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Mutant X Interviews: Seth Howard (2/03 Comics Continuum)

Comics Continuum: 2/4/03


Actor Freddie Prinze Jr. has written an episode of the Mutant X television series that will kick off the May sweeps in syndication.

"Freddie wrote an episode called 'One Step Closer' that deals with Brennan's power growing out of control," Tribune Entertainment's Seth Howard told The Continuum. "It is a theme that we have been dealing with since last season's finale and look for some great character beats from our cast.

"Freddie is a huge comic-book fan as well as a fan of the show. He is a tremendous writer and I look forward to him writing another one for Season 3. Unfortunately, he doesn't make an appearance on the show, but his take on our characters is refreshing and exciting. He's a real class act and don't be surprised if he becomes more known for his writing in the future."

Howard said that shooting has just finished on the Mutant X second-season finale, "Lest He Become."

"It's another turning point for our heroes," Howard said. "It's written by Peter Mohan and directed by our own producer, Jonathan Hackett. Look for a special appearance by Eugene Glazer (La Femme Nikita)."

Howard also noted that first-season heavy Mason Eckhart will return.

It was announced last week that Mutant X will be back after its second season.

"The finale is a cliffhanger and we don't know the fate of anyone at this time," Howard said. "We don't anticipate any cast changes yet but we don't begin moving forward creatively with Season 3 until next week."

Look for more Mutant X news soon here in The Continuum.

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