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Mutant X Articles: 3/11/09 Blinkbox's Mutant X DVDs

News Media Age 3/11/09

Blinkbox signs new distribution deals
Author: Charlotte McEleny | Published: 11.03.09

Film and TV site Blinkbox has signed digital distribution deals with Fireworks International and Zig Zag Productions. The deal with Fireworks International, the TV distribution arm of ContentFilm, will offer over a 100 hours of Sci-Fi TV content, including; Robocop (TV series), Mutant X, Blood Ties and Andromeda.

The deal will include original animations from video community website,, a company also represented by Fireworks International.

Independent production company Zig Zag Productions has licensed reality TV series My Bare Lady to, the show was previously aired on the Fox Reality Channel in the US.

Ben Barrett, commercial director at Zig Zag Productions, said, "We're committed to finding new and innovative ways to increase the availability of Zig Zag's programming with Blinkbox being the ideal choice to promote ad-supported content."

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