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Mutant X Interviews: Paul Storrie, Kathryn Kuder (2/02 Comixfan)

Comixfan 2/13/02: Paul Storrie and Kathryn Kuder


Writers Paul Storrie and Kathryn Kuder are set to tell a pair of tales based on the characters from Tribune Entertainment's ratings winning Mutant X syndicated TV series in the upcoming Mutant X: Dangerous Decisions one-shot from Marvel.

The one-shot is the second in a series of three, and will see Storrie's first adaptation of a Marvel Comics property after having adapted both the Batman Beyond and Justice League Adventures animated series' for DC.

"My contribution to Dangerous Decisions is a story called 'Dangerous Games', which features a young Shalimar Fox," Storrie told X-Fan. "It takes place just after her graduation from high school, which puts it about 7 years back from what's happening currently in the show. She and her best pal Doreen are invited to the graduation party to end all graduation parties, given by the most popular (and, not coincidentally) richest of their classmates. The story basically tells how Shalimar came to realize that being a protector, a hero, was her path in life. There's some cool character moments, some great action and it's all brought to life by Stefano Caselli. He's a very, very talented guy and I expect it won't be very long before you see him on the lists of 'hot' artists and fan favorites."

"I got the Mutant X gig because I'd worked with editor Andrew Lis on another project," Storrie said. "He must have been happy with what I'd done because when I started asking about other projects he only paused momentarily before saying something like, 'Hey, wait a minute. I've got these Mutant X specials coming up...'"

Kuder will be re-teaming with regular collaborator Stuart Immonen for her contribution to the one-shot.

"The story I've written is entitled 'Still Water' and explores the true joy and utter horror of mutant powers especially as these themes apply to kids too young to have the cushion of experience and time," Kuder told X-Fan. "How do you 'deal' when you not only feel like you are as old as you're ever going to get but haven't lived long enough to know that things will eventually get better?"

"In terms of the Mutant X team, Emma and Brennan are at the fore in this tale and one has to dig deep to support the other, burying fundamental differences in their philosophies.

"My working background is in design for film and theatre," Kuder added. "But Stuart Immonen and I have made work together for well over a decade now. We spent money we didn't have to self-publish in the 80's and most recently completed a story for Brian Clopper's Imagination Rocket. I contributed to Captain America #50 and thank Andrew Lis for letting me have some fun then and now."

Mutant X: Dangerous Decisions #1 is due to go on sale April 17.

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