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Mutant X Articles: 1/28/03 "At Destiny's End"

Comics Continuum 1/28/03


A new episode of Mutant X, "At Destiny's End," is scheduled to air in syndication this week. The episode is written by Jeff King and directed by Oley Sassone. Below the photos is a plot synopsis, complete with spoilers. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

Three black-clad men sneak through the door of the Wycoff Chemical Plant just as the Mutant X team races to the plant in the Double Helix. Knowing that major environmental polluters own all the chemical plants that have been blown-up recently, Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) defends the unknown group responsible.

Meanwhile inside the plant, the men become confused when they reach an intersection. The leader, Skye (Steve Boyle), orders Tyler (Ryan Scott Greene) to use his special powers which allow him to for-see the future to distinguish which tunnel leads to the storage facility. Looking down each hallway, Tyler has psychic visions of the outcome of each path. As Tyler comes out of his visions he holds his head in pain before leading Skye and Deacon (Wesley French) to the containment room where they begin setting up their explosives.

Arriving at the scene, the Mutant X team immediately splits up to search for the men. Completing their mission, Tyler tunes into his powers to determine the path that leads outside. That vision, however, is quickly followed by another of him and Emma engaged in an intimate moment. When the men attempt to flee, Brennan (Victor Webster) tells Emma to cover the exit.

Just as the men reach the door, Tyler instinctively turns around, locks eyes with Emma and the two become lost in each other's gaze. Tyler is quickly shaken out of his trance and the three men head out of the building.

A moment later, Brennan returns to Emma's post and learns that the men got away. Realizing that the explosives are about to detonate, the team flees and gets out in the nick of time.

Back at Sanctuary, Brennan, who has begun questioning Emma's commitment to the team, discusses her actions with Adam (John Shea). Meanwhile in the media room, Jesse (Forbes March), Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Emma try to identify the manufacturer of the eagle-crested climbing gear used by the eco-terrorists.

When Adam approaches Emma she explains to him that she felt as if she intimately connected with one of the men. Concerned, Adam decides to take her off the case for her own good.

Frustrated and confused, Emma packs a bag and sets off to find Tyler. Arriving at the beach, she finds the retailer who supplied the men with the eagle-crested rigs and uses her powers to coax him into revealing their location. As she walks along the beach, she is greeted by Skye and asks him where Tyler is. Skye offers to take her to him, but just as they ride off on his jet ski, Tyler returns back to shore. As he watches them cruise through the water, he is suddenly struck by a vision of the jet ski submerging, causing Emma to fall off and drown. Fighting the pain caused by the vision, Tyler watches his vision come true and races to the water to save Emma.

Meanwhile, Brennan, Shalimar and Jesse arrive at the beach and split up to find the retailer of the climbing gear.

Shalimar wanders into Climber's Haven where the same salesman who helped Emma informs her that the men she's looking for are having a huge party that evening.

Back on the beach, Emma agrees to meet Tyler at the party later and the two bid farewell. That night, Emma joins Tyler at the party Skye approaches the couple and starts giving Emma a hard time. Seeing her teammates across the room, Emma excuses herself and follows them into Skye's messy trailer. Finding the harnesses used in the chemical plant break-in, they tell Emma that it is time to stop these men, but she convinces them to hold off until they make their next move.

When she opens the trailer door however, Skye and Deacon are there armed and ready to fight. Brennan, Jesse and Shalimar push in front of Emma and accept the challenge, but are soon interrupted by Tyler.

The next morning, Tyler and Emma sit by the fire discussing their powers. As they share a passionate kiss, Tyler is struck by a vision of Emma dying during one of his chemical plant raids. Shaken by what he's just seen, he pulls away just as Skye and Deacon approach. Concerned for Emma's safety, Tyler tells her to stay away.

When Emma re-approaches him later, he reveals Skye's personal crusade to clean all the oil out of the ocean in one fell swoop. Emma convinces Tyler that Skye's just using him and the two agree to meet at the docks at noon. Later, Brennan finds Emma waiting at the docks and the two have a confrontation.

Meanwhile, Skye arrives at Tyler's shack and threatens to kill Emma if he doesn't help with one final job. The plan is to blow up Omdi Corp Plant in order to release enzymes they have stored, which will eat up the world's spilled oil and fossil fuels.

Scared for Tyler's safety, Emma returns to Sanctuary and informs the team of Skye's plan. As they race to the plant, Adam warns how dangerous the enzymes are and that millions of people could die.

At the plant, a defensive Emma hits Shalimar with a psionic blast and takes off to find Tyler. She finds the three men in the containment vault and warns them that if they release the gas millions of innocent lives will be lost.

Unconcerned, Skye is about to detonate the explosives when Shalimar arrives on the scene. As she goes after Skye, Tyler's head begins to throb and he tells Emma that in his vision Skye punctures the tank with a bullet and they all die. Pleading with Skye, Tyler experiences another series of visions.

When he comes to, he tells Emma that he loves her, pushes her to the ground and rushes Skye. Skye shoots the canister just as Tyler hits the button on the vault door trapping the two of them inside. The team rushes to Emma as they watch the two men dissolve into thin air the moment the powerful gas hits them.

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