBC/MGM’s Stargate SG-1. The week ended Feb. 29 included the third full week and the final weekend of the sweeps. ET Weekend equaled last year’s 4.0 household score, which was its highest since February 2001. Second place Stargate SG-1 was up 4% from February 2003 to 2.5, followed by Warner Bros.’ off-net ER, unchanged at 2.2.

After that, three shows tied for third place: Warner Bros.’ rookie The West Wing averaged a 2.1 in its first February book, along with Tribune’s Mutant X, down 9% and Twentieth’s The Practice, off 16%. Some weeklies may have been hurt competing against or being preempted by coverage of the Academy Awards in some markets on Feb. 29, the final Sunday of the sweeps. Last year’s Oscarcast was held in late March, well outside the February sweeps.

Excerpt from Broadcasting & Cable 3/14/04

Syndie Insider: Winner and Still Champion
By Staff -- Broadcasting & Cable, 3/14/2004 5:00:00 PM MT

With the results of the race among weekly hours now official, Paramount's Entertainment Tonight Weekend has easily won its fourth consecutive February sweeps. Its 4.0 rating was 60% over its nearest rival, NBC/MGM's Stargate SG-1. The week ended Feb. 29 included the third full week and the final weekend of the sweeps. ET Weekend equaled last year's 4.0 household score, its highest since February 2001. No. 2 Stargate SG-1 was up 4% from February 2003 to 2.5, followed by Warner Bros.' off-net ER, unchanged at 2.2. Three shows tied for fourth place: Warner Bros.' rookie The West Wing, averaging a 2.1 in its first February book; Tribune's Mutant X, down 9%; and Twentieth's The Practice, off 16%. Some weeklies may have been hurt by competing against or being preempted by coverage of the Oscars in some markets on Feb. 29, the final Sunday of the sweeps.

Excerpt from Broadcasting & Cable 5/11/04

Syndicated Weekly Hours On Up and Up
By Paige Albiniak -- Broadcasting & Cable, 5/11/2004 10:07:00 AM MT

Weekly hours, led by Paramount's Entertainment Tonight Weekend, were sharply higher for the week ending May 2, the first weekend of the May sweeps. Most strips were little-changed, however, as average viewing, which also included the sweeps' first two weekdays, was down by approximately 314,000 viewers.

Four of the top five weekly hours were up by double-digits. ET Weekend kicked off the sweep, up 16% from the prior week to a 3.6, it's highest rating in nine weeks. In second place, NBC Enterprises' Access Hollywood Weekend jumped 38% to a 2.2, while Warner Bros.' Extra! Weekend climbed 17% to a new season high of 2.1. It was the first time that the top-three weekly hours have been entertainment news magazines. At number four on your weekly hour hit parade was Tribune's Andromeda, up 12% to a 1.9, tying Warner Bros.' rookie, The West Wing, which was down 5% to a 1.9. Tribune's Mutant X was up 13% to a 1.8, tying NBC/MGM's Stargate SG-1, which fell 5%. And in an eighth-place, three-way tie at 1.7 were NBC/MGM's She Spies, up 6%; Paramount's Unexplained Mysteries, flat; and Twentieth's The Practice, down 6%.

Excerpt from Broadcasting & Cable 7/7/04

Strong Showing for Syndie Weeklies
By John Eggerton -- Broadcasting & Cable, 7/7/2004 8:52:00 AM MT

Syndicated weeklies heated up the first week of summer, with eight of the top 10 showing gains and the other two holding steady for the week ending June 27. Entertainment Tonight weekend led the way, as usual, with a 3.0, up 3% for the week and on par with the same week last year. Off-ABC’s The Practice, in second place, earned a 2.2, up 10% for the week and 16% from last year. West Wing, the top rookie weekly, was up 11% to a 2.1.

Stargate SG-1 at a 1.9, was unchanged and down 5% from last year. In fifth place, ER was up 20% to a 1.8, but down 25% year-to-year. She Spies, also at a 1.8, was up 6% week to week and year to year. Rookie weeklies Unexplained Mysteries and Walker, Texas Ranger, were tied at a 1.7 and were also both up 6%, and 13%, respectively. Mutant X tied Andromeda for ninth place with a 1.6. Mutant was (ironically) unchanged on the week, but down 20% from last year. Andromeda was up 7% for the week and up 14% from last year.

Excerpt from Variety 7/7/04

Auds make time for summer syndies: 'Practice,' 'West Wing,' 'She Spies' see improvements

NEW YORK -- The arrival of summer saw eight of the 10 top-rated weekly syndicated series exhibit gains compared to the prior week, with the hourlong "Entertainment Tonight Weekend" again ranking as the most-watched program.
Other programs charting week-to-week improvement were "She Spies," "Andromeda," and rookie syndie hours "Unexplained Mysteries" and "Walker, Texas Ranger." The action hours "Stargate SG1" (1.9) and "Mutant X" (1.6) were both unchanged week-to-week but down versus year-ago levels.

© Variety

Excerpt from Variety 8/1/04

Syndication doesn't get traction on action: Demise of the hourlong melodrama

NEW YORK -- The weekend editions of hit syndication originals have all but wiped out the scripted action hours that used to dominate the Saturday schedules. "E.T. Weekend" and its Saturday companions such as "Wheel of Fortune," "Access Hollywood" and "Extra" are now dominating the firstrun-syndie landscape on the weekends.

Just six years ago, up to 20 firstrun action-adventure hours were blanketing the weekend schedules of TV stations, many of them, like "Star Trek: Deep Space 9," "Hercules," and "Xena: Warrior Princess," seizing high-profile time periods and harvesting sizable audiences.

By contrast, only one weekend action hour is still churning out original episodes exclusively for syndication: "Gene Rodenberry's Andromeda," from Tribune Entertainment.

One obvious explanation for the stunning demise of the hourlong syndie melodrama, says Garnett Losak, VP and director of programming for Petry Media, is that "most of them just stank. They were cheaply produced, and they didn't look good. The audience started turning away from them."

Unfortunately for the distributors, people were deserting these shows in the U.S. just as the international marketplace "started to become so saturated with them that the prices began falling," says Chuck Larsen, a TV-syndication expert and president of his own company October Moon.

The syndicated "Baywatch" was grossing $1 million an episode outside the U.S. during its peak in the mid-'90s, Larsen says, and many other hours climbed up into the high six figures around that time.

Today, he says, "most action hours will get a couple of hundred thousand dollars an episode, at best" from international buyers.

Like some U.S. networks, says Rand Stoll, VP of domestic TV sales for Lions Gate Entertainment, foreign broadcasters have fallen in love with reality shows, which are cheaper to produce than scripted series and tend to attract younger viewers, the favorite target of advertisers.

Foreign buyers also continue to erect barriers to shows from outside their countries, hellbent on propping up local production.

The shrinking dollars from overseas ended up dumping a revenue burden on domestic that distributors couldn't shoulder. Since TV stations in the U.S. don't pay cash for these shows, the distribs are exclusively dependent on the ad revenue from the seven minutes an hour they carve out for commercial spots.

But with "Andromeda" and "Mutant X" each averaging only a 1.8 household rating season to date (both are down by 10% from 2002-03), the ad revenues will not come close to offsetting the production budget, even a frugal one of $800,000 or so an hour.

© Variety

Excerpt from Broadcasting & Cable 8/17/04

Syndie Strips Down; Weeklies Up Strongly
By John Eggerton -- Broadcasting & Cable, 8/17/2004 10:15:00 AM MT

Most syndicated strips were down in a fairly down summer week (ending Aug. 8), as HUT (homes using television) levels declined by 387,000 households from the previous week. Even so, ratings surged for most major weeklies. Six of the top seven were up, four by double-digits. Top weekly hour ET Weekend hit its highest ratings in 11 weeks, up 14% to a 3.2. The show featured Kirstie Alley previewing Fat Actress, her upcoming semi-autobiographical comedy/reality Showtime series. Both Showtime and ET parent Paramount are owned by Viacom. In a tie for second at a 2.1, off-network dramas West Wing and The Practice, were up 11% and 5%, respectively. Stargate SG-1 was unchanged at a 2.0 in fourth, followed by ER, up 6% to a 1.8; Maximum Exposure, up 21% to a 1.7; and Mutant X, up 14% to a 1.6.

Excerpt from Broadcasting & Cable 9/16/04

Syndie: Something Old, Something New
By John Eggerton -- Broadcasting & Cable, 9/16/2004 10:29:00 AM MT

National syndicated ratings for the week ending Sept. 5 fell between seasons for most shows. Although the 2003-04 syndication season ended Aug. 29, the new season for most shows didn’t begin until Sept. 13.

Things were back to normal by the weekend, with weekly hours recovering after getting crushed by the Olympics the prior week. Paramount’s Entertainment Tonight Weekend, the number-one weekly hour, was up 18% to a 2.6. MGM’s Stargate SG-1 and Tribune’s Andromeda were both up 6% to a 1.7. Warner Bros.’ ER was up 23% to a fourth place 1.6, tying Tribune’s Mutant X, up 14%, and Twentieth’s off-net The Practice, unchanged.

© Broadcasting & Cable

Excerpt from Broadcasting & Cable 6/2/04

ET, Oprah, Judy Top Sweeps
By Paige Albiniak -- Broadcasting & Cable, 6/2/2004 12:11:00 PM MT

Paramount’s Entertainment Tonight Weekend easily topped the weekly hours for its fourth consecutive May sweeps with a 3.4 national Nielsen Media Research household rating (the weekly ET was the top mag strip, as well).
Tied for eighth place at 1.7 were Warner Bros.’ Extra! Weekend, which slipped 6%, Tribune’s Mutant X, down 19%, and Paramount’s rookie Unexplained Mysteries. For the week ending May 23 (final May sweeps numbers won't be in until next week), ratings for the strips (Monday-Friday shows) were slightly softer because many shows did not air in New York on May 18 and 19 due to coverage of the 9/11 hearings.

© Broadcasting & Cablefree hit counter
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