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Michael Easton (5/92 Drift)

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Excerpt from Gadsen Times 5/3/92: Michael Easton

Michael Easton, a poet too
By John N. Goudas King Features Syndicate

Raised in nearby Manhattan Beach, Calif., hardly a hangout for intellectuals, Easton began writing poetry after ten months of wandering through the South, winding up in New York City. Michael realized he wasn't seeing, and had found a reason for his own dissatisfaction. The blind boy wakes up to the world around him. Now a collection of Easton poems, "Drift"," is out looking for a publisher.
"Drift" may not sell, but Easton will write another little book and another. Once poets begin, there's no shutting down the spigot. Easton grins, pleased to have found his calling. The soap will pay the bills. But the Irish genes give him the world, the touch with words.

© Gadsden Times
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