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Mutant X Articles: 10/19/01 "Russian Roulette"

Comics Continuum 10/19/01


"Russian Roulette" is a new episode of Mutant X airing in syndication this week. The episode is written by Elizabeth Keyishian and directed by T.J. Scott.

Brennan Mulwray (Victor Webster) and Jesse Kilmartin (Forbes March) come to the aid of Tina (Laura Vandervoort), a teenage mutant being followed by two Russians. While Jess whisks the girl to safety, Brennan confronts her pursuers, Sonya (Dylan Bjerk) and Yuri (Alexander Pervakov), who open fire with the "Pushka H5B7," a gun that neutralizes Brennan's electrical powers and leaves him doubled over in pain. As the Russians flee, Jesse and Tina drive up and rescue Brennan and bring himm to Sanctuary.

Brennan immediately begins to receive treatment for his injuries at the lab at Sanctuary, Adam (John Shea) informs the team that the gun used on Brennan is intented to detect, neutralize and eventually control new mutants. But in addition to undermining Brennan's powers, the weapon has caused his internal organs to begin disintegrating. Adam is certain that unless they find the weapon soon and utilitze his ability to reverse the damage, Brennan will die. With this in mind, Jesse is determined to retrieve the Pushka from the Russians.

At Genomex headquarters, Sonya meets with Mason Eckhart (Tom McCamus), who has hired her to round up and capture new mutants. She tells him that although she wasn't able to apprehend Brennan, he has been neutralized.

Meanwhile, Shalimar Fox (Victoria Pratt) visits with Tina's family and learns that the girl's father is also a mutant with telekinetic abilities. When asked, her brother Daniel (Ross Hull) insists that he does not share any of the rest of his family's special powers.

The next day, the Mutant X team monitors a phone conversatioon in which Daniel informs Eckhart of the whereabouts of two new mutants, his father and sister Tina. Eckhart has Sonya arrange a meeting with Daniel to find out more about these new mutants. Adam, Emma and Shalimar are shocked that Daniel would turn on his own family and betray them in such a horrible way.

After eavesdropping on Daniel and Sonya's conversation, the team realizes that Daniel wants to use the Pushka against the new mutants, and Sonya is apparently the woman who controls the weapon.

Adam and the team ruin Eckhart and Sony's plans by abducting Daniel and putting a disguised Jesse in his place. Posing as Daniel, Jesse meets with Sonya and Yuri and accompanies them to their hideout, a lab filled with computers, where they are fine-tuning the Pushka.

Jesse's true identity is exposed, however, when the gun's detection system reveals that he is, in fact, a new mutant.

Rather than shoot him and risk losing the opportunity to nab Daniel's father and sister, Sonya implants Jesse with a subdermal governor, effectively making him her prisoner.

Back at Sanctuary where the real Daniel is being held, Emma deLauro (Lauren Lee Smith) and Shalimar are shocked to discover that he is actually a fellow new mutant, but is still in denial about the telekinetic powers he possesses. When Adam arrives, he convinces Daniel that his rebellion against his father, sister and new other new mutants is misguided.

When Jesse leads Sonya and Yuri to Daniel's home, where they expect to apprehend Daniel's father and sister, they find Adam, Shalimar and Emma posing as Daniel's family and a brutal fight breaks out. As Yuri takes airm, the Mutant X team attacks and overpowers the Russians.

While the others rush back to Sanctuary with the Pushka in an attempt to save Brennan, Jesse allows himself to be taken prisoner by Sonya and Yuri in order to return to their hideout, which he plans on destroying. Jesse gets more help than he expected when Daniel and the rest of the Mutant X team, including Brennan, show up and Daniel uses his telekinetic abilities to scare off Sonya and Yuri.

With his powers fully restored, Brennan sends and electrical charges into the lab's computers, obliterating them in a massive explosion.

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