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Mutant X Articles: 11/12/02 "Crossroads of the Soul"

Comics Continuum 11/12/02


"Crossroads of the Soul," a new episode of Mutant X, will air this week in syndication. In the episode, written by Mark Amato and Elizabeth Keyishian and directed by Stacey Stewart Curtis, when Brennan gets trapped inside an invisible town, the Mutant X team must rush to find him before he's executed for a crime he didn't commit.

Brennan (Victor Webster) calls Jesse (Forbes March) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) from the '78 Camaro he just purchased as lightning flashes across the sky. Sensing a storm brewing, he promises to call them back. Without notice, the dashboard sparks and the car dies.

Brennan pops the hood, but is distracted by bolts of lightning that seem to be hitting an invisible dome-like structure in a nearby field. Suddenly, a huge truck smashes into his car. As Brennan is thrown into the field by the blast, a bolt of lightning hits him and he disappears.

He awakens in an unfamiliar home with a beautiful girl named Miranda Davis (Bree Williamson) by his side. She tells him that he's been asleep for a few hours. When Brennan questions her about her family, she tells him that her father disappeared when he stopped believing. Utterly confused, Brennan tries to contact the team via his comlink, but gets no response.

Meanwhile, the team begins to worry about Brennan and sets out to search for him.

Brennan becomes increasingly suspicious about New Hope when Miranda insists that the world ends on 8th Street. He also finds it odd that she has no knowledge of what cars or movies are.

As the two approach Brady's general store, Miranda introduces Brennan to the patrons as Ben Gilbert, a citizen of New Hope who lives with his father Gerald, but who no one has seen for years. Inside the store, Brennan is surrounded and threatened by three young men, Josh (Gabriel Hogan), Lucian (Lee Rumohr) and Zander (Thomas Hauff). When he attempts to call Sanctuary from the old fashioned phone, the operator claims that the number doesn't exist.

Knowing he must find a way to escape, Brennan is suddenly zapped by a nasty shock as he races down 8th Street. He then tries to form a tesla coil, but realizes his powers have vanished. Frustrated, he charges into the shimmering wall that surrounds the town at full speed, but cannot break through. Miranda doesn't believe him when he insists that the wall is manmade.

Lucian is ransacking Miranda's house when he hears Brennan and Miranda enter. He grabs Brennan's pocketknife and sneaks out.

Meanwhile, Shalimar, Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) and Jesse begin to panic when they find the remains of Brennan's Camaro.

Back at Miranda's house, Josh and Lucian confront Brennan and a brawl ensues. Brennan emerges victorious and as Miranda begins tending to his wound, the two end up making love.

The next morning, Zander comes to Miranda's to tell Brennan that he believes there is life outside the wall.

Meanwhile, Virginia (Deborah Grover), the owner of the truck that hit Brennan, informs the team of an abandoned town that vanished after being purchased by scientist Alfred Marcus in the 40's.

Back in New Hope, Zander leads Brennan to a barn and shows him old photos of tattooed tribesmen. He admits that he thought Brennan was from the outside world when he saw his tattoo at Brady's. Zander maintains that there's no way out of New Hope and that people who stop believing are taken to the Town Hall basement and never return.

Outside the barn, Josh stabs Zander dead with Brennan's pocketknife as Lucian watches.

Back at Sanctuary, Adam's research shows that scientist Albert Marcus was working on creating an impenetrable force field.

Meanwhile in New Hope, Miranda leads Brennan into the hands of Josh and his cronies after Josh convinces her that he saw him kill Zander. When Brennan is brought before two Judges, he denies killing Zander and insists his name isn't Ben Gilbert, but Gerald Gilbert identifies him as his son, Brennan is sentenced to death.

In the vacant field, the team finds the invisible wall Adam described. Deducing that the lightening storm Brennan encountered must have destabilized the wall long enough for him to slip through, Adam arrives with the Double Helix and releases silvery iodide in an effort to create an electrical storm.

Back in New Hope, the citizens gather in the town square to witness Brennan's execution. As he is pulled into the air, Miranda approaches Lucian and tells him that Josh said it was he who actually killed Zander. Lucian becomes enraged at the accusation and reveals that it was Josh who killed Zander. Miranda immediately yells for them to stop Brennan's execution.

Freed, Brennan knocks Josh to the ground before grabbing Miranda and taking off towards town hall. In the basement, they find the machine responsible for isolating the town from the rest of the world. Suddenly Josh bursts in with a gun and orders Brennan and Miranda back upstairs.

Meanwhile, Adam and the team are hovering above the field in the Double Helix. As an electrical storm brews, Adam shoots out lightning from the craft in an attempt to burn out the field generator. Just as Josh is about to fire his gun, a beam of electricity blasts overhead and hits a tower. Within seconds, the wall disappears and the modern world is revealed.

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