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Mutant X Articles: 11/25/02 Season 2 episodes

Comics Continuum 11/25/02


Tribune Media's Seth Howard told The Continuum an upcoming episode of Mutant X will be written by a special guest writer and have major ramifications for the show. Howard said he can't reveal the writer's name yet. "I can tell you that the story is tentatively titled 'One Step Closer' and it has to do with Brennan's sudden mutation," Howard said. "This is a huge event in our heroes' lives."

Following this week's new episode, "Body and Soul," reruns of Mutant X will include "Past as Prologue" the week of Dec. 2, "Power Play" the week of Dec. 9, "Time Squared" the week of Dec. 16, "Whose Woods These Are" the week of Dec. 23, "The Future Revealed" the week of Dec. 30 and "No Man Left Behind" the week of Jan. 6.

New Mutant X episodes will include "Understudy" the week of Jan. 13, "The Grift" the week of Jan. 20, "At Destiny's End" the week of Jan. 27, "Within These Walls" the week of Feb. 3, "Hard Time" the week of Feb. 10, "Under The Cloak Of War" the week of Feb. 17 and "Once Around" the week of Feb. 24.

Howard provided The Continuum with some early details of the new episodes. He said that in "The Grift" an unexpected visit from Brennan's ex-girlfriend brings another unexpected surprise -- his son.

Howard said "At Destiny's End" is one his favorite episodes. The story has Emma finally falling in love with the one person who can truly understand her, another telempath. Mutant X also has to deal with Eco-terrorism.

Steve Babic, who plays Rhade in Andromeda, guest-stars in "Within These Walls." The story focuses around the identity of one of Adam's contacts.

"Hard Time" sees Brennan and Jesse go undercover in a state penitentiary where genetic experiments are being conducted on the inmates.

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