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Mutant X Articles: 4/17/09 Mutant X in Portugal

Portugal Telecom 4/17/09

Sci-Fi HD channel on Meo
Friday, April 17, 2009

As of next 27 April, Meo customers will be able to watch the Sci-Fi Channel with High Definition quality. This is an exclusive feature of PT’s television service, which will be available on the IPTV and Satellite platforms, at position 64 of the channel grid. This is a bet on High Definition content Portugal Telecom is going to extend its offer of HD (High Definition) content. Meo and Sci-Fi Channel will make available the High Definition version of this entertainment channel from NBC Universal. This channel will be a Meo exclusive for both IPTV and Satellite customers.

The HD Sci-Fi Channel will become part of the “Series and Family” package of the IPTV service (which may be subscribed without additional cost as it is associated with the base package), and of Meo Total. In the Satellite offer, the channel will be part of the Meo Total package. It will have a programming grid similar to the standard channel. On the launch day of the HD broadcasting, highlight will go to “Flash Gordon” and “American Gothic” TV series. The Sci-Fi Channel is dedicated to science fiction and to the paranormal, presenting TV shows such as “Knight Rider”, “Mutant X“, “Andromeda” or “Painkiller Joe”, which can be watched with high image quality as of 27 April.

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