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Mutant X Articles: 2/28/03 ADV's Mutant X DVDs

PR Newswire 2/28/03

ADV Films Announces Acquisition of Home-Video Rights for Hit Tribune Entertainment TV Series 'Mutant X'

A Group of Mutation-Enhanced Heroes Work for Good in This Acclaimed Series, Starring John Shea, Victoria Pratt, Victor Webster, Forbes March and Lauren Lee Smith

HOUSTON, Feb. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- ADV Films today announced the acquisition of home video distribution rights to "Mutant X," starring John Shea as "Adam," leader of a band of mutation-enhanced heroes fighting to protect others. The series is produced in association with Tribune Entertainment, Marvel Studios and Fireworks Entertainment. "Mutant X" is syndicated and broadcast nationwide. The second season is currently on the air, and it continues to be a fan favorite. Tribune Entertainment maintains an extensive fan-focused website for the title,

"'Mutant X' is an exciting program, centered around a group of mutants who unwittingly possess fantastic powers," said ADV Films President, CEO and Founder John Ledford. "Viewership proves that this is a formula that resonates strongly with viewers, and for good reason. No one is perfect, but everyone has hidden strengths."

Ledford is confident that Mutant X will be a strong home-video seller. "For some time there has been strong fan interest and speculation about the possible home-video release of 'Mutant X,'" said Ledford. "I'm pleased that ADV Films has been chosen by Tribune Entertainment to distribute the series."

ADV has not yet announced a release plan for "Mutant X," but the firm expects to bring the title to market in relatively short order. ADV's releases of the title are expected to include extensive extras, including such exclusive content as commentary tracks from stars and staff, outtakes and bloopers and much more.

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Excerpt from ISN News 3/1/03

MUTANT X: Seth Howard of Tribune Entertainment announced that home releases of MUTANT X from ADV Films will feature commentary from the series' stars. ADV Films on Friday announced the acquisition of home distribution rights for Mutant X. "The commentary for the first episode, 'The Shock of the New,' is provided by (director) T.J. Scott, Victor Webster and yours truly," Howard said. "T.J. and Victoria Pratt provide the commentary for 'Fool For Love.'" A release schedule has not yet been determined. Howard said, "We are also trying to put on a behind-the-scenes documentary that was directed by Jake Shea, John's very talented son."

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ICv2 3/2/03

ADV Snags Video Rights For Mutant X Syndicated Series From Marvel
March 02, 2003

ADV Films announced that it has acquired the video rights to Mutant X, the syndicated TV series produced by Tribune Entertainment, Marvel Studios, and Fireworks Entertainment. The second season of Mutant X is currently on the air. So far there has been no word about the renewal of series for a third year, but it has performed well in a very tough market for syndicated series. Although primarily known as an anime powerhouse -- ADV releases the most anime titles in the U.S., is behind the all-anime cable network, and publishes the American version of Newtype, Japan's leading anime publication -- ADV has also released DVDs for a number of live action science fiction television series including Farscape and Andromeda as well as the live action Japanese Gamera films.

ADV did not announce when it would be releasing its first Mutant X DVD, but the company did indicate that it wouldn't be a long time, and that its Mutant X DVDs would have lots of extras including commentary tracks from stars and staff, outtakes, and those ever-popular bloopers.

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