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Mutant X Interviews: Douglas MacRae (MXL:OS)

Pic from LCA5

Doug MacRae: MXL:OS *Property of Mutant X Lives: Operating System.

Doug MacRae Interview

Full Name: Kenneth Douglas MacRae

DoB & Star Sign: October 1, 1969 - Libra

Favourite Takeout Food? Thai

Whats involved with story boards? Do you have to meet/study the cast before you can put pencil to paper?
I approach storyboards (or story art) in one of two different ways. Sometimes I get a script dropped in my lap and told to board scene whatever to scene whatever. That’s fun because I often get to make up shots myself. Even cooler if they use those shots in the final cut, they’re my babies. Another way, and my favorite way of doing boards, is to go with the director to the set and literally act out every shot of the seen. This is so I have a full understanding of the scene when I go to draw it. I’ll also bring either a video camera or digital camera so I can document all the views and camera movements. I use those shots for my reference material.

Did you get to see any filming?
Yes, I got to see as much shooting as I wanted. I didn’t always go to set as I was too busy with my own work. I tried to get down there as much as I could, especially when they’re shooting sequences that I boarded or when there were fresh cold cuts on the craft table.

Are you involved with the Season 3/Season 4 storyboards and if so any spoilers? C’mon you can tell us..
I’d tell you about spoilers if I could but I’m no longer involved.

What was your take on Lauren Lee Smith’s departure?
If you’re asking me what happened behind the scenes prior to Lauren’s departure I’ll tell you I have no idea. If you want my opinion, I think she’s a great actress who’s going to move on to bigger and better things very soon. That’s show biz.

So what’s your current project??
I just got married in St. Lucia a few weeks ago so I’m still trying to wrap my head around all that. I stop myself every time I use 'wife' in a sentence. I’ve left the film and TV biz for a while to pursue some of my own projects. The main one is my cartoon strip called Anubis Rising. It’s the story of three gods living and working among the commoners of ancient Egypt. I’m also developing a couple of children’s books and an online comic based on la femme NIKITA. It takes place 25 years after the show ended and is called la femme SONIA, named after the reckless offspring of two of the main characters of LFN.

How did you start drawing professionally?
I started drawing professionally around 1995. I was working for a small TV production company doing a commercial for a local grocery chain. During a meeting they saw me doodling and asked if I could do some cartoons for a flier.

So who influences your work the most?
I’m influenced by lots of different people in different fields. Filmmakers, politicians, doctors, corporate CEOs, furniture. But mostly I’d have to say comic artists like Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, Jim Lee, Mark Bagley, and cartoonists like Lynn Johnston, Bill Watterson, and Darby Conely. I’m really inspired by anyone who has succeeded at doing something they love.

Which was the first TV Show you worked on?
The very first TV show, hmmm...I used to be a cable runner for 'Breakfast Television'. It’s a show that airs in all the big cities as a variety pre-go-to-work show at 6am. On my first day the show opens with the camera racing along a mess of cords winding all around the studio then stops on me lying under a pile of cords. I think that was the beginning of my fifteen minutes of fame.

How was working on Mutant X? Did you get to interact with the cast? If so any stories??
How I felt working on Mutant X is really hard to put into words. There are a lot of mixed feelings in there but overall I’d have to say it was one of the best shows I’ve worked on. I had done la femme NIKITA prior to Mutant X for 5 seasons with virtually the same crew. It was like coming back to school after summer holidays and seeing all your classmates.

The cast were all wonderful. I interacted mostly with John, Victor and Vicky although I’d always chat with the others. John often stopped by my office for a chat about the philosophical universe while Victor would sit on the floor and read my comics. I spent big money on a leather couch and he sits on my floor. Vicky was my fave of the bunch I think. I’m friends with her husband, director TJ Scott, so I got to know her personally. I flew to LA once on the same flight as Vicky. Walking through the airport with her, everyone would be staring at her and I’d say, 'Hey they must recognize me'. At the end of my stay on Mutant X she bought me a beautiful pen and ink set in a pine box. Really classy

If you were born in another century which one would that be and why? What personality from that era would you like to meet?
If I could have been born in another century I'd have to say the 18th Dynasty of Egypt. I've had a strong almost obsessive, fascination with ancient Egypt since I was a kid. When I was 12 I caculated how old I would be when the 21st century came. I promised myself I would go to Egypt to bring in the new millennium, and I did. If I could meet someone from that era it would be the first woman Pharoah, Hatshepsut. She was a hotty.. in stone anyway

Got any hobbies besides fantastic artwork?
Is cleaning up cat vomit considered a hobby? I’m lucky enough to be able to combine my job and hobbies all in one. I also like to design websites and tinker with Flash.

Whats your favourite quote of all time?
I’ve got a lot of favorite quotes. The only one coming to mind right now is, 'A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships were built for'.

Just For Fun
[The following is just for fun, no offence intended.. especially towards anyone’s cowboy boots]

Whats the square root of 10?
I dunno, 3? That’s as close as I can get in my head and my calculator is beyond my reach, wait a sec.. nope, too far.

You’re reincarnated as an animal.. which one?
The drummer from the Muppets.

Can you loan me $40?
How ‘bout 40 yen?

What do you do when someone gives you a strange look?
a. Glare at them
b. Stop what you're doing.. it wasnt much fun anyway
c. Walk up to them and start shaking their hand
d. Completely ignore them..

e. Stare back at them like I have Superman’s heat vision.

If you had to stand in for one of the members of Mutant X which would it be?
Funny you should ask this. It’s a little known fact that I was the original Brennan Mulwray. No really, it’s true. When we began the show and before we hired all of the actors, we needed to do camera and special FX tests. They asked me to stand in for - the guy who shoots electricity out of his hands. So for a whole day I stood on a sound stage and threw my arms around like I was throwing bolts of lightning or something. I also had to do Jesse’s part and 'go solid' while they tried different versions of what 'solid' would look like on me. A couple of days later they showed me a tape of my performance with the special FX added in. It was really pretty cool. I still have the tape. Thank god they didn’t ask me to be Shalimar. I’d probably stand there and play with my boobs.

MXL:OS wishes to thank Doug MacRae for the interview and the wonderful artwork as displayed here. We wish him and his new wife lots of happiness!

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