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Mutant X Articles: 8/29/02 Comics Continuum

Comics Continuum: 8/29/02


The Continuum has obtained five new images from "Past as Prologue," the second-season premiere of Mutant X set to air in syndication the week of Sept. 30.

The episode will pick up where last season left off. Michael Easton will return as Gabriel Ashlocke for three episodes, including the opener.

In other Mutant X news:

* Victoria Pratt, who plays Shalimar, said she continues to do many of her own stunts. "I do as much as they let me," she said. "Things like jumping through glass, no. I'm insured for jumping from three stories. They won't let me jump from 10, but three is fine."

* Don't look for any Marvel guest-stars in the show.

"Originally when we developed the show we thought about that," said Tribune Entertainment's Seth Howard. "But we really felt this show could be the next evolution of super-heroes in their own universe. These guys don't wear costumes and they don't go out and battle Green Goblins and things like that.

"So it's much more grounded in our world and I think we're going to keep it that way."

Howard said he was particularly pleased with the second Mutant X comic Marvel published. "I hope they do more," he said.

* Look for more Mutant X news later this week here in The Continuum.

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