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Mutant X Articles: 9/5/02 "The Future Revealed"

Comics Continuum 9/5/02 and 10/2/02, 11/1/02


The Continuum has obtained a new image from the fifth episode of the upcoming season of Mutant X.

The episode is called "The Future Revealed" and the image to the left shows Victor Webster as Brennan.

The second season of Mutant X is scheduled to begin in syndication the week of Sept. 30. "The Future Revealed" will air in syndication the week of Oct. 28.

Look for more on Mutant X soon here in The Continuum.


The Continuum has obtained a new image from the upcoming "The Future Revealed" episode of Mutant X, featuring Lauren Lee Smith as Emma and Victoria Pratt as Shalimar. Click on the image for a larger and fuller view.


"The Future Revealed," a new episode of Mutant X, will air this week in syndication.

In the episode, written by Peter Mohan and Mark Amato and directed by John Bell, Ashlocke threatens to destroy the Mutant X team and the entire city unless Adam finds a cure to save him.

Below is a complete episode description, with spoilers. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

At an oil tank farm, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Brennan (Victor Webster) meet with the Link Josh (Jonas Chernick), once a devout follower of Ashlocke (Michael Easton), who has now called upon the Mutant X team for protection. Terrified, Josh asks the two to save the Links from the sick, but all-powerful Ashlocke, who has created a plan, called the "Last Testament."

As they exit the facility, Josh's voice suddenly becomes mixed with Ashlocke's and he begins shaking violently. When fireballs start shooting from Josh's body, he slips a piece of paper into Brennan's hand. Diving to safety, Shalimar suddenly becomes trapped in a ring of fire where she sees an astral projection of Ashlocke who warns her not to foil his plans. Brennan rescues her using a burst of propulsive electrical energy, which propels them into the Double Helix.

At Sanctuary, Adam briefs the team on Ashlocke's growing control over the Links. Knowing Ashlocke is getting sicker by the day, Adam feels that they should focus on the Links rather than him. Moments later, Brennan realizes that the paper Josh slipped him is a flyer from the abandoned Club Paradiso.

Meanwhile at Club Paradiso, Ashlocke speaks to a large group of Links, who listen intently as he calls them the "chosen ones." After the speech, Ashlocke tells Link Patricia (Sandrine Holt) that she is the one that will lead the Links to death when he dies. When Patricia questions her position as leader, Ashlocke hits her with a painful mental probe and she consents.

Back at Sanctuary, Adam comes up with a plan to save the captive Links. Meanwhile in the media room, an astral projection of Ashlocke appears before Shalimar and takes over her thoughts. Scanning her mind, he gains top-secret information regarding the schematics and entry codes of Sanctuary. Shortly after, the team heads for Club Paradiso and Jesse finds the alarm system and deactivates it while Shalimar and Brennan attack the guards. The Mutant X team then searches the premises for rebel mutants, unaware that Patricia is observing them from a hiding place. Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) probes the building with her mind and realizes that someone was expecting them. Emma's feelings are confirmed when Links suddenly surround the team, but Patricia comes to the team's rescue and creates a shimmering wall of energy, which the Links cannot penetrate. The team escapes with Patricia to the Double Helix and attempts to call Adam, unaware that Ashlocke has broken into Sanctuary and taken Adam hostage.

At Sanctuary, Ashlocke orders Adam to help keep him alive. Meanwhile, the team returns to Sanctuary only to learn that Ashlocke altered all the alarm codes and they are locked out. They are able, however, to gain video feed from inside and they listen in as Ashlocke speaks of the catastrophic event that will occur if Adam refuses to save him.

Outside, Emma tries to gain information about Ashlocke's plan from Patricia, but she claims to know nothing. Emma and Shalimar take Patricia closer to the city to prepare for Ashlocke's threats. Meanwhile inside the lab, Adam works furiously to find a cure for the ailing mutant, who promises not to destroy the city if he lives.

Back at the club, Shalimar and Emma try to make Patricia see how dangerous Ashlocke is, but she still remains silent about the "Last Temptation." Suddenly Ashlocke appears as an astral projection and invades Patricia's mind causing her intense pain. Releasing her, he tells her it's all up to her now and she escapes to fulfill his plan. When Shalimar and Emma radio the others to let them know Patricia's escaped, Jesse suddenly realizes that Ashlocke's plan is to use Patricia's powers to create a bomb.

Still trying to get inside Sanctuary, Jesse and Brennan get a clue from Adam over the Helix's message indicator. Jesse phases himself and Brennan through the spot Adam marked on the map. Meanwhile in the lab, Adam has found the cure, but Brennan and Jesse enter the lab just as Adam is about to give Ashlocke the serum. When they try to stop him, Ashlocke grabs Adam by the neck and forces him to administer the hypodermic needle. Ashlocke writhes in pain, but comes out of it quickly. Confident he can now complete his plan, Ashlocke becomes infuriated when Adam informs him that the serum was a fake.

With only seconds left, Ashlocke focuses all of his energy on Patricia, who is attached to a large transformer in a power plant in preparation to blow up the city. Shalimar and Emma plead with Patricia to stop and after a few moments, she takes back control of her mind and releases her grip. Enraged, Ashlocke's body begins to break into spinning molecules and the lab explodes just as Adam, Jesse, and Brennan escape to safety. Later at Sanctuary, Adam reminds the team that even though Ashlocke is dead, they haven't seen the end of his legacy by a long shot.

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