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Mutant X Articles: 9/13/11 Mutant X party ideas

eHow 9/13/11

Mutant X Party Ideas
By Ruth O'Neil, updated September 13, 2011

Mutant X characters come from a short-lived television show. The characters Shalimar, Brennan, Lexa, Jesse and Emma have mutant qualities from genetic engineering. You can create a party centered on the characters and the theme of the Mutant X show. Use decorations, make food and prepare games that any mutant guest at your party will be able to enjoy.

Cardboard Cutouts
Get some large pieces of cardboard, such as from refrigerators, and make cardboard cutouts of the different characters. You will probably need to give the cardboard a coat of primer first, especially where there is big, black writing from the appliance company. Print out a picture of each of the characters onto projector paper. Attach the cardboard to the wall and project the character onto the cardboard. Outline the character with pencil on the cardboard and then fill in with paint. Place the pieces of cardboard around the party area, and give them away as prizes to your Mutant X party fans.

Name That Mutant Game

Play games that go along with the Mutant X series. Create a list of the Mutant X characters' powers and see who can guess the most correctly. You can either do this out loud by reading the powers and having guests raise their hands, or you can type out the entire list for each guest and allow them to work individually. The guest with the most correct answers wins. (The powers of the Mutant X characters are: Shalimar has great strength and speed since her DNA is mixed with animal DNA, Jesse can alter the density of his body, Brennan has electrical powers, Emma is telepathic and Lexa can bend light so she appears invisible.)

X Marks the Spot

Purchase or make some beanbags for the party guests to toss. Create a large square inside if you have enough room, but outside would work well also. Make a six-foot square and place a large X in the middle. You can use tape or chalk or whatever else you have handy that will not move when hit by beanbags. Tell the party guests to toss the beanbags and try to make them land in the middle of the X. The guest closest to the center of the X wins.

Goody Bags

Send home a goody bag with chocolate candies imprinted with an X to represent the experimental gene that gave the mutants their powers. You can order these from a few different companies. Order the candies in whatever colors you like.

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