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Mutant X Articles: 3/12/01 Mutant X comic books 1 & 2

Excerpt from Comics Continuum 3/12/01


Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada said the new-look X-Force book "is not necessarily as advertised."
Quesada also said that Marvel will be publishing a new Mutant X comic book to coincide with the television series premiering in October. "That will be an adaptation of the TV show," Quesada said. The Mutant X web site,, is now up with material.

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Cinescape: 5/5/01

Dateline: Saturday, May 5, 2001 By: ERIC J. MOREELS, EDITOR Source: X-Fan

X-Fan recently checked in with Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada to find out the status on the comic book versions of two of Marvel`s television productions - the successful animated X-Men: Evolution series and the live action Mutant X show.

"We`re moving along," Quesada said of the new Mutant X comic book. "[We`ll] announce a team shortly." Quesada offered the same reply when asked about the X-Men: Evolution comic, which the EiC told X-Fan will be included in Marvel`s upcoming "young readers" line and will most probably be the first of said line to be released.

Quesada also said that Marvel are looking to procure licenses for other books in the young readers line, similar to DC`s Cartoon Network line which features shows from that network such as Powerpuff Girls and Dexter`s Laboratory.

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Cinescape 6/27/01

Dateline: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 By: ERIC J. MOREELS, Editor Source: X-Fan

Inbound Cable writer David Tischman recently told X-Fan that he and long-time writing partner Howard Chaykin will be chronicling the comic book version of the upcoming Mutant X TV series from Tribune Entertainment.

"Mutant X will start with a brand new #1, which will hit stands the second week of October," Tischman told X-Fan.

"Lee Ferguson, a dynamite penciler, is making his Marvel debut - he's a great guy with a great visual style," said Tischman. "Howard and I are co-writing the book."

Chaykin also serves as head writer and executive consultant for the TV series, whilst Tischman was, until recently, writer of the series' official Web site at

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Comics Continuum 7/25/01


Written by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman, art by Lee Ferguson and Jon Holdredge.

Journey to a brand new world where genetic experiments have created a brand new race of human beings. How did they come to exist? Who is responsible for their creation? What dark secret will be revealed to those who wish to find it out? It's not revealed in the TV show, but it's revealed here. Plus: this first double-sized issue includes special behind-the-scenes bonus material from the set of the TV show.

48 pages, $2.99.

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Excerpt from Mania 8/22/01

Marvel Comics November Solicitation HEROES: Take a sneak peek at November's super-hero books
By Eric Moro August 22, 2001


Written by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman; art by Lee Ferguson and Jon Holdredge

The exciting new comic book based on the new syndicated TV series continues! The G.S.A.'s new assassin is an unstoppable mutant named Payne, but the only hope that Adam and the Mutant X team have is Payne's twin brother Owen -- a powerless reporter who's looking to bolster his career by exposing our heroes! Ever wonder what adventures these heroes have in between episodes of the TV show? The answer lies here! Premiering in October, Mutant X has been cleared by a multitude of TV stations across the U.S. in 146 markets, including 95 out of 100 of the top TV markets!

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