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Mutant X Interviews: Mutant X Cast (12/7/01 LCA)

Excerpt from Susan W.'s La Femme Nikita Message Board 12/7/01

Subject: LCA Part 3
Date Posted: 12:37:13 12/07/01 Fri Author: Shirleym

So, on to Sunday and the cast of Mutant X, who came and answered questions from the audience and entertained us with their coke cans. John Shea, who played Lex Luthor on The Adventures of Lois and Clark and who plays "Adam" on Mutant X, was incredibly calm, kind and informative in his answers; holding his baby daughter , Miranda, through the whole thing. He explained to us how he does as much artistic work (stage, etc.) as he can until his money starts to get low and then he goes back to TV to make more. He said that most TV shows are contracted to make 13 episodes (if they're lucky) to start with and then have to see if they're picked up for more. That leaves the actors hanging, not knowing what's going to happen. But MX was contracted to make some unheard-of number of eps, like 44 episodes from the get go and so he said he accepted the role of Adam because it was such a sure thing financially and I think he also said that the people making it were all so good at what they did that he felt they'd do a good job with the show.

Victoria Pratt who plays "Shalimar" is a beautiful, bright woman with a kind and mischievous sense of humor, (none of which comes across in the show IMO). What a waste. She was absolutely delightful and is married to TJ Scott who did some directing on LFN (Noise, Third Party Ripoff). She was explaining that they were sitting around the table at a meeting early on and they were trying to decide what kind of device they (the mutants and Adam) should use to communicate with. They thought of and tossed out a lot of ideas for one reason or another - this one didn't look cool enough - that one would interfere with some of the costumes, etc. etc.. Then they thought of a ring, and she showed them her wedding ring (she and her husband had designed each others' rings) and said, "What about something like this?" She said before she knew it and to her surprise, they'd had rings made up for the cast EXACTLY like hers. She let the entire audience pass her ring around so we could all take a look at it up close.

When it got to Forbes March, who plays "Jesse" on the show, Jon Cassar asked him to introduce himself and describe his character. Now - FM had a hangover from drinking too much the night before and he was looking a little pale. He thought for a while and looked at us shyly from under the brim of his cap, trying to get his brains together. Finally he said something like, "Well....... my body can do this thing............. where I can get really really hard...?"

Ooooooooookay, I don't think I need to tell you what happened after that. >;) What an uproar from the audience. I know *I* was certainly doing some woooooo hooooooooing and clapping myself. LOL The poor guy didn't have a clue what he'd said for a few seconds, but when he caught on (and when the clapping finally died down), he said, "But I get really *soft* too".
I guess mutants are just human too... ;-)

Victor Webster, the cutiepie who plays "Brennan", came with his dog, Buddah, who apparently goes wherever Victor goes and who JC said is one of the family on the set of MX now. He's a medium-small dog and has a lovely calm temperament, which probably accounts for the name. Victor was great, has a verrrrrrrrrrrrry nice body, is quite at ease in his own skin, and seems to be very down to earth and kind as well. He did a fight scene for us with John Shea that they'd just filmed a couple of days earlier. It was quite powerful with these two men using quite a bit of floor space for the mock fight and making all the grunting sounds of being punched and kicked. They really put everything into it for us.
When asked why he'd wanted to be in MX, Victor said that as a kid, he'd loved action comics and broke many a bone doing things like jumping of the roof with a towel for a cape, etc. etc.

When it came time to sell coke cans, John Shea stood on his head to sell his, and Victor... hmmmmm... I seem to remember him with his shirt off and a can of coke down his pants...
He also threw in a scene (that had just been aired before LCA so anyone watching the show had just seen it) that he'd done with Lauren Lee Smith ("Emma") that he offered to re-do with the lucky winner of his can and they'd get it on video tape too! That was fun to watch because it had been a subtle scene in a bar, but he played it up a bit with the winner, doing things like playing with her hair and other distracting things while she was trying to read her lines.

Two days on the set of Mutant X (among many other things) were auctioned off. I think they went for something like $2,000 and $4,000 and Jon Cassar commented that a day on the set of that show would probably never be that cheap again.

© Shirley
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