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Mutant X Articles: 6/24/09 Mutant X on BT Vision

BT Vision 6/24/09

Spark up the superheroics in Mutant X
24 June 2009 at 17:58 UTC

From Marvel Studios, the original creators of the X-Men franchise, comes the slick superhero series Mutant X, now on Vision TV as part of our super Sci-Fi Season.

When secret government genetic engineering goes wrong, a team of human mutants with extraordinary powers are unleashed into the population. The company that created them now wants to control them, so it’s down to the team known as Mutant X - including the half animal she-mutant Shalimar and streetwise electro-guy Brennan - to find their fellow ‘new mutants’ and save them.

Mutant X is part of our super Sci-Fi Season on BT Vision.

Watch Mutant X Series 1-3 now. Included as part of the Vision TV Pack or pay per view for 96p per episode

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