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Mutant X Interviews: John Blackie (7/04 Pluginz)

Excerpt from Pluginz 7/16/04 : Production Designer John Blackie

Keyframe Hits Finish Line for Crazy Canucks
July 16 2004

Keyframe Digital Productions, a digital animation and visual effects studio based in Canada, has completed all visual effects work for the movie Crazy Canucks, a feature length dramedy produced by Alberta Film Works.
Keyframe also recently completed all effects work for the third season of “Mutant X.” Having worked on all three seasons of the successful sci-fi series, Keyframe created all visual effects for the last two seasons, including at least 100 shots per episode on a10-day turnaround schedule. “Mutant X” is currently in re-runs and airs on WB and Fox. “Great visual effects demand an understanding and co-operative marriage between concept, camera work, special (physical) effects and CGI,” stated Designer John Blackie of John Blackie Designs. “Working together with the experienced and innovative creative talent at Keyframe on Crazy Canucks, we were able to develop totally believable effects in a timely and cost-effective manner. Keyframe is constantly working towards a state of excellence in the visual arena.”

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