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About First Mutant

My name is Nadia (a.k.a First Mutant or Lexajesse). A reversed Mutant X fan who began watching the show mid-season three and then worked my way backwards to the beginning, I am a rare fan of both Lexa Pierce and Emma deLauro. I also appreciated the memorable villains Mason Eckhart and Gabriel Ashlocke. I am essentially a non-shipper, but if pushed, I would opt for Emma/Shalimar and Lexa/Jesse. After several of my favorite Mutant X sites began to disappear in 2005, I started the original Mutant X Warehouse on GreatestJournal in order collect and organize informative Mutant X material for preservation. With the demise of GJ in 2007, I moved The Warehouse to LiveJournal.

I love receiving feedback, so please feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions for the site, or just to chat about Mutant X! Remember to put "Mutant X" in the subject line so that I don't mistake your message for spam.

My Contact Email:

My haunts: Deviant Art | | LiveJournal | YouTube
Tags: webmistress

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