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Mutant X Articles: 8/3/02 Howard Chaykin leaves

Comics Continuum 8/3/02


Victoria Pratt, who plays Shalimar Fox in Mutant X, told The Continuum that the show will have a more real feel in its second season. "We're getting out in the world more," she said just prior to a Mutant X/Andromeda panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego. "We're out on location a lot more."

Pratt said production has reached the eighth episode of the second season, which launches in syndication the first week in October.

After the panel, Tribune Entertainment's Seth Howard told The Continuum that Howard Chaykin has left the show, citing "creative differences." Chaykin wrote two episodes for the second season, including the opener, "Past as Prologue."

Jonathan Hackett is Mutant X's new producer, and Peter Mohan is the new head writer.

Look for a fuller report on the panel and new images from Mutant X soon here in The Continuum.

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