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Mutant X Articles: 8/7/02 No Mutant X license

Icv2 8/7/02

No Mutant X License
August 07, 2002

Mutant X stars Lauren Lee Smith and John Shea at Comicon

Although three actors from Mutant X were signing at the Inkworks booth in San Diego, and we thought we were being told with a nod and a wink that Inkworks had the license (and reported it as fact for about 15 hours on Thursday), it turns out it was just a nod and a wink--don't look for Mutant X trading cards any time soon. Allan Caplan of Inkworks told ICv2 that Fox's lawsuit against Marvel (for creating a property which impinged on Fox's X-Men movie and TV license) has made licensing of Mutant X impossible. The Mutant X folks at the Inkworks booth were just FOAs (friends of Allan). Our apologies for any confusion.

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